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Chat & Announcements

(21:06:47) +MOLY: why u blame other when doing what's u did

(21:07:04) +MOLY: come to mexico or any city out of yr hc / bc

(21:07:20) +BeOnline: lol ninja was in HC, he has more off then you so thats why

(21:07:32) +BeOnline: i mean in our hc

(21:08:30) Pinkman: can we all stop crying about home and born everyone uses it xd

(21:09:00) Revenger: not me shaun

(21:09:07) +MOLY: i don't used it and other blame me

(21:09:08) Revenger: 0% for me

(21:09:13) +MOLY: am in mexico right now

(21:09:29) +MOLY: and beoline afraid to come or be out of his hc/bc

(21:09:36) Pinkman: i dont believe any of you :D

(21:09:40) +BeOnline: i didnt hide there, i travel to ninja to shoot

(21:10:37) Revenger: i hope Blaaster remove this system

(21:11:23) +MOLY: next time come to mexico dude

(21:11:43) Bot: Someone tried to kill Roselli!

(21:11:49) Bot: Someone tried to kill Revenger!

(21:13:56) Revenger: i m not done roselli

(21:14:09) +Roselli: ok

(21:14:13) Pinkman: Moly i dont think you should cry about born and home etc when Madi is scared to be online

(21:14:17) Revenger: one of us must die

(21:14:41) +Roselli: as i said you know where to fin me if im not in same city as you are

(21:15:10) +Roselli: tthen that will probably be me as i have a totla of 230k offence on items incl vaults

(21:15:21) Revenger: lets have fun i donot care

(21:15:44) +MOLY: eny one free to did what's he think for him

(21:15:56) +MOLY: but not good if u did that and blame others

(21:16:15) +MOLY: burner always says am hide in hc/bc and keep spamming me with that

(21:16:30) Pinkman: you are crying for others doing it when your team is doing it

(21:16:31) +MOLY: since beonline hide in hc not me

(21:16:36) Pinkman: all i say is dont cry

(21:16:39) +Roselli: but revenger ill be offline i couple minutes need to wake up early tomorrow. just so you know

(21:16:52) Pinkman: you did it on your last account moly

(21:16:57) Pinkman: all players have done it an will do it

(21:17:02) Bot: Nael has won $8,000,000 with the Billionaires Lottery!

(21:17:03) Pinkman: just let them do as they wish and not cry

(21:18:41) +BeOnline: i love if people go offline in hc. and then make the kill. good times

(21:24:50) Bot: Someone tried to kill Rafael!

(21:25:01) Bot: Nael has won $300,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(21:26:44) Bot: Someone tried to kill Roselli!

(21:27:01) Bot: Nael has won $1,500,000 with the Supreme Luck lottery!

(21:28:14) Bot: MOLY has been murdered!

(21:28:40) Revenger: Rip

(21:28:58) +BeOnline: RIP moly, brave to come here

(21:29:12) Pinkman: RIP

(21:29:14) +Roselli: Rip moly

(21:29:35) Revenger: Roselli where is your backshoot

(21:29:42) Pinkman: Madi hide offline when his family and friends die :(

(21:29:47) Pinkman: Moly is a good guy

(21:29:57) +BeOnline: typical

(21:30:03) +BeOnline: yeah moly did good

(21:30:09) +BeOnline: cany say anything about that

(21:31:47) Pinkman: Guest account is active

(21:31:53) Pinkman: unsure who is sitting on that

(21:32:07) +BeOnline: hahaha rolf

(21:32:23) NooN: lol

(21:32:40) Bot: Someone tried to kill Donovan!

(21:32:42) Revenger: the fucker

(21:33:04) +BeOnline: i really think blaster should erase chat in guest account

(21:33:22) Revenger: Zyriak

(21:33:35) Revenger: why u running

(21:33:55) +Zyriak: fuck it gotta do with you ya chump?

(21:33:56) +Zyriak: stfu

(21:34:05) Pinkman: people would just make level 1 dupe Negan

(21:34:34) +BeOnline: mmm didnt think about that

(21:34:51) N1nJa: RIP my Brother :(

(21:36:33) Bot: Someone tried to kill Zyriak!

(21:40:27) Pinkman: hope Madi knows he cant get his war score he desperately wants by staying offline

(21:40:35) +BeOnline: shaun, i think he will be offline HC for the whole 24 hours dont you think

(21:41:50) Pinkman: thats up to him really

(21:41:59) Revenger: @ madi 5'aleek ragel mara ya 3arss

(21:42:10) Pinkman: every man and women has there own way to play which me may not agree with

(21:42:13) Pinkman: but have to respect

(21:42:14) Bot: Someone tried to kill Roselli!

(21:42:50) Pinkman: the thing is he probably has better items than i do but he is in disbelief

(21:44:57) Bot: Bishnakov has been murdered!

(21:45:32) Revenger: You've receive temporary stats damage because of shooting over 2 times at Matabei during the past 24

(21:46:59) +Zyriak: thats for 24 hours only

(21:47:03) +Zyriak: you dont have it no more

(21:47:41) Bot: Someone tried to kill Donovan!

(21:51:43) Bot: Someone tried to kill Zyriak!

(21:54:42) N1nJa: hey negan nice shot with damaged acc i wondered !!

(21:57:16) Bot: Someone tried to kill Roselli!

(21:57:55) N1nJa: if we shot down every dog here will open his dirty mouth but all now blind

(21:58:04) +BeOnline: yeah so come and try me. easy target now

(21:58:11) SUNV: i was pure money account revenger i knew you was hitting regardless of what i done

(21:58:19) +BeOnline: its the end of the version m8

(21:58:19) N1nJa: come outside

(21:59:07) +BeOnline: np will be soon

(21:59:21) N1nJa: loool

(21:59:47) N1nJa: after the war

(22:00:02) Bot: Always try to look for the highest strength indicator when committing a crime or GTA.

(22:00:03) N1nJa: this is the soon you mean

(22:00:30) +BeOnline: need to do something first

(22:00:51) +BeOnline: tell me when you are out madrid

(22:01:14) N1nJa: choice the city you wanna it

(22:01:23) N1nJa: i will be there

(22:02:11) +BeOnline: tell me any. np

(22:02:23) +BeOnline: be back in like 15 to 30 min

(22:02:30) +BeOnline: familie first

(22:02:46) Bot: Someone tried to kill Divertimento!

(22:03:58) Bot: Nicki has been murdered!