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Special Announcement
Dear readers, in this edition we'll talk about the latest developments on Unleashed Fear, our brand new blog and announce the upcoming reset! Unleashed Fear will reset for its public test of v2. Saturday the 21st of December. This should happen around 5 PM GMT (18:00 ingame time).
Currently upon going to our website you will see a teaser page, this teaser page will remain to be there until the reset happens on the 21st of December.
We've also started a blog so you can always stay updated with the latest changes, this blog will contain; News, changes, previews, screenshots, guides, random posts and much more!
You can visit our blog by going to UnleashedFear.com/blog/ Keep reading the newsletter if you want to know more about all the latest developments, and be there once Unleashed Fear resets, who knows maybe you will be the one ruling the new dark world?!

Curious about the new version? Check out our brand new blog and sign up to stay updated! UnleashedFear.com/blog/ or check out the teaser website at UnleashedFear.com/
Upcoming Events
Event 02
Saturday, December 21st 2013
Reset and updates!
On Saturday the 21st of December a new version of Unleashed Fear will start. This new version contains a brand new design both ingame and our homepage have been redesigned, there are also major changes when it comes to the game itself, most features have been recoded and rebalanced and several new features have been added read more about this below or on our blog.
Event 01
Thursday, December 12th 2013
Brand new blog!
On Saturday the 12th of December the new website has been brought back online, this new website also includes our brand new blog, this blog is meant to educate and inform players about the game, but is also meant as a way to entertain. Check out our blog @ UnleashedFear.com/blog/
Event 01
Thursday, December 12th 2013
Teaser website!
Before the reset we've made a teaser website which will have an unique design and a countdown timer until the reset. You can check out the teaser website @ UnleashedFear.com.
Event 02
Thursday, December 5th 2013
New design
Everything revolving Unleashed Fear has been redesigned to fit the new theme. The homepage had a total make-over which includes a new homepage for mobile/tablet users. The game itself has been completely changed and so has the design, it should be a lot more functional then the previous design, and again alot of improvements have been made for mobile/tablet users here as well.
Other Stuff

Currently under development

Even thou v2 is completely new and contains a lot of changes and new features, Unleashed Fear is still looking into adding even more changes and features.
New features are being thought of, that will fit into the game and are meant to expand-en the total game-play experience.
Several features are still under development and will be improved/added to the game as soon as their ready to get tested, features as; Duel kill, Family networth, Mass family wars, Family war tournaments, city wars, family crimes, achievements and titles!
These new features will make the game more involving and add more depth to the system. (More info on these features can be found by clicking here).

Family wars

Family wars has been added to the game, this will completely change how the game is being played and will add a new layer of tactics to the game. You won't be able to kill off families randomly within an instant any more. Families will have to declare war upon other families, when a war has started everybody will be alerted about its status, the score and remaining time.
Family wars is a survival of the fittest system, you either kill or get killed it's that simple, so make sure you join the right family.

New items system

The new items system has also been added to the game, a lot more features have to be added to this system however it'll add a lot more depth to the game in the long run!
You will now be able to buy items from the store and keep these in your inventory, you choose which items you want to equip and whether you will get rid of them if you have no use for them.
As mentioned a lot more features will be added to the new items system later on, more information about this will be posted on our blog.

City control

Families will now be able to take control over cities, once a family has control over a city, any person committing actions in this city will pay a certain fee to this family.
Families that control a city are also able to see who is all residing in this city at all time and they receive a special tax page to see how much taxes have been paid.
This feature is brand new and still in early stages, a lot more features can be added to this system in the future, once more information about these new features becomes available it will be posted on our blog.


Players will now be able to accept missions and complete these by following certain steps. These missions will give rewards.
The first couple of missions are quite easy missions, basically introducing you to the game and all its features making you try everything, however the further you get the harder the missions become and the bigger the rewards!
And once again this is also a new feature and a lot more missions will be added, these missions will be harder, more complex and might give different rewards.

First design

screenshot 1

Second design

Screenshot 2

Official test version

Screenshot 3

Test version homepage

Screenshot 4

Previous homepage design

Screenshot 4
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