What can we expect in 2018?

In the first blog article in 2018, we’ll be previewing what this year will bring for the game.

I hope you all had a good 2017 and that 2018 will be even better.
Continue reading the article to see what you can expect to come.

In this article, we’ll be discussing what you can expect in 2018 when it comes to Unleashed Fear.


2017 and the release of V3

Early in January 2017, we’ve released the very first testing stage of V3.
We’ve completely changed the design and feel of how the game is being played, we’ve combined several features into a single page, we’ve reduced the amount of clicking required to get around from feature to feature and removed the anti-script features which made the game almost unbearable to play on mobile devices.
This was the first step for V3, we’ve wanted to make the ease of playing the game more enjoyable and more manageable from all devices.

With the release of V3, we’ve also improved load-times and reduced bandwidth consumption across the board.
Load times were reduced by 70% on average and bandwidth consumption was reduced by 40%, the average speed of loading a page was decreased from 0.5 seconds towards 0.05 seconds.

Not only have the design and load times changed we’ve also added several new features and updated several existing features to function a lot smoother and have a lot more depth to them.
Characters now have skills and talents, the item system is now more random and items can be obtained from features rather than purchasing them from stores, items can also be sold, discarded or even be up for auction upon death.

New features such as skills & talents, world bosses, loot drops, the new family level up system, daily elements, randomized crimes/GTAs/NPCs, marketplaces and the auction house were added to make the game more interesting and different each day.


What can we expect in 2018?

In 2017 we’ve laid the ground works for V3, and in 2018 we will continue to develop and grow the game.
As of right now, my personal time is very limited due to real life events. (More about this later in the article)
However, several new and exciting systems are on its way and are currently being developed.


Introduction system, help system and the new missions/quest system.

The new missions system will be turned into a full-on quest system like many MMORPG’s out there.
There will be NPC’s spread out throughout cities which will have quests for you to complete.
The starting few quests will educate you about the game itself, for example; playing crimes and what to pay attention to, or traveling between cities and selecting which illegal goods to trade between those cities.
The more quests you complete the more difficult/challenging the quests will become.
This way the quest system will serve as a tutorial for new players and guide them on how to play the game, it also makes more sense to have quests become more challenging over time.

Together with the new missions/tutorials system, we’ll also be updating the help system.
Every feature has it’s own help page, however, not every help page currently has an up-to-date information.
We’ll be updating the information provided on these pages and we’ll also be adding more information in general.


Family skills & Family crimes

More family related activities will be added to the game to add more importance to being part of a fun and engaging family.
Family skills will allow your family to specialize in certain departments of the game.
Each skill will buff all players that are part of the family and every family will have to make decisions on which skills they want to use.

Family crimes will allow family members to commit crimes together.
Certain family crimes will require more members to participate than other crimes, each crime will be giving unique loot and rewards for all players involved.


Materials & Vehicles systems

We’ll also make changes to the current vehicle system, the entire system will be replaced and updated.
The changes to the vehicle system will be the same type of change as the item system changes.
Before you could simply go to the shop and buy a new vehicle just like the old items system.
In the new system, you’ll be ‘upgrading’ your vehicle one step at a time.
There will be several categories every vehicle will have that need to be upgraded before your vehicle can be upgraded in a new vehicle.
Upgrading categories such as; travel distance, travel costs, amount of goods you can carry and more.
Every upgrade will cost materials which can be looted from all kinds of features inside the game, and once a vehicle is fully upgraded you can use in-game money to upgrade towards a new vehicle.

The materials system will receive more updates as well currently, materials serve no purpose inside the game, the first step is to add them to the vehicle system to make them relevant.
Materials will also be used to crafting items, however since crafting items is still a long way from being added (Not sure at this point if it’ll even be added in 2018) we’ll be adding different features ‘similar’ to the crafting system.
You’ll be able to use materials to upgrade items towards a higher rank and re-roll certain attributes on these items. (More info on this matter in a later blog article)


Design changes and updates

Several improvements to the design will be made, we will start off by improving the in-game design and make it even more compatible with mobile/tablet devices.
We will also design a new homepage for the game, one that fits the current game design.
The new homepage will also be integrated with several key new features, such as our blog and the new forums system.
We will also start displaying more in-game information on the homepage of the game itself.
There will also be several feature design improvements, new profiles, new stats page, new city pages etc.


General improvements

Last but not least,  you can expect general improvements to happen on a regular basis.
We’ll be making improvements to several background systems such as the daily tasks/rewards, crimes/GTA updaters, stats tracking and more.
We’ll also always look into how we can improve the game speed wise, either by reducing load times or reducing the image sizes and such.
The balance of the game will be adjusted every version in order to keep the gameplay fresh and making every version different from previous versions.



Personal note

As most of you know, I’ve been personally running this game (by myself) for the past 3 to 4 years now.
Running this game smoothly and making sure everything works as intended takes about 2 to 6 hours every single day dependable on what day it is, how many people are currently playing and when was the last reset etc.
These hours spend are simply hours spend maintaining the current game and making sure it runs smooth, these do not include hours spend developing new features or updates/upgrades or fixing bugs.

I’ll give a little insight into what daily routines have to be taken to ensure the game runs smooth:

Daily routines

  • Check for server/security related updates.
  • Keeping up-to-date with the market. (Gaming, Web)
  • Research latest tech vulnerabilities & updates and other developments.
  • Detect/analyze possible hack attempts and prevent them. (We currently receive up to ~350 hack attempts a day)
  • Detect/analyze spambots and deal with those, same goes for site scrapers and other malicious activity.
  • Read/respond to feedback, complaints, reports and other forms of messages. (Either inside or outside the game)
  • Research/analyze data from the game in order to maintain balance and address issues.
  • Research/analyze logs/bug reports so bugs can be addressed in a swift manner.

These are daily tasks which have to be done which simply keep the game running without any ‘real’ improvements to the game itself from a players perspective.
On top of this, there are weekly/monthly tasks, such as optimizing the game code-wise, delete or organize logs/backups, update social media and other relevant pages and many more.

However, due to my things happening in my personal life, the past few months have taken more and more time, I most of the time find myself only being able to do the above-mentioned tasks without having much time to really develop new things for the game itself.
Hence why certain features are still under development and certain other updates had to be put on hold for the time being.

After about 2 months from now, I’ll be having more time to being able to develop these new features (mentioned above) and I’ll be able to add them to the game for testing purposes.
In the meantime, these features will still be developed and there will still be changes/balance updates and other upgrades.

I simply would like to remind you all that running a game like this isn’t the simplest of tasks and a lot of daily tasks get overlooked, just because new stuff is being delayed doesn’t mean the game isn’t being worked on, and sometimes life just comes first.

This also serves as somewhat of a recommendation, as before I became a developer I was a player myself, and I was always interested in game development and always wanted to make a game or games.
I receive a lot of messages from like-wise players that play Unleashed Fear about becoming a game developer.

It can be very exciting to develop a game and seeing the passion of players and being able to create something that people like.
However, development itself is after all still a job, there will be parts of development which aren’t as fun/exciting, just like any other job.

Let us know if you have any feedback, questions or simply have any comments!


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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