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Chat & Announcements

(23:55:02) +Rafael: cause i didnt think in bad way about it

(23:55:44) +Rafael: apologizes revenger

(23:57:11) +Pinkman: who thinks im Blaasters favorite :D

(23:57:26) +Pinkman: would explain why i get free stamina burner and VIP profile and best items

(0:00:01) Bot: All crime bonuses have changed!

(0:00:01) Bot: Today's daily element is: Offense You will now receive 10% more Offense on top of the crimes and GTA's you commit!

(0:00:01) Bot: Pablo Escobar has been spawned in Cairo!

(0:02:46) +Rafael: sell me 30 gems shaun for 100 mill

(0:03:08) +Rafael: it will help u buying revenger items from auction

(0:04:02) Bot: Rellert has won $220,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(0:04:07) +Pinkman: i have 900mil :S

(0:05:49) +Rafael: make it a billion

(0:06:34) Castiglione: gems up for sale

(0:06:44) +Pinkman: by time i wake up it will be over a billion

(0:10:23) +Rafael: can be even more shaun if stocks treated you good ;D

(0:11:44) +Pinkman: i dont stock any more, pointless

(0:12:23) +Rafael: lol ye right

(0:14:22) +Rafael: not going to buy from market any gems ><

(0:14:56) +Rafael: too expensive i will buy 1400 instead ;p

(0:16:34) +Pinkman: fishing business going well i see

(0:17:18) +Rafael: diving broski

(0:17:23) +Rafael: am a iver

(0:17:33) +Rafael: fishing is a hobby

(0:17:41) +Rafael: diver*

(0:17:55) +Rafael: and my boat is a diving boat ;p

(0:21:03) +BedderieDeBoer: id be worried about any boat that dives if its not a submarine

(0:21:07) +BedderieDeBoer: :D

(0:23:29) +Rafael: keta Diving boat means a boat which organize and go for diving trips :P nt that it DIVE it self xd l

(0:25:55) +BedderieDeBoer: just jokes bro

(0:25:56) +BedderieDeBoer: :P

(0:26:04) +Rafael: ;p

(0:28:03) Cheddar: you shooting revenger?

(0:28:24) Cheddar: or i guess anyone is?

(0:29:06) +Rafael: i shoot him 2 down ?

(0:29:12) +Pinkman: named his boat the titanic

(0:29:13) +Rafael: no :(

(0:29:20) Cheddar: yea just saw that

(0:29:33) Cheddar: thought Ninja would have shot by now since his nick is "first blood"

(0:29:45) +Rafael: pinky my boat name is Aladdin

(0:29:47) +Rafael: :P

(0:29:55) +Rafael: just without a magic lamb

(0:30:22) +Rafael: we don't shoot ppl who declare and log off in home city

(0:30:24) Cheddar: oh just heard from him... he is waiting for is TT to go down..

(0:30:48) +Pinkman: What is a magic lamb

(0:30:59) +Pinkman: i hear of magic goat and pig, but not lamb

(0:31:16) Cheddar: lamp he meant i guess

(0:31:22) +Rafael: ops i meant lamp

(0:31:22) +Rafael: lol

(0:31:35) +Pinkman: whats a magic lamp

(0:31:46) +Pinkman: does it not light up, maybe thats just broken

(0:32:34) +Rafael: i tell u in private ;P

(0:33:00) Ninja: why i must go and shot him off in his HC ?

(0:33:51) Ninja: he start this fucccking war and now he hide into his home city with his points

(0:33:52) +Pinkman: because you are first blood bro

(0:34:02) Ninja: fucccccccccck this stupid system

(0:34:42) +Rafael: no F word please ninja we try to keep it respectable brother

(0:34:45) Ninja: im not wonder why all old players leave this game

(0:34:55) Ninja: fucccccccccccck

(0:35:17) +Pinkman: his acc sucks BE just kill him offline in born

(0:35:22) +Pinkman: show them all your a king

(0:35:41) +Rafael: you are*

(0:35:59) +Rafael: not your :P you are british broski

(0:36:13) Ninja: pinkman who will take this ver ??

(0:36:32) Ninja: and how he will take it?

(0:37:21) +Pinkman: very naive Ninja

(0:37:32) +Pinkman: who thinks it will be a He

(0:37:42) +Pinkman: maybe a She will take the crown

(0:37:54) +Pinkman: Take Madi, for example

(0:37:59) +Pinkman: maybe she will win

(0:38:34) +Rafael: she?

(0:38:41) +Rafael: really shaun??

(0:38:47) Ninja: maybe

(0:38:55) Ninja: but also how ??

(0:39:14) +Pinkman: well many female play this game

(0:39:15) +Rafael: if i wasn't excited about my dog eating popcorn i would replied ur insults

(0:39:19) +Pinkman: why cant they take the crown

(0:39:56) +Rafael: serious now

(0:39:59) +Pinkman: Madi is a well known female name in the UK, short for Madeleine

(0:40:06) +Rafael: anyone here have a golden retriever?

(0:40:23) +Rafael: am not from UK

(0:40:47) +Rafael: so don't go there shaun

(0:41:38) +Pinkman: sorry i didnt realise you wasnt female

(0:42:05) +Pinkman: you have no gender on your profile so i just assumed using my local knowledge of UK names

(0:42:26) +Pinkman: I had a Golden Labrador, not a retriever

(0:44:29) +Rafael: :) ok u want to play like this

(0:44:40) +Rafael: i will give it back to u ;p

(0:44:53) +Rafael: enjoy ur moment i will have my moment too

(0:46:30) +Pinkman: i havent given you anything to give back to me, other than nice respectful conversation

(0:48:52) +Pinkman: Night guys, if anyone see my account active in the night please dont report me :)

(0:48:55) Lion: what an interesting war :D

(0:49:01) Bot: Brent has won $1,450,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(0:49:28) +Rafael: night shauny

(0:55:01) Bot: Babayaga has won $2,750,000 with the Supreme Luck lottery!

(1:00:02) Bot: Remember to bank your money as often as possible, so it won't get snatched away by pickpocketers.

(1:07:01) Bot: Babayaga has won $7,500,000 with the Richy rich Lottery!

(1:35:01) Bot: Sindbad has won $25,000,000 with the Billionaires Lottery!

(1:45:01) Bot: SOPHY has won $9,160,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(1:49:01) Bot: Pinkman has won $14,100,000 with the Megafortune Lottery!

(2:00:01) Bot: Don't forget to claim your daily rewards before 00:00 server-time!

(2:00:01) Bot: Jerusalem Has become a warzone!