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  • Overview


    Welcome to the manual of Unleashed Fear.

    Here you will be able to find help on everything that revolves around the game, you will be able to look up how features work, how to play and much more!

    The manual is frequently updated with new information as the game progresses and develops new features and other balance changes, so make sure to keep track of this.


    Some information will not be given in the manual such as; What is the best crimes? How much offense do I need to kill, and stuff alike, these systems are a mystery which makes the game more interesting.

    Administrators of the game will change the manual where they see fit, they will also give punishments to cheaters and hold no obligations to give explanations. (See Guidelines & Rules section)

    New to the game?

    If you are fully new to the game we suggest reading the manual as much as possible, as mentioned most of the game is explained here.

    Everybody even non-new players has to read the Rules & Guidelines section, upon signing up for this game you accept to play by these terms.

    Manual overview

    The manual is a work in progress. Some subjects still need to be updated.

    Starters Features Systems

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