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  • gasmask v2

    Reset to V3.2.5!

    Friday the 16th of July V3.2.5 has now begun! Make sure to check out the new and much improved game with tons of new features and design changes!

  • planet earth v2

    Unleashed Fear V3!

    Welcome to the brand new version of Unleashed Fear, there is a brand new design and a new ingame theme!

  • gas mask v2

    More dangerous then ever!

    V3 holds a lot of new features compared to V2 which make the game more dangerous and exciting then ever!

  • night city v2

    New world!

    Unleashed Fear takes place across the whole world, 20 new cities to explore, new drugs to deal, New items to obtain, new stocks to trade and much more!

  • city life v2

    Online mafia game (MMORPG)

    Sign up today and become the new ruler of the new world! Click here to sign up and join the online mafia game!


Unleashed Fear is a text-based online mafia role playing game, you step into the role of a gangster.

Once you have created your character you will start out as a nobody, you will be committing low scale crimes and stealing worthless cars to make your way up the ladder.

You will also be dealing small amounts of drugs and travelling from city to city just to get by, and when you finally get some cash flowing in you will be trading stocks to gain even more.

By ranking up the ladder you will unlock new features, allowing you to make more money, you will also be able to commit harder and more challenging crimes and attempt to steal more worthwhile cars.

Sooner or later you will have to start thinking of your future, will you either start or join a family? Families are the most important thing in this dark underground world, you will need one in order to continue making your way up.

By starting or joining a family even more new features get unlocked, you might also make a friend or two, but be careful, families also bring a risk with them, family wars happen all the time, one family fighting the other for cities or maybe just for survival.

But maybe you will end up with a gambling addiction, as gaining money is to tempting you might not be able to control yourself, losing money would be bad as every gangster will need money in order to survive.

You will use your money to upgrade your vehicle so you can travel larger distances in shorter time and transport more drugs from one city to the other, but you will also need money to gear up for the upcoming wars you will fight.

Weapons, armors, disguises are items you will need in order to protect yourself but also to attack others, just make sure you keep gaining money in order to strengthen yourself up!

Do you think you have what it takes to survive this world? Do you want to gain fame and become filthy rich? Join Unleashed Fear today!

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