State of the game 2019 edition

In this edition of state of the game, we’ll be diving into what’s going to happen in 2019.
Continue reading this article to get updated on what will happen this year in terms of updates, changes, and other news.


Personal notes  — Reasons for downtime/maintenance mode

(TL;DR at the bottom)

As most of you have probably noticed, I personally haven’t been around much lately, this is due to several changes in my personal life.
Last year I became a father of twins, which happened a bit unexpected, we only found out about the pregnancy about 4 months in, leaving us about 5 months to prepare for this life-changing event.

Needless to say becoming a parent is quite the adjustment, everything in your life is suddenly upside down.
You no longer worry about yourself but you’re worried about taking good care of your kids instead.

The schedule you had in life completely changes, as there is no ‘planning’ when it comes to babies, you can’t plan when they will eat/sleep or have fun, they decide what they want and when they want it, which is completely different from what we as grown-ups are used to.
And as you can imagine this takes time getting used to, and in my case, it isn’t just one baby, but two, which in turn makes planning pretty much impossible.

During the past few months, a lot has happened in my personal life.
We’ve moved to a new apartment and my parents came over for a few weeks to meet the babies.
Which made it impossible for me to get any work done on the game.

After my parents left my wife got a new job and a promotion at her old job.
And during the holiday season she had to work every day, during December and January she’s had maybe 6 days off, that’s including weekends.
The days off my wife had are days I’m supposed to get work done.
However, due to it being the holiday season we decided to spend time with friends & family.
As most of you know I’m the stay-at-home parent, so all I can do is hope my wife has days off where I can get work done.

In the past few weeks we’ve made arrangements and changes to our lives which will allow me to get back into working on the game while being at home with the kids at the same time, this will be difficult and challenging but I can’t wait to continue working on the game and making it more fun for everyone who wants to play.

Just remember, for those of you who don’t have any kids, life is pretty hectic and unexpected, this means that sometimes things simply cannot go according to plan when it comes to development and timetables, however I’ll always do my best to give and share as much information as possible whenever I can, the reason this blog post didn’t come sooner is because I simply didn’t have any definitive answers, I didn’t know when I’d be able to go back to working on the game, there was also a big problem with the blog itself which has to be fixed before any posts could even be made.

I also wanted to make sure you know that, when I speak of “work” I mean programming/designing.
Personally, I do not consider maintaining/upkeeping and managing the game as work, yes it’s part of the job but the real work is the programming/designing of things.

I hope all of you had a good start to the new year and I’m looking forward to catching up with you guys!

TL;DR: Life got in the way of being able to work on the game the past few weeks/months, things are changing and work will continue from now on, we hope to bring a lot of good changes in 2019 and bring the game back to you as soon as possible.


Upcoming changes and updates

Before we can start test version 3.1.2 there will be several major changes which are required to make the game better.
During version 3.1.1 several players have highlighted several weaknesses in our anti-cheat system.
Making it fairly easy to abuse the system and in turn abuse the game due to my inactivity.

When it comes to cheating our biggest problem was scripting.
Especially when we removed the anti-script code in you had to fill in every action you’d commit.
However, ever since we’ve created a hidden anti-script check we’ve almost reduced all forms of scripting to zero, but there’s still other problems of cheating.

During version 3.1.1 several players created dupes.
While duping is nothing new these dupes had a different purpose then dupes used to have in the past.
In the past dupes were used to shoot and kill other players, however now dupes are being used to horde items/money in order to make ‘main’ characters stronger.
We’ve had systems in place to keep track of dupes when it comes to shooting and such.
However, we lacked a proper system that would give us easy overviews of money/item related duping.

During the past few weeks, we’ve been working hard on analyzing all the data from the previous version.
This allows us to update all our anti-cheat systems and creating new anti-cheat systems to prevent these forms of cheating.

We’ve also been working on improving and fixing several systems such as;
Duels, Daily earners competition, Auction house and more, check below for a full list of changes we’ve been working on.


List of changes

  • Reworked the daily earner’s competition system.
  • Rebalanced several money related skills and talents.
  • Daily earners competition will now close at 00:00 game-time.
  • Between 00:00 game-time and 00:05 game-time rewards will be sent out to all players.
  • At 00:05 game-time the daily earner’s competition will be restarted for the next day.
  • Fixed several error messages and slight bugs in the duel system.
  • The marketplace has been disabled for all types of equipment and blueprints.
  • The marketplace will now only be working for gems and later it will work for materials and events.
  • You will now be able to sell items via the auction house.
  • Material drops will now be re-added to the game so we can test the drop chances and randomness of them.
  • Inventory and vault pages will now better display items you can use/sell and items you can’t use/sell.
  • More accurate logging of the auction house.
  • More accurate logging of the banking system.
  • All transactions will now be logged and monitored.
  • The notebook feature will be added back in the new design.
  • Slight tweaks to parent bonuses.
  • More tweaks to the ranking system.


And more!


Test version 3.1.2

We’re currently in the process of starting a new test version as soon as possible.
Once the above-mentioned changes are ready for testing we will run a short test version.
This test versions purpose is to test if all known bugs have been resolved and all new features are working as intended.

We expect and anticipate the start of this test version around the beginning of February.
This test version will last a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 3 weeks.
A definitive date will be posted in the next few days once we’re more certain about being able to stick to the date.

Again, I want to emphasize that, this is our goal, sometimes things get in the way.
For now, we expect that things will go according to plan, if anything comes up we will announce it.


2019 and the future of the game

We’ve got many plans for the game, we’re working on several big new features.

Many aspects of the game can still be improved.
Not only do we want to focus more on fairer game-play by reducing the cheating we also want the game to become more fun to play fairly.

Last year when we released V3 for it’s first version we’ve added several new features and changed the entire design.
We can still improve several of these features and the design can always be improved.

Several new features will be added that will help new players as well, such as an introduction, better help sections and possible even an ‘ask a question’ feature.

Other new features include features like; The new missions system, tutorial system, new vehicle system, family skills, family crimes, city buildings, thriumps and more.
Several of these features have already had some development happen where others are lacking behind a little.

Once these features are closer to being released we will share more information on these features.
Information regarding these features will come in the form of general knowledge, screenshots, and other previews.


Head Administrator of Unleashed Fear and all related matters.

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