Major experiments are coming next version

During the next version of Unleashed Fear, we’ll be making some major changes and we’ll be experimenting with several new systems.
Continue reading this article to find out what changes are coming and why we’re testing several experiments.


In v3.09 we’ll be making several changes to the base game to test out several new systems. (experiments)
We’ll be gathering data and feedback from these changes to check if they improve the game or if they reveal certain flaws in the system.

There will be 2 major system overhauls which can be found below, you’ll find information on how they’ll be changed and why they’re changing.
All 2 of these systems play a major part in Unleashed Fear and in our on-going effort to increase the game, making it more fun and challenging we’re going to apply these changes in order spice things up and to try and make the game more interesting and dynamic.

We’ve also included several other changes which might or might not happen dependably on how far along they are by the time the new version will take place.

Remember, these are just experiments.
Maybe the data we get or the feedback we receive is negative which will result in these systems being removed or reworked.
And if the data is positive and the feedback we receive is good we might keep these systems and continue improving them.

As always, feedback is much appreciated!
We’ve added several polls inside the game for you to vote on which will allow us to gather opinions before the next version starts.
Don’t forget to check out the next version, try the changes and let us know what you think, you might also want to invite your friends to come try out the game to make it more fun!


Final note:

The Crimes/GTA and Items system changes are confirmed, the experiments with other features are to be decided when the version itself starts. It all depends on if these features are ready for testing or not.
This blog article might be updated/changed at a later stage if any changes to these systems get made before the next version starts.



Crimes / GTA’s system changes.


Every crime and GTA will now display a strength percentage, this percentage will show you how strong this crime or GTA is, the higher the percentage the stronger the crime or GTA.

Reason for change:

This is a purely experimental change, this features future solely depends on the outcome of the version and player feedback.
The reason for this feature is simple, everybody wants to have a good or the best account, and by actually being able to see the hidden stats of crimes you’ll be able to do exactly that, not only will you be able to create a good account you’ll also be able to create the account you actually want.

Possible outcomes (good/bad) of change:

Everybody will get similar accounts, every account becomes good and there’s no difference between base account stats anymore.
Additional balance changes might be required such as; changing crimes more severe and faster which will make players have to chase the best crimes all the time.
However, we anticipate for this to be an interesting change, as it’ll increase everybody’s chances to create a good account and all in all there are still 200 different crimes with crimes changing over time so there’s enough room for different build character.
In the future, if this system is a success and liked we might do the same for characters, give an indication for how strong a character is but we’ll have to wait see the initial tests of this system first.


Items system changes.


Every item in your inventory that’s unequipped will now give you 1% of their stats, your currently equipped item will still give the normal stats bonus.

Reason for change:

About 95% of all the items in the game are considered ‘worthless’ by most players, as everyone wants to have the best items.
To make all the items somewhat relevant by giving them a tiny stats boost at least items with worse stats will give some value.
Collecting items will now also become a way to make your character a bit stronger.
With the current item system, there aren’t that many possibilities, you loot an item, you check if it’s any good or not, in most cases it’s not very good so you’ll either delete it or sell it, and selling items is quite the challenge so more often then not when you obtain an items you go to your inventory simply to delete it which can be frustrating.

Possible outcomes (good/bad) of change:

Extra restrictions will have to be put into place on ‘trading’ ‘swapping’ items from one or multiple players onto one player using the market system or other features alike.
Items will become in demand much more, auctions will be blooming and so will the marketplace.
Which means in-game cash becomes more important as it’s a direct way of giving your character small incremental stats boost by buying items.
Additional changes might have to be made to the auction house, instead of holding a new auction every 5 minutes we might have to change it to 25 new auctions every hour. (double the auctions and more easily manageable to upkeep with auctions(less time spend))
However, we expect this change to freshen up the items system and add value to not-so-important items, we expect other features to directly be affected by this specifically the auction house and marketplace. We also expect the value of in-game money to become more worthwhile, after all you can now use in-game money to buy items to directly make your character a bit more powerful.


Skills / Character / Items / Parent system changes.


  1. A new skills/talent system will be added called mastery, mastery is based on what class character you created and will give certain benefits dependable on which class you selected.
  2. Sign-ups of parent characters and regular characters that happen later on in the version will receive bonus stamina as compensation for starting later.
  3. Parent accounts will now receive 10% talent points and 5% skill points from previous characters.
  4. Items can now be looted directly from kills, and there will be a chance of finding items from witnessing murder events.

Reason for changes:

  1. With mastery classes of characters will be more defined, the defense class, for example, will receive defense-related buffs, this will make choosing a class more important and will define your class more.
  2. Characters who sign up later at a version are at a small disadvantage when it comes to stamina, the multiplier does good work allowing them to catch up however the lack of stamina prevents them from really catching up to the top gangsters, by adding more stamina players who sign up later will be able to still play competitively.
  3. Parents don’t gain direct buffs from previous characters, they currently only receive unlock percentages and bonus stamina over time, by having them inherit a few skills/talents they will become a bit more powerful than a regular character which will make it more interesting to play on a parent character.
  4. Looting directly from kill and finding items from kill events will add more action towards the kill feature, this will also allow you to directly become ‘more powerful’ when making a kill and looting items from the target, you also might end up making your enemies stronger as they might find items randomly by witnessing events, we want to emphasise more on killing and having fun when killing  or getting killed, by making parents stronger and adding more fun in killing we want to make wars and warzones more attractive and fun.


Possible outcomes (good/bad) of changes:

  1. With mastery classes characters will now be able to define themselves more, this will open options for more build diversity and being able to build different characters each time. Additional balance changes might be required in order to balance out this feature, for instance, a full defense player that plays with a defense class shouldn’t become as defense-oriented as they might become unkillable. (Experiments)
  2. Players that sign up later will be able to catch up the top players more easily which will allow players to make decisions about risking their accounts during wars more easily, which will lead to more fun and engaging wars as dying might not be so bad. (Experiments)
  3. Parents inheriting some skill/talent points will cause a direct buff for parent accounts, right now parent accounts don’t receive any buffs except for receiving more stamina, however if stamina is spent on a bad crime/GTA they’re parent account will be bad, with additional skills/talents earned from previous characters you’ll directly see an improvement in a parent character. (Experiments)
  4. Loot being added to the kill feature will generally make the feature more interesting, it will also make the kill feature more tactical as you can take out targets just to get their items or get rid of their items in general. Additional balance changes might be needed to balance out this feature, as it shouldn’t be the best way to make an account stronger as otherwise, the strongest accounts will only become stronger and stronger with no one being able to oppose them. (Experiments)

We expect these changes to further improve systems already residing inside the game, we also think that by making these changes we can keep version interesting for longer and make catching up and getting killed less annoying thus allowing you to play more freely and take more risks.




Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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