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  • Introduction

    As you are gaining experience and ranking your character, it’s important that you find a suitable family to join. Families can offer you protection from being randomly shot on, once you're part of a family you will be able to get shot during a family war. Which family to join is entirely up to you. Some families might have certain rank requirements before you can apply to join their family. Or you might receive an invite from certain families, remember you will lose your safety once you join a family.

    How does it work?

    Once your character has yellow safety. Various options will become unlocked in the game. One includes the ability to join a family. This is located under the ‘family’ tab on the bottom menu side. You will receive an event if you receive an invitation to join a family, with the invite button becoming bold. When you have joined a family you will receive their current home city, and any family members will be highlighted to you on the online list.

    Starting a family

    In order to start a family you will have to reach a certain rank in the game, once you have achieved this rank you will need a certain amount of money to be able to form a 'family start group'. You will have to find a minimum of 4 other players that want to start a family with you, once you have invited these players they will have to accept their invitation. If they have all accepted the invitation you will all have to be in the same city in order to start the family, remember the homecity of your family will be the city you start your family in.

    Rights within families

    Family leaders can create 'groups' that have certain rights attached to them. Members that are part of the family will be placed in these certain groups, certain rights give access to more family related features. Make sure to correctly define the 'default family group' as new members will automatically be asigned to this group.

    Family wars

    When you are part of a family, there is a chance that you could be killed during a family war. This is a new system we have introduced into the game. This will also give you a chance to kill other people within the game. For more information please see the relevant section ‘War’ in the manual.

    Family earnings

    Every member of the family will pay a 10% fee towards the family on the profit they make from; crimes, gta, trades and stocks.

    Leaving a current family

    At any time you will be able to leave your current family as long as there is no preparing, pending or active family war ongoing. We suggest that you always get permission by the family leader before doing so. You will have to pay an ‘exit fee’ according to your rank to leave the family. You might also be able to get dropped by the family leader, or any of the members with the drop rights, if you get dropped you won't have to pay any fee to leave the family. If you leave a family or get dropped you won't be able to join another family for 6 hours, keep this in mind.

    Leading a family

    This is no easy feat, and you will need a lot of experience and knowledge in order to be a successful family leader on Unleashed Fear. You will be able to create a family when you get to a certain rank within the game.

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