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Chat & Announcements

(17:34:12) +Sparta: We having fun

(17:34:17) +Sparta: Shooting killing

(17:34:20) +Zyriak: haha

(17:34:27) +Sparta: Dieing

(17:34:35) +Rafael: Amr lets play together next ver :P

(17:34:42) +Sparta: Still all my acc got higher warscore than madi 1 acc

(17:34:46) +Rafael: u will not die :P

(17:35:04) +Zyriak: its a shame you will though ^^

(17:35:26) +Rafael: and i will let u kill turner every time he fails me

(17:35:27) +Rafael: xd

(17:35:44) GuNN: madi if we played with each other they will not survive next ver xDDD :PPP

(17:35:55) +Rafael: Turner say he got a higher war score than me

(17:35:57) +Rafael: cool

(17:35:58) +Zyriak: lol

(17:36:06) +Rafael: i have higher war score than keta

(17:36:09) +Rafael: and angel

(17:36:35) +Rafael: does it mean they suck ? or it mean they didnt have targets to shoot?

(17:36:38) +Rafael: :D

(17:37:07) Fingerzzz: She sucks me :P

(17:37:12) +Rafael: and i only failed one shot as far as i remember at Revenger offline in his home city

(17:37:17) +Zyriak: Fingerz ;)

(17:37:21) +Rafael: lol Roel stfu xd

(17:37:30) +Sparta: Let it eat you madi, cya next version

(17:37:42) +Sparta: U wont get to rank 40 again xd

(17:37:51) +Rafael: so please don't let ur grudge leads u ;p and speak for u lol

(17:38:01) +Rafael: eat me ?? LMFAO

(17:38:06) +Rafael: how it would

(17:38:28) +Rafael: am alive and u would sell ur self out to get me killed because u FAILED

(17:38:35) Fingerzzz: Zyriak ;)

(17:38:35) +Rafael: so it eats who exactly :P

(17:38:52) +Rafael: damn its so funny xd

(17:39:00) +Zyriak: Hows it going Roel?

(17:39:06) GuNN: zyriak do not take my words personal

(17:39:07) +Zyriak: Congratulations btw on your new apartment :)

(17:39:18) GuNN: i love u r style

(17:39:19) +Zyriak: Nothing is personal GuNN

(17:39:28) +Zyriak: Only a game

(17:39:41) +Zyriak: all good

(17:39:53) GuNN: <3

(17:40:19) +Rafael: GuNN next ver leave that stinky crew

(17:40:26) +Rafael: u r with me like old days <3

(17:40:38) +Sparta: Beholder lets finish this version with a blast

(17:40:55) +Sparta: War pew pew xd

(17:42:07) GuNN: madi <3

(17:43:16) +Sparta: See his lastmanstanding acc again die before rank 30 haha

(17:43:38) +Rafael: umm

(17:43:46) +Sparta: Gunn wouldnt choose that way but its your funeral ;p

(17:43:56) +Rafael: i wish DeFrank plays

(17:44:02) +Rafael: and Kommodoh

(17:44:07) +Rafael: :D

(17:44:25) +Rafael: they would tell u what was LastManStanding on DF

(17:44:42) +Rafael: before the dupes and cheaters come along :D

(17:46:36) GuNN: Sparta i do not have any problem that my acc die my only problem that i did not enjoy it

(17:46:43) GuNN: xD

(17:48:07) +Rafael: GuNN

(17:48:22) +Sparta: Same here, i Dont mind my acc dies

(17:48:28) +Rafael: LMS account was long ago on DF even before Turner stop using diapers

(17:48:39) +Rafael: unless he still use them till now xD

(17:49:05) +Sparta: Oh madi had a good acc 14years ago amd still needs to bragg about it

(17:49:10) +Rafael: but am happy u made the effort to look in version stats

(17:49:21) +Rafael: to see what was my rank when lms died

(17:49:21) +Rafael: xd

(17:49:23) +Sparta: Fack off noob ur a scared tit

(17:49:48) +Rafael: no not 14 years ago

(17:49:50) +Sparta: Cya soon, bring all u can find

(17:49:52) +Rafael: it almost 17

(17:49:56) +Rafael: :(

(17:50:03) +Sparta: Its all gonna be x1

(17:50:13) +Sparta: X1.5 points xd

(17:50:32) +Rafael: but i will give u few names to search or ask DF players about if u want ;p

(17:51:07) +Rafael: that would make all my family earn the public enemy title easy :P

(17:52:06) +BeOnline: Madi you are a public enemy without title

(17:52:15) +BeOnline: so why bother 😄

(17:52:32) +Rafael: i don't need titles

(17:52:33) GuNN: LMS was a great acc on the past

(17:52:43) +Rafael: i get it just out of pissing u ppl off xD

(17:52:54) +Rafael: Turner what was ur highest rank ever?

(17:52:54) GuNN: i always dreamed on my beging of df to kill him

(17:52:58) +Rafael: oh let me guess

(17:53:05) +Rafael: sparta is ur highest xD

(17:53:52) +Rafael: Gunn i had too many others Sabazios Sirius Strive Excelision etc

(17:54:14) +Rafael: oh and Giussippe the real not the fake who came this version ;p

(17:54:43) John: Hi UF players. I see version going to end, anyone want to team up?

(17:56:13) +Rafael: Current earnings: $503,230,479

(17:56:17) +Rafael: weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(17:57:47) +Rafael: vault last night costed me 350 mill i think :(

(17:58:05) +Rafael: and still have 20 empty spots

(18:00:01) Bot: Crime bonuses update every 6 hours.

(18:00:01) Bot: Warzone City has been opened for the next 6 hours!

(18:00:01) Bot: All crime bonuses have changed!

(18:03:51) GuNN: if anyone gave me 70 mill now i will shot 5 ranks up :D

(18:11:15) +Zyriak: Haha someone will give 70m for you to die

(18:11:17) +Zyriak: pro ;)

(18:23:50) +Sparta: Its not about the highest rank madi, pff.. its about the mayhem u cause

(18:24:52) +Sparta: The respect u get for wiping a fam on ur own and all that in hc or offline hc and up xd

(18:25:06) +Sparta: When everyone thought it couldnt be beat, it could xd

(18:25:52) +Sparta: Luckely there will be a new version to enjoy

(18:26:22) +Sparta: Bananas for victory xd

(18:31:02) Bot: Rellertt has won $800,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(18:31:27) Pinkman: Warzone city later madi? Now version is ending?