This month at Unleashed Fear #1

In the “This month at Unleashed Fear” we’ll be taking a closer look at the game itself, the future of the game and lots more.
Every month we’ll be adding a new article to our blog reviewing and previewing what’s to come.
This article will be split up into a couple of sections such as; The current version, current developments, the next version and personal notes.

These blog articles will appear once in the 3 to 6 weeks dependable on how many new developments have taken place.
The purpose of these articles is to inform players on whats going on and whats coming to the game, we’ll also use these articles to state our own personal opinions and highlight important news regarding the future.
We might use these articles to become monthly news updates and send them to players via e-mail so they can get updated on all the latest developments regarding the game.


The current version (This month)

V3.05 started on Saturday the 14th of October.
Several updates and changes have taken place such as; Mini profiles, item cooldown timers, auction house updates, more duel & family war information and many updates to background/balance systems which will allow us to further improve the game in the long run.

We expect this version to run for 4 to 6 weeks.
During these weeks we’ll be closely observing the balance of the game and make sure all the new updates function as smoothly as possible.
We might also be adding more features and other background systems in order to prepare for the next version and the updates which are currently being worked on.
As always, the updates we add to this version will not impact the balance of the version itself.


Current Developments

As Unleashed Fear is a mafia based game which mostly runs and functions based on player interactions we want to expand on the social aspects of the game.
Social interactions are what makes these types of games interesting and we want to offer the players as much social options as possible.
During the past few weeks, we’ve been working on an entirely new forums system which will run both in and outside of the game itself.
We’ve also been working on a Discord server, which will be an official chat service which will also function both in and outside of the game.

We’ve also been working on a new homepage, as many of you might have noticed the design of the game itself has been completely changed but we’re still using the V2 homepage system.
Our new homepage will have much more information regarding the game and its social features such as the upcoming forums, the blog and more.
The new homepage will fit with the new in-game design and will supply new players/users with more information regarding the game.
It will also allow returning players to quickly catch up on what happened during their absence.

Apart from the new homepage and social features we’ve of course also been working on several new features for the game itself.
Currently, these features are a bit on-hold due to having the balance the game and its current features itself first. (Game has to be balanced itself before adding new features or they might be unbalanced and upset the balance in the game itself)
These new features are; Family skills & benefits system, Family crimes system, new vehicle system and new profile designs.
We’ll most likely dive into these new features in our next monthly update and explain exactly how these features will work.


The next version (Next month)

The current version is a balance/test version to make sure the previous changes we’ve made are fully working.
During the next version, we hope to release some new stuff for testing.

As mentioned above we’re working on several new features/projects and once one of them is fully ready for testing it will be added to the game.
However, we’ll still be making improvements across the boards, we’ll be expanding on the mini-profiles system that got added this version, allowing you to hover over player names and instantly get the most important information on that player, we’ll be adding this to several other features besides the online list.
We’ll also be updating manual/help pages, these pages will help you better understand how certain systems function and allow you to get updated on all the latest changes.

There will be design improvements, balance updates, and general feature updates, every new version is going to be slightly different from the previous version.
We will also start adding polls again to gather opinion on what the player-base deems important, we want to gather as much feedback as possible so we can make the game better for everyone that’s playing.
You can also expect several updates to happen to several pages such as the; Arena pages, stats pages, family pages and city-related pages.


Personal notes

During the next couple of weeks/month, I’ll be having more time to work on things and will be working on several new exciting things for the game.
The previous couple of weeks/months have been pretty hectic for me and barely gave me any free time to work on stuff.
My sister in law got married, two of my best friends got married and my wife and I are expecting our first child in a couple of month, actually, let’s make those children as they’re going to be twins!!

I couldn’t be more happy and excited about the future and will continue working on Unleashed Fear as long as I have time to do so!
I’ll be working on making a new homepage which will have a semi-integrated blog, forum and in-game news system which will allow everyone to get updated on the latest events in and outside the game by simply checking out the homepage.
I’ll also be working on new features for the game itself, several features are being worked on like; new profiles design, updated help pages, new vehicles system, new missions/tutorial system, family skills and family crimes and much, much more!

Once the new homepage and missions system is ready & all the help pages have been updated we’ll be trying to reach out to new players to come check out and play the game.
We hope you’ll do the same and help us grow the game, the game will automatically become a lot more interesting and fun the more people are playing the game.


And that concludes the first “This month at Unleashed Fear” we hope you like the updates and information and we’ll be updating our blog next month with more details regarding new features, previews of the new homepage design and more!


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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