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  • Pickpocket

    You can choose to pickpocket one of the following players.

    Remember, if you successfully pickpocket other gangsters they might get upset.

    Players marked with a green background can be pickpocketed, players with a red background still have pickpocket protection.

  • Kills & Duels system


    In the mafia world there is a lot of death and despair, killing will happen on frequent bases as rivals try to take each other out. In Unleashed Fear there are 2 ways to attempt to kill other gangsters, there is the regular kill feature and the duel system. Both systems work in the exact same way, except that for duels mutual agreement is needed.

    Finding the right balance

    In order to kill or defend yourself against getting killed you need to find the right balance, stealth plays a crucial role in both these aspects, you need stealth in order to kill and to defend. The exact amount of stealth required is based on your offense and defense, on the bottom you can find some examples that will make it more clear.

    Random hit / Random miss

    There really is no such thing as a random hit or a random miss, this is a misconception created by the players themselves. Random hit simply means someone has a 10% chance of killing someone else and he actually pulls it off, and the same goes for a random miss, someone has a 90% chance to kill someone and he misses.


    Backshots is a term for someone shooting back at someone that previous tried to kill them. This term is often used to define if someone received damaged to their account or not. Backshots do not have any other aspect other then not receiving any damage. You do not get boosted or more chance of hitting when shooting with a backshot. Backshots have to be made within 6 hours otherwise you will receive damage.

    Account damage / Items damage / Temporary damage

    When you shoot down your character will receive damage and so will every item this character will ever use. Damage is based upon how many ranks you shoot down. This damage is also permanent and there is no way to un-do the damage. As mentioned above a backshot will not do any damage aslong as the backshot takes place within the next 6 hours.

    Permanent character stats loss basically means you will lose some offense / defense / stealth dependable on how many ranks you shoot down.
    Permanent items damage basically means that all the items you will use carry damage with them.
    Temporary damage is damage to your character that will last up to 24 hours. Temporary damage can happen in 2 ways: You shoot more then 3 times per hour, or by shooting the same target more then twice during the past 24 hours.
    After 24 hours of receiving a temporary damage event your damage will be removed and your character will no longer carry the temporary damage.

    So how does the system work?

    The regular kill system works the same way as the regular duel system. The itemless duel system works on the same way as the regular kill system except that it doesn't use the items that characters have equipped. The regular kill system will look at the shooter and the targets stats. (Offense - Defense - Stealth), It wll also look at the items both characters have equipped (Weapons - Armors - Disguises).
    Once it has obtained all stats and items involved it will start to compare the shooters offense to stealth ratio and the targets defense to stealth ratio, it will then determine how much total offense the shooter has and the total defense the target has.
    Once it has calculated all of this there will be the last and final calculation; The kill chance, the shooter will have a percentage based chance to kill the defender and the defender will therefor have a certain percentage of chance to survive the shot.

    Difference between the kill system and the duel system

    There is no difference between these systems, they both use the exact same calculation methods, the only difference is that you can select how a duel will be processed, you can select who shoots first and if it should take items into consideration.
    Skill/talents/homecity do not get taken into consideration when duelling.


    Stealth requirements example
    Lets say you need 60% the amount of stealth required to utilize your offense and the same for defense. If the shooter has 200.000 offense points he will need at least 120.000 stealth in order to use the full 200.000 offense. The same will go for the defender, if the defender has 200.000 defense, he will need 120.000 stealth in order to use the full 200.000 defense.

    Characters stats damage example
    Lets say you shoot 5 ranks down, 50% of the difference in stats in these 5 ranks will be the damage.
    Lets say the difference is 50.000 points, you will lose 25.000 character stats permanently.
    Lets say you have 150.000 offense, 75.000 defense and 75.000 stealth, you will lose 12.500 offense, 6.250 defense and 6.250 stealth.

    Items damage example
    Lets say you shoot 5 ranks down, you will receive 1.5% item damage per rank. Which will be a total of 7.5% items damage.
    Lets say and item gives you +100.000 offense, +2.000 defense and -1.000 stealth.
    Ever since the shot the item will now give: +92.500 offense, +1.850 defense and -1.075 stealth.

    Kill calculation example
    Lets say the shooter has 200.000 offense and 120.000 stealth, the defender has 200.000 defense and 120.000 stealth.
    The shooter will have a 50% chance to kill the defender, and the defender will have 50% chance to survive the shot.

    Lack of stealth kill calculation example
    Lets say the shooter has 200.000 offense and has 80.000 stealth, the defender has 200.000 defense and has 150.000 stealth.
    The shooter will only use 133.333 offense as he has not enough stealth to cover for the full 200.000 offense, the defender will use 200.000 defense as he has more then enough stealth. The shooter will then have a 5% chance to kill the defender and the defender will have a 95% chance to survive the shot. Due to the big difference in stats.
    If the shooter would kill the defender with his 5% chance to succeed this would be labeled as a "random hit".

    Remember: these are only examples to give you an idea of how the system works.

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Chat & Announcements

(18:54:14) +Eniss: shaun best is ignore

(18:54:17) +Eniss: !

(18:54:35) Etna: LEt me grab some Popcorn =)

(18:54:38) +Eniss: since i cant read their messages this game looks brighter

(18:54:47) +Eniss: can u ask medion to make more materials for me pls

(18:54:53) +Eniss: i just opened 40 red

(18:54:54) +Eniss: i need more

(18:57:38) +Cas: *grabs a new pair of pants

(19:00:01) Bot: Remember to bank your money as often as possible, so it won't get snatched away by pickpocketers.

(19:00:01) Bot: World boss & NPC's have travelled to new destinations!

(19:00:34) ThePunisher: It's ok we understand that we're annoying being on top every fuckin version

(19:02:47) +Eniss: Chieftain tried to pickpocket you.

(19:02:51) +Eniss: 1 up to

(19:02:55) +Eniss: omg :0

(19:03:13) +Eniss: run 1 more rank go go

(19:05:48) +Cas: ooooooohhhhhhh

(19:07:01) Bot: thering has won $2,420,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(19:07:12) +Moriarty: Who is punisher?

(19:07:22) +Moriarty: Why do devils claim Hutchs achievements as their own?

(19:07:59) +Moriarty: The devils inner circle are a team of their own who do very well

(19:08:07) +Moriarty: the rest of you do pretty shit tbh

(19:08:34) +Moriarty: Just cannon fodder every V, while the tops ones thrive

(19:10:06) +Stonecold: Part of the crew, Part of the ship..

(19:10:26) +Cas: someone call the ambulance, punisher just got burrrrned xD

(19:11:35) Chieftain: calm down luke if we consider it like this you done pretty bad yourself

(19:11:54) Chieftain: you die every version after claiming best account

(19:11:55) +Moriarty: If that was true Stonecold, you'd all have the best crimes and be doing just as well?

(19:12:06) ThePunisher: What do you want Luke!?

(19:12:13) Chieftain: and your stats turns out to be pretty normal

(19:12:32) +Stonecold: Who said I'm doing bad crimes?

(19:13:21) +Moriarty: Well you arent doing the ones that enabled you to be rank 51 strong and safe thats for sure

(19:14:24) +Stonecold: Well.. Quake used to rank super fast compared to you, but you prefered going slow, for the same reas

(19:14:36) +Stonecold: reasons as me

(19:14:41) PeterParkinson: I think Devils need their own shoutbox since they prefer playing their own game.

(19:15:06) +Stonecold: Doesn't mean you did bad crimes, just mean you enjoyed the game in another way than him

(19:15:22) Chieftain: I think you will betray heroes as you betrayed devils roy lol

(19:16:09) PeterParkinson: Nah im actually having fun with Heroes and their take on the game. And betrayal lol

(19:16:14) Chieftain: sneek xD

(19:16:31) Toad: peterparkinbums your name is roy?

(19:16:34) +Moriarty: Ok thats fair Stonecold, can respect that

(19:17:01) Bot: Dogshit has won $13,000,000 with the Richy rich Lottery!

(19:17:07) PeterParkinson: its my secret identity

(19:17:18) Toad: oh hi roy

(19:18:53) PeterParkinson: hey cutie

(19:20:24) +Shaun: And thats the bottom line

(19:20:33) +Shaun: Because stone cold said soooo

(19:20:48) +Shaun: Hi jake btw

(19:21:02) +Cas: what?!

(19:22:00) +Stonecold: OOOH HELLLL YEAAAAA

(19:44:19) +Dartz: Shaun <3 sorry for my delay, I was I think Shaun has said the goal when he mentioned

(19:44:25) +Dartz: Shooting up a

(19:45:46) +Dartz: And actually heroes have always the guts in my opinion as always than everyone else who just get num

(19:45:50) Toad: r u riddleman?

(19:46:27) +Eniss: who wnats to take a bet

(19:46:57) +Eniss: 20 mill chieftain will rank to 50 or be 99 % and 49 and wait for me to shoot first

(19:47:15) +Eniss: i am 10 % no stamina

(19:47:21) +Eniss: lets see what mr big mouth will do

(19:47:22) +Eniss: 20 mill

(19:47:24) +Eniss: anyone?

(19:48:13) +Dzemil: 10 mill he runs to 51 :P

(19:49:48) +Einhar: Betting with yourself.. only one winner there

(19:50:51) +Maybelline: I masturbate in public places

(20:00:01) Bot: Report any feedback or problems directly to Blaaster.

(20:00:01) Bot: World boss & NPC's have travelled to new destinations!

(20:06:01) Bot: Morph has won $7,200,000 with the Megafortune Lottery!

(20:26:02) Bot: Morph has won $3,550,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(20:47:59) Bot: Gem has killed World Boss Lucky Luciano!

(20:48:01) Bot: Morph has won $2,080,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(20:48:13) GGdowners: shooting wb to 0% is so annoying

(20:53:01) Bot: Wrath has won $6,750,000 with the Supreme Luck lottery!

(20:57:49) Bot: Someone tried to kill Headsh00ter!

(21:00:02) Bot: Join our Discord server here! We often hold discussions here!

(21:00:02) Bot: World boss & NPC's have travelled to new destinations!

(21:00:02) Bot: Moscow Has become a warzone!

(21:00:02) Bot: All crime bonuses have changed!

(21:10:35) Bot: Capoo has been murdered!

(21:16:02) Bot: Dogshit has won $10,000,000 with the Billionaires Lottery!

(21:18:13) Bot: 123 has been murdered!

(21:27:18) GGdowners: Signature has been updated.

(21:31:59) +Shaun: no ones arsed mate

(21:32:09) +Marseille: WTB 90 gems = 90 mil pm me

(21:36:44) GGdowners: @Shaun. if they want money; thats what gets them money ;P

(21:44:54) PeterParkinson: decline the war then

(21:44:55) PeterParkinson: do it

(21:44:59) PeterParkinson: end it here and now

(21:46:44) +Cas: get ready for hellscreen mcfly...

(21:49:43) +Leaf: tough talk

(21:50:20) +Cas: :@

(21:52:12) +Leaf: <3

(21:52:38) +Cas: <3333333, peace mode

(21:57:34) Bot: Someone tried to kill Cas!

(21:59:40) Bot: Someone tried to kill Simikaru!

(21:59:42) Bot: Someone tried to kill PeterParkinson!

(21:59:59) Bot: Shaun has been murdered!

(22:00:01) Bot: World bosses spawn at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00 and 18:00 server-time!

(22:00:01) Bot: World boss & NPC's have travelled to new destinations!

(22:00:30) Chieftain: looool

(22:02:41) +Smellycat: good prediction ducky

(22:03:02) +Cas: what's so funny?

(22:04:07) Chieftain: you guys are xD