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    Blog article regarding cheating

    Date of news article Monday 09 July - 14:37:58Author of news post Blaaster

    Hello all!

    We've just finished the article regarding the cheating and have added it to our blog.
    Click here to read the article.

    Read the article to find out more about how cheating happens, why it happens and how we plan on reducing it.
    We've also added a list of changes that we'll be making in the next few versions in order to reduce the benefits of cheating.
    It'll always be a cat and mouse sort of situation but we're dedicated to make the fairest and funnest text-based mafia game there is.

    Feel free to message us with any questions, suggestions or feedback!
    More news is coming next week, stay tuned for more!
    ~ Blaaster

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    I can't think of a good title for this news post, sowwy!

    Date of news article Friday 06 July - 19:00:32Author of news post Blaaster

    Hello all!

    I sincerely apologise for the delay in this news post and any updates that were suppose to happen this version.
    In between my son getting sick (twice) I had to attend a wedding (and it's pre-wedding parties).
    However my inactivity isn't out of the woods just yet, got word two days ago that we're allowed to move out of our current apartment 3 months earlier then expected and finally move into our new apartment this month.
    This will require me to fix up both apartments this week and move everything combined with 2 babies being super active lately means I'll pretty much be busy doing things.

    Blog article
    We were planning on releasing some information and updates regarding the issue of cheating, this was planned as a news post but will be turned into a blog article considering the importance of the issue and the amount of information being to big for a news article inside the game.
    This blog article will contain information on how we'll be combatting cheating, what benefits there are, and what it means/does to the game.

    Updates and changes
    I was hoping to be able to do a maintenance session last weekend however my son got sick and we had to attend a wedding so I had to cancel my plans, during this maintenance we would have applied several changes to the market & auction house systems.
    These changes will now be made ready for the next version, we're also still working on several other changes which can be found on our blog, and in the upcoming blog article regarding cheating.

    This version
    This version will continue to run for another few weeks, with the new parent system updates and changes its relatively fair and easy to regain power and catch up to the top players, in combination with being able to make a strong character everybody has equal chances of achieving something.
    Once I'm done with all these real life matters and the changes for next version are ready we'll be updating the news regarding a reset and the next version.

    We hope you're enjoying this version and the changes we've made, we look forward to hearing your opinion about the game.
    Make sure to repot any bugs/problems/feedback you might have so we can continue improving the game.
    ~ Blaaster

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    Blog article & other news

    Date of news article Thursday 21 June - 00:08:16Author of news post Blaaster

    Hello all!

    Yesterday we've added an article to our blog.
    This article is about upcoming changes and updates which will happen most likely in the next version!
    Make sure to check it out by clicking here.

    This weekend we'll be adding several polls, we will update the news once they've been added.
    These polls are about upcoming features mentioned in the blog article, and about features we've added this version.
    It's important to us to know how you feel about the game so we can keep improving the game!

    Make sure to read the blog article and check the polls next weekend!
    Oh, and don't forget to invite your friends, it's never been easier to start getting into Unleashed Fear! :)
    ~ Blaaster

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    Strength system details

    Date of news article Thursday 14 June - 23:24:07Author of news post Blaaster

    Hello all!

    We hope you're enjoying the new version so far, we've changed quite a few things this time around.
    In this news article we'll be looking deeper into the crimes / GTA systems and how you can create a good account.
    this weekend or shortly after this weekend we'll be posting a blog article regarding other upcoming changes and improvements stay tuned for more updates!

    What has been changed?
    The crimes / GTA systems haven't been changed that much compared to previous V3 versions.
    The only real change that has been made is to actively show how strong a crime / GTA is, the balance of crimes / GTA's has remained the same.
    Every crime / GTA now displays a column which indicates it's strength, the higher the strength the stronger the crime / GTA is.
    Balance wise these systems have remained the same, the crimes / GTA updaters have also remained the same.
    We might make balance changes to the Crime / GTA systems and their updaters after this version is over and data shows we have to re-balance these features but for now everything seems perfectly fine balance-wise.

    What do I have to pay attention to when it comes to criming/GTAing?
    As mentioned above the higher the strength indication the stronger it is, if there's a crime with 93% strength and another crime with 97% the 97% crime will be stronger.
    However it is important to pay attention to the offense / defense / stealth stats, as you'd want to optimize your character towards a certain area.
    The bonuses on top of crimes also play a big role as they add 10% extra stats to that specific bonus.
    There's also the daily element to pay attention to, these also add an additional 10% extra stats.
    Last but not least your characters class, you've selected a class when you created your character, these bonuses also play a big role.

    So how do I make the best account?
    Ultimately you'd want all the bonuses to align in order to make the strongest account possible, I'll give an example; Lets say you've started with the Assassin class (offense bonus), your goal is to look for primarily offense related crimes.
    You'd want to go for the highest offense & strength crime/GTA with offense bonus on top of it and hopefully the daily element is also offense.
    This is how you'll create a strong character, by always checking if theres a crime better then the one your playing right now, a crime/GTA that has all the bonuses you want aligned and stacked.

    As mentioned above, after the weekend we'll be discussing what's coming next and what's in the pipelines for development!
    Feel free to message me if you have any questions/suggestions or feedback!
    ~ Blaaster

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    Short downtime

    Date of news article Sunday 10 June - 22:11:37Author of news post Blaaster

    Hello all!

    There was a brief moment of roughly 30-40 minutes where the game was offline.
    Seems there was a problem with the hardware and it's not been resolved, as compensation we've given everybody 1.000 stamina.
    We've added this stamina to the new bonus stamina system, this way it won't interfere with your regular stamina gains!

    *edit* Another downtime this time caused by me, we've added another 2.500 bonus stamina for everyone, hopefully all problems are resolved now.

    Game on!
    ~ Blaaster

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    Welcome to V3.1.0!

    Date of news article Sunday 10 June - 17:35:48Author of news post Blaaster

    Hello all!

    Welcome to V3.1.0 as you might have already noticed a lot has been changed, lets get into it!

    Changes and experiments
    We've made some radical changes to the base system for this version, these changes are experiments, during this version we'll be testing them and see if they'll be good changes in the long run.
    We've added a strength indicator to the crimes and GTA feature, this allows you to check which crimes and GTA's are good, the higher the percentage the better they are.
    We've also changed how the items system works, on top of equipped item you'll now receive a bonus 1% from all the items in your inventory, this only works on the kill feature for now we haven't added this to the duel or NPC system just yet.
    There are also your usual balance changes and updates here and there to improve functionality of the game itself, make sure to get updated by reading the changelog page.

    Your opinion matters!
    Most of these changes are based on feedback we've received over the past few months/years.
    Your opinion is important to us and help us improve the game.
    In about 2 to 3 weeks we'll be adding polls to check opinions about the changes made this version.
    We'll also be working on several other new features and we'll be asking for your opinions regarding those changes as well.

    Making a better game
    As much as we try to improve the game and develop new fun features the best way to make the game more fun is by having more people playing.
    And the best way to get more people playing is by inviting your friends!
    Not only does it help you to have your friends on your side it will also bring the game more alive, more people playing means more targets to shoot at and more wars to fight.
    And by having friends playing you won't be playing alone or facing the challenges ahead by yourself.
    So make sure to invite your friends and update them on whats going on and how they can contribute towards making a better game.

    Notice / disclaimer
    Some of the changes we've made this version are pretty radical and extreme.
    They happen to be so radical and extreme that they might upset the balance of the version.
    We might be forced to change things around during this version and this is a heads-up in-case this actually happens.
    We anticipate small changes have to be made here and there and hopefully nothing to extreme will happen but we can only know for sure/find out by testing all the changes.
    I always want to emphasise again on the fact that I recently became a father of two amazing kids, I'm currently in the transition of becoming a stay-at-home dad.
    This means I'll be able to keep working on the game while looking after my kids, but it also means that I might not be available at certain times during the day, please be patient when it comes to waiting for a response as it might take some time to respond to every message.

    Good luck to all of you and don't forget to report any problems/feedback and to invite your friends!
    ~ Blaaster

  • Changelog



    Rare items glow has been added to the marketplace.


    Fixed a problem that didn't display rare glows anymore on the regular version of the game but did show it on the mobile version.


    Fixed an issue where the min and max stats of items weren't the same as loot drops.


    Changed the bonus skill/talent points inheritance from parent accounts, you now receive the regular rank 1 sign-up bonus on top of parent bonuses you receive from ALL previous characters.


    Fixed a typo in the auction house and a small glitch with the history page.


    Fixed a bug where stamina wouldn't be consumed properly for some players.


    All trade and stock prices have been changed and updated.


    All GTA's have been changed and updated.


    All crimes have been changed and updated.


    Last version page has been updated with V3.0.8 and all V3 version number changes.


    All burners and profile upgrades have been extended with 72 hours due to the downtime.


    Added hover information at the crime and GTA strength section.


    Updated hover information for stamina section.


    The 1% bonus from items has been disabled from duels/NPC's until this feature has been properly tested.


    Updated / Changed several Admin tools in order to allow us to closer observe balance.


    Made some small design changes to the mobile version of the game.


    Optimized several images to load faster and reduce bandwidth.


    Strength indicators at the crimes/GTA page now displays in color.


    Fixed a problem in the mailing system which prevented mails from being send to gmail addresses.


    Fixed a bug in the duel system where it would display a different target name. (Again a display problem but not an actual duel itself problem)


    Fixed a bug in the chance calculations for duels. (Duels itself was fine, just sometimes it would display/save a different chance)


    Fixed a bug in the parent creation system where it would redirect you to a wrong page.


    Fixed a bug in the unsubscribe feature. (Mailing list)


    Several help pages have been updated.


    Renamed all previous V3 versions. Previously they were labeled 3.1 -> 3.2, now they will be labeled as 3.0.1 -> 3.0.2 etc.


    Top 10's, top 1000 and shots list from V3.0.8 has been added.


    Added color for all staff members on the chatbox.


    Chatbot will now display a random message every 30 minutes instead of every 60 minutes.


    Chatbot now has new messages to display on the chat.


    Crimes updater has been updated to change crimes a little bit faster over time.
  • Polls

    What feature are you looking forward to most?

    Added on: Sat 23 Jun 10:21:39

    Item system updates

    15.4%(2 votes)

    Family system updates

    0%(0 votes)

    Arena system updates

    15.4%(2 votes)

    New missions system

    15.4%(2 votes)

    All of them!

    53.8%(7 votes)


    (Feedback) What do you think of the new strength system?

    Added on: Sat 23 Jun 10:21:37

    Very helpful! I like it a lot.

    75%(12 votes)

    Silly system, I don't like it.

    25%(4 votes)

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(13:52:10) Katiie: This one wont last to long

(13:52:12) Katiie: too*

(13:52:52) 333: pls dont shoot me dwn guy,s

(13:53:35) TheUnexist: how can Iphone and Eternal be rank 26 inbetween number 30 rankers?

(13:53:56) Kya: You can only rank to 26 without a crew

(13:54:06) Kya: But you'll keep earning stats/rankpoints but can't use them till you join one

(13:54:19) TheUnexist: ahh ok ty

(13:54:44) TheUnexist: so once they join, they jump to 30

(13:55:26) 333: maybe

(13:59:06) Katiie: As Charger said

(13:59:17) Kya: come on

(14:00:01) Bot: The ranking progress bar unlocks at rank 26, but you can unlock it earlier for either gems or in-game cash.

(14:03:40) Mockingjay: items XD

(14:17:46) Katiie: I see my items, it doesn't make me upset - anyone would be a fool to buy

(14:20:02) Bot: Kya has won $1,800,000 with the Megafortune Lottery!

(14:20:02) Bot: Kya has won $6,500,000 with the Supreme Luck lottery!

(14:22:59) TheUnexist: there goes my money

(14:27:26) Fallout: isnt there a way to see my character stats with gems ?

(14:30:01) Bot: Expect the unexpected, this is a Mafia game after all.

(14:45:01) Bot: Steal has won $8,000,000 with the Billionaires Lottery!

(14:50:01) Bot: MOLY has won $550,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(15:00:01) Bot: To start a family you'll need atleast 4 other team mates in order to form a family start group.

(15:12:23) Bot: Someone tried to kill Agtein!

(15:15:52) Bot: Beholder has been murdered!

(15:21:09) 333: pff nog pro crimes in beirut, need powerup

(15:28:00) Bot: MOLY has been murdered!

(15:30:01) Bot: You can check your stats dividation by paying a certain fee every 48 hours.

(15:30:01) Bot: Fallout has won $180,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(15:33:48) Bot: ending has been murdered!

(15:34:53) Kya: Whoops

(15:36:20) Mockingjay: should I hide XD

(15:36:31) Kya: xD

(15:37:00) Mockingjay: who did it

(15:37:37) Fallout: nooo my busting buddy :( RIP

(15:39:04) Agtein: ending lives since day one

(15:43:51) Julian: You busted Kya out!

(15:44:29) Kya: Thanks :D

(15:44:36) Julian: i own you πŸ•Ί

(15:44:51) Kya: :o

(15:46:28) Julian: You busted Avash out!

(15:46:34) Julian: owned

(15:48:11) +Avash: Yes master

(15:49:08) Julian: send me some gifts :(

(15:49:34) Kya: HAND CASH Overloaded with money

(15:49:45) Julian: this is lies

(15:50:01) Julian: you killed kire , where is the gifts ?

(15:50:10) Julian: dont be selfish

(15:50:19) Julian: πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ

(15:50:21) +Avash: I will send you nudes of Changer.. that okay with ya?

(15:50:32) Julian: thnx man , i will quit

(15:50:34) Kya: Ffs I trusted you with those

(15:51:00) Julian: omg it's real , why blaaster didn't put the suicide

(15:51:32) +Avash: Sorry Changer :( He owns me :s

(15:56:01) Julian: omg i don't want anything bye

(15:59:56) TheUnexist: bye

(16:00:02) Bot: Be careful of warzone cities, there's a pretty big chance you'll get shot if you reside in a warzone city.

(16:04:41) Mockingjay: Any blueprints for sale !

(16:23:48) Kya: looooool vettel

(16:28:08) Mockingjay: I don’t know what that means πŸ€“

(16:29:55) Kya: formula1

(16:30:01) Bot: Death is not the end, it's only a new beginning. Parents are new-born characters and have several benefits, read more about it here.

(16:30:55) TheUnexist: bye vettel

(16:31:03) TheUnexist: MAx Verstappen FTW

(16:45:01) Bot: Candy has won $1,250,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(16:47:12) Fallout: do we still have RR ?

(16:53:09) Zack: No

(16:54:49) Bot: yoky has been murdered!

(17:00:01) Bot: Many more updates are coming so we suggest to check out the news page regularly.

(17:10:01) Bot: Mockingjay has won $12,500,000 with the Megafortune Lottery!

(17:15:06) Bot: SmokyDope26 has won $2,050,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(17:30:01) Bot: Death is not the end, it's only a new beginning. Parents are new-born characters and have several benefits, read more about it here.

(17:45:01) Bot: Mockingjay has won $3,750,000 with the Supreme Luck lottery!

(17:50:01) Bot: Mockingjay has won $40,500,000 with the Richy rich Lottery!

(18:00:01) Bot: All crime bonuses have changed & All GTA's have been reset!

(18:00:01) Bot: The class you select upon creating a characters matters greatly in how you're character will form.

(18:25:07) Julian: any duel

(18:30:01) Bot: Always try to look for the highest strength indicator when committing a crime or GTA.

(19:00:01) Bot: Everyday theres a bonus element which gives extra bonus on top of crimes/GTA's, this bonus element could be either offense/defense or stealth.

(19:28:49) Julian: RHZA (27) Julian (24) Both (itemless) 05:55:11 , this is duel request

(19:30:01) Bot: The class you select upon creating a characters matters greatly in how you're character will form.

(19:30:06) Julian: i never expect it xd

(19:30:15) RHZA: (18:25:07) Julian: any duel

(19:30:19) Julian: what about that we meet at war and i kill you baby ?

(19:31:23) RHZA: so why did u ask about duel if u gonna waiting for war ?!!

(19:33:00) Julian: consider it declared πŸ’‹

(19:33:24) Julian: wait my shot on you baby when it starts ;)

(19:36:23) RHZA: is that should be considered as a answer !

(19:37:05) RHZA: stop talking and written things to collect some views kid

(19:37:11) RHZA: grow up

(19:39:54) Julian: ops :(

(19:40:15) Julian: its some kind of joke but you took it serious

(19:40:48) RHZA: nvm

(19:41:24) Julian: lets have some kind of fun and lets start a war xd

(19:55:06) Bot: Someone tried to kill Orvin!

(20:00:02) Bot: Updates and changes happen frequently, remember to check out the news and changelog.

(20:02:23) Bot: Someone tried to kill VIP!

(20:04:36) Bot: LastManStanding has been murdered!

(20:12:30) Mockingjay: Ooowhoops

(20:18:07) Bot: Someone tried to kill VIP!

(20:20:01) Bot: Mockingjay has won $17,000,000 with the Billionaires Lottery!