Changelog of V3.1.1

During the past few weeks, we’ve been making hundreds of changes to Unleashed Fear which can all be found on the changelog page.
However, in this article, we’ll be going through all the changes and we will be previewing what’s to come in V3.1.1 and beyond.


Testing Stages

After V3.1.0 ended we started the testing stages, during this period we’ve been developing several new features, new design aspects, updated core systems, and re-balanced the entire game.
During the testing stages, we can develop more freely as there are no repercussions towards affecting in-game balance or causing any game-breaking bugs that will impact the course of a version.

These testing stages were supposed to last between 2 to 3 weeks however they lasted around 3 to 4 weeks in total.
More than 200 changes have been added to the changelog page and in this article, we’ll be going over them in details in this article.

All the changes that have been made can also be found on the changelog page.


V3.1.1 and onwards!

In V3.1.1 our main goal is to make sure all these systems are fully operational and fully balanced in-line of the version itself.
We most likely won’t be making any changes or adding any new features during the version.

We will be closely observing cheating as well, we’ve optimized our systems during the testing stages and are ready to have them activated during regular versions.
The punishment for getting caught cheating has been increased severely, we’ve also added several new background systems that keep track of things such as money transfers and item transfers to make it easier for us to catch potential flaws inside systems but also to find those who aim to abuse said systems.

After V3.1.1 ends we might be holding another testing stage to get more development work done, as the previous testing stage went pretty well development wise.
During testing stages we simply have a lot more freedom to develop without the constraints of maintaining to run a regular version, however, we will open up a poll regarding this matter at the end of the version.

We’ve got several more exciting new features and system re-writes planned, some are already in development as we speak.
Systems such as; Family skills, Organized Crimes, Graverobbing, Family crimes, Vault heists, City buildings, Vehicle system, Missions system, Introduction system and many more.
By having testing stages we’ll be able to get more development done and we’ll be able to introduce these features/systems faster.


Balance changes (changelog)

The most important part of the testing stages was to make the balance of the game better, several features were slightly unbalanced due to the newly introduced Strength system.
With the strength system it became much easier to create a strong character as you can now tell which crimes or GTA’s are powerful and which aren’t, this created a slight balance issue in the strength itself but also other systems such as ranking, money, parents, and items.

Balance is one of the most important aspects of the game, after every version we analyze the data of said version to ensure that there are no balance issues.
After analyzing V3.1.0 we decided that almost all systems inside the game needed some work to ensure balance will be better for future versions to come.

List of balance changes
  • Strength values have been changed from 1  – 6 to 2 – 9
  • Crimes / GTA randomizers and updaters have been re-balanced accordingly.
  • GTA’s now get reset every 3 hours instead of every 6 hours.
  • Crimes can now go up to 95% in a certain stat compared to 90% previously. (So a crime can give 95% offense instead of 90%)
  • Trades / Stocks values have been changed for future version, you’ll now earn slightly more money on average.
  • Ranking system has been re-written, ranks are now closer towards each other.
  • Multiplier system has been re-balanced accordingly.
  • Item stats have been reduced significantly.
  • Stats on items are now more in-line with the new ranking system.
  • Unlocking speed of crimes is now slightly slower.
  • NPC’s health and defense values are now wider. (Meaning they could have more or less health/defense compared to before)
  • Several talents have been nerfed; Homecity defense, offline defense, and stealthing.
  • Looting system has had a re-work, you’ll now see more loot from features and you’ll also notice an increase in “colored” items.
  • The Auction house has had a re-work, Every auctioned item now has a unique “sale-time” based on their stats and value, we’ve also added more auctions per day.
  • Banking system has had a tax-overhaul, some money transferring features have had a tax increase. (This tax increase money will be used inside the game at a later stage)


Features updates (changelog)

Several existing features have received updates, these updates can range to new additions, design changes or improvements.

List of features updates
  • Added Warzone Veteran talent; 0.050% offense – 0.050% defense – 0.025% stealth per level when shooting / getting shot at during a warzone.
  • Random blueprints have been added and are now obtainable from all features that give loot.
  • Top 10 daily rewards have been deactivated, the top 10 lists and icons themselves are still inside the game.
  • Updated the profile pictures of all the world bosses, also gave them unique signatures based on their most famous quotes.
  • Updated the homepage banner and changed the text around. (In-game homepage)
  • Added a background image to the loading page, also made the animations on the loading page more crispy and clearer, the fade-in and fade-out text is now truly random and has been given color, there is also a skip loading button which can be pressed to skip loading. (It’s only recommended to skip loading if your browser has already cached the game)
  • Auction house now displays active bids and if you’ve been outbid by someone.
  • Damage dealers page for NPC’s has been added, profiles of killed NPCs now displays the killer’s name.
  • Family wars rankings page has been added, showing off the best warring families.
  • Family allies can now join in on wars via the wars overview page.


New features (changelog)

Several big and some smaller new features have been added to the game.
Some other features have replaced old systems to make them fairer for everyone involved.

List of new features
  • Warzone city the city has been added.
  • Warzone city is a unique new city with its own crimes and drug prices, the city is open for 6 hours once it spawns, this city is in a permanent state of warzone so you’ll have to enter at your own risk.
  • Family start group now has to select a bonus when being created.
  • The Family bonus will now be used upon shooting or getting shot at.
  • Family tags feature has been added to the chatbox and online list.
  • Families can now set a tag for a $25.000.000 fee, this tag has a cooldown period of 72 hours.
  • Vault feature has been added.
  • Items can now be added to the vault for the 1% bonus rule, adding an item to the vault costs a small fee and there is a limited amount of space based on your current rank.
  • Family vault feature has been added.
  • Items can now be stored in the family vault by storing them in your regular vault first, to move an item you’ll have to pay a small fee and there is a limit amount of space based on the family level.
  • Daily earnings competition with brackets feature has been added to replace the daily top 10 earners rewards.
  • Every day a new earnings competition will start, you’ll start out in the lowest earners bracket and compete with other players in this bracket for rewards and a promotion towards a new bracket, every bracket has their own requirements of how much you should earn before you get promoted, the higher bracket you’re in the better the rewards, every participant will get rewards, the higher you end up on the daily list the better the rewards.


Bug fixes (changelog)

As always when making changes we’ll be looking at addressing existing issues but also preventing new ones from happening.
Several old problems have been resolved and several other problems have been fixed.

List of bug fixes
  • World boss can now spawn in all 20 regular cities. (Used to be only the first 15 cities)
  • Fixed a bug that made some items mysteriously vanish after being unequipped.
  • Resolved a bug where sometimes when you won an auction you wouldn’t receive the item.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t access the jail forums from mobile devices.
  • Resolved a bug where if you’d level up a talent or skill it would move you to the regular game. (Annoying if you used a mobile device)
  • Fixed a bug where some backshots could last up to 12 hours instead of 6.
  • Resolved a bug in the charts for stocks/trades history, you can now properly zoom in again and hovering over elements will be marked at the correct location. (Same goes for activity and earnings history)
  • Fixed a bug where the profile of items and the sell item page displayed incorrect minimum and maximum values of items.
  • Resolved a bug that caused the screen to “flash” upon switching to a different page.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed families to declare war on you even tho you signed up to help an ally out during their war.
  • Resolved a bug on the top 10 earners and world boss damage dealer features that sometimes displayed a different #position..


Other changes

We’ve also made some general improvements here and there.

List of other changes
  • It now takes 30 minutes to go offline instead of 10 minutes.
  • Hover information has been added to the character page.
  • VIP upgraded profiles will now receive their current stats distribution as an event every time they rank up.
  • Character page avatar animation is now slightly different for players with an active VIP upgrade.
  • Views page to display who has last viewed your profile has been updated.
  • Topbar jail counter now has a separate bubble in red with players in isolation.
  • Warzone icons on the travel page and other pages now have hover information explaining more about warzones.
  • Your old characters that have gotten killed will now be highlighted on the top 100 dead page.
  • Hovering over a table row will now highlight the said row.


More changes and improvements have happened and will continue to happen!
Make sure to always leave your feedback and suggestions, this allows us to make the game better for everyone.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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