Updates and changes V3.1.0+

We’ve already started working on the next batch of updates and changes.

Continue reading the following article to get updated on features we’re working on, changes we’ll be making and general information about upcoming updates.


In V3.1.0 we’ve introduced several new systems, we’ve introduced the strength system to the crimes / GTA features which indicate how strong said crime or GTA is.
We’ve also updated the items system by enabling all items in your inventory to boost your character by 1%, however, we’ve only included this in the kill feature for now.

We’ll continue working on the above-mentioned features by updating them and upgrading them, we’ll also be making several background system changes to make sure these features flourish.
Several updates are almost ready for testing and will be added during the next version as they’d change the balance of the current version if we’d implement them now, which is something we always avoid doing. (Disrupting balance in the middle of the version)


Updates to the strength feature

By introducing the strength feature everybody should be able to find good or the best crimes / GTA’s.
We’re still optimizing this system and improving upon it, we haven’t made any changes to the base crime / GTA systems just yet.

Several updates will be made in the next version, one of which is the crime and GTA updating systems, right now GTA’s randomly reset every 6 hours and crimes change stats slightly every 10 minutes, we’ll be updating and rebalancing these systems so they’ll make more sense.

We’ll also be updating the “Crimes change” gem feature, right now you’ll see icons if a crime went up or down in strength, we’ll be adding a history graph to this feature much like how stocks/trades work to give you more insight into the history of the crime.

We might also add the strength feature to the NPC’s system, which will allow you to see which NPC’s are better to shoot at much like the crimes / GTA strength feature.


Updates to the items system

We’ve begun testing of the 1% rule by adding it to the kill feature.
The balance of this feature seems really nice so far, on average the ratio between currently equipped items and the 1% bonus from all items seems in favor of the currently equipped items by a margin of 25.
For example, if all your items give 200.000 offense 150.000 defense and 100.000 stealth, the average 1% bonus seems to be around 8.000 offense, 6000 defense, and 4000 stealth.
The next step is to add the 1% bonus system into the duels and NPC’s system, allowing you to fight duels with items included and deal more damage to NPC’s.

We’ll also be adding the warehouse feature, this will become a crucial change to the new 1% item bonus feature.
Your warehouse is where your items should be in order for them to count towards the 1% item bonus, items in your inventory itself will no longer count towards the 1% bonus.
However, adding an item to your warehouse will cost a small in-game $ fee.
You’ll also have limited space inside your warehouse, most likely we’ll start testing this feature with 3 items per rank, so a rank 25 will have 75 spaces in their warehouse to fill.
This way hogging items will have a limit to them to make sure there’s not one account hogging thousands of items and gaining a nice advantage.
There’ll also be other advantages to using the warehouse such as; inheriting several items on a new parent account and more.

We’re also working on several item related restrictions, we’re adding limits to the marketplace and auction house.
These limits are intended to prevent abuse and maintain balance inside the game.
Limits such as; Buying X amount of items per hour, or placing X amount of bids on auctions etc.
More details regarding these limits will be posted once they’ve been finalized and ready for testing.

We’ll also be making several changes to the auction house and marketplace in general.
As mentioned in a previous blog article & news post we’ll be changing both systems around.
Auctions will now happen more frequently with different amount of items rather than 1 item every 5 minutes.
There will be fees for auctions and fees for the marketplace which will be paid to the city bank, and many more changes.



Other updates and changes

We’ll also re-write the entire events/notifications system.
The current system is quite old and outdated, we’ll be making several improvements upon the system allowing you to quickly see the events you need to see and be able to filter all kinds of category of events.
For example, you’ll be able to see all kinds of unlocking events together or select to just see crime unlocking events or stocks etc.

We’ve already re-designed and simplified the character creation and parent creation screens, now it’s time for the next step to update these systems.
Upon creating your first character or parent account you get a small message stating you’ve successfully made a character and you’ll start your journey.
this will be changed and replaced with a small story and introduction to the game, we’ll be showing off some teasers about this soon!

The family alliances and wars systems still need to be fully implemented, you can already become allies and start wars but joining allies in wars still has to be designed into the new design.
We’ll be updating both these systems in order to make everything work 100% smoothly and to make sure you always have an easy overview of what’s going.

We’re also working on several other new features such as; Looting items upon killing someone, find loot upon witnessing a kill event, pickpocketing items from other players instead of money, dismantling items will now give materials and crafting EXP and many more.


Major new features

Missions system update

We’re completely re-writing the missions system to become more dynamic, more interesting and more fitting.
You will now start your first mission as soon as you create your first character, and the first few missions will sort of be like introduction missions to the game.
Your missions will now be assigned to you by an NPC, this NPC will also be a roaming NPC which travels from city to city and will give additional missions if you pay him a visit.
Besides the regular missions system, there will be a daily random mission system, this system will refresh every day and will give you between 1 to 5 missions, every mission will be randomly generated and will give plenty of rewards to make them worthwhile doing.

Introduction system

In order to allow new players to easily understand the game we’ve already made some changes to make things simpler and by adding an introduction system we’ll be able to fully introduce them to the game.
The introduction system will have messages, missions, hints, and tips showing up all over the game.
You’ll receive messages/events regarding unlocking new features, you’ll receive tips and tricks on how to create a good account and how to protect yourself and many more.

Achievements system update

Right now the achievement system was a test and start of a much bigger project, the current achievement system simply has 5 categories of bronze/silver/medal trophies you can obtain by reaching thresholds of these achievements, you can choose to show them off on your profile if you have a gold/VIP profile upgrade.
The new system will expand and add many more achievements, not only the regular achievement system but there’ll be a version based achievement system which will unlock rewards for your characters each and every version.


Big side projects

Apart from all the changes and updates, we’re also working on several big side projects.
These side projects revolve around the game but aren’t inside the game.

One of these big side projects is Discord, someone of you might know it and some of you probably don’t.
Discord is the new IRC, it’s IRC but better, with more functionality, better security and more features.

We’re currently in the process of setting up our own server, Discord will allow us to chat and communicate without having to be active inside the game.
Some of us probably remember the ‘good old days’ on IRC, we’d often end up chatting day and night without even playing games, just so we could stay in touch, that’s our goal for this Discord, to have a place to chat without it having to be about the game.

Another side project is the new forums, we’re currently also working on setting up forums outside of the game.
These forums can be used to discuss matters inside the game but can also function as off-topic resources much like the Discord server.
Forums will include a gallery, quizzes, and games.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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