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    by Blaaster
    1Thu 25 May 17:02:38
    by Blaaster
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    by Ryan
    11Sun 24 Nov 21:21:54
    by Alyssa
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Chat & Announcements

(22:00:08) +Rafael: soon :P

(22:00:12) +Sparta: Just show it then xd

(22:00:36) +Sparta: Bullshit like always, nvm we will hit the button if i dont

(22:00:44) +Sparta: If u dont

(22:01:04) +Rafael: wait i must change

(22:01:19) +Rafael: i shit my pants cause u got me really scared

(22:01:22) +Rafael: :(

(22:02:02) Bot: BedderieDeBoer has won $3,500,000 with the Supreme Luck lottery!

(22:02:10) +Sparta: Next time first speak to ur teammates.. theyll call u back on this

(22:02:27) +BeOnline: to late now

(22:02:50) Pinkman: Lol madi

(22:02:59) +Rafael: my teammates agree that i piss assholes off and in main time we do what we have planned already

(22:03:17) +Rafael: in other words i have my fun but u never know what am gonna do

(22:03:17) +Rafael: :P

(22:03:29) Pinkman: You say i cant killl you. Confident for someone who is scared to rank will sit offline in born xd

(22:03:44) +Rafael: no baby

(22:03:56) +BeOnline: Turner, let him go, go drink some jagerthee or vliegende hirsh.

(22:04:15) +Rafael: i just needed to get some stamina to rank and hold better items

(22:04:31) +Rafael: and guess what am 11% away from equipping them

(22:04:41) +Rafael: so u can do ur best <3

(22:05:11) +Rafael: and blame blaaster for the home city bonuses not me

(22:05:19) +Rafael: its a feature in the game i use

(22:05:19) +Rafael: :P

(22:05:19) +Sparta: Sorry shaun, we first to take out his team so his fam will disband xd

(22:05:37) Pinkman: Dude i am blaassters fav i can kill you offline in born xd

(22:05:48) +BeOnline: hahahahha nice one

(22:06:28) +Sparta: I had so much chance in his born 2.5 rank up ull easy hit m offline lol

(22:06:48) +Sparta: He got a noob acc that didnt get tested properly

(22:07:14) +Rafael: oh but i won't be offline

(22:07:27) +Rafael: how come then i kill u in back shot :P

(22:07:32) +BeOnline: sure

(22:07:41) +BeOnline: he was 3 down

(22:07:44) +Sparta: U wont ever haha

(22:07:51) +Rafael: and btw Turner

(22:07:52) +BeOnline: then youre not scared

(22:07:58) +Rafael: u had 0% chance

(22:07:59) +Rafael: lol

(22:08:15) +Sparta: Pmsl 78% nooby

(22:08:24) Pinkman: Madi and his imaginary people in pm telling him 0%

(22:08:30) +Rafael: full off 39 ranks gets a 0% chance

(22:08:36) +Sparta: Lucky bish

(22:08:50) +Rafael: noob ? if u had such a chance u would of showed it to everyone

(22:08:50) +Sparta: 38 on a 40 rank 99%

(22:08:53) +Rafael: LOL

(22:09:01) Bot: BedderieDeBoer has won $3,330,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(22:09:05) +Sparta: I did show xd

(22:09:19) +Sparta: Just not to u coxz like now ur scared

(22:09:23) +Rafael: where cause i didnt see :(

(22:09:25) +Sparta: For a samerank shot

(22:09:30) +Rafael: LMFAO

(22:09:32) Pinkman: I have the screen shot tbh xd

(22:09:39) +Rafael: yes yes hahahaha

(22:09:46) +Rafael: wait i must drink some water

(22:10:07) +Rafael: shit i almost shock from laughter

(22:10:08) +Sparta: Fuck a camel yeh

(22:10:17) +Sparta: Get children of it

(22:10:34) +Rafael: if i get i would get some like u

(22:10:37) +Sparta: 23hrs and counting

(22:10:40) +Rafael: so no thanks i don't want

(22:11:34) +Rafael: few more minutes

(22:11:40) +Rafael: to add 3 more points in deff

(22:11:42) +Rafael: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(22:11:43) +Sparta: My wife got 2 bumbs correct xd

(22:11:44) +Rafael: :D

(22:12:00) +Sparta: Hows ur wife, inflatable eh

(22:12:31) +Rafael: be respectable to ur own wife ;) talk about her in better way

(22:12:39) Pinkman: Send duel request madi

(22:13:00) +Rafael: unless u like to bring her in guys talk so everyone can say whatever he likes about her

(22:13:10) +Rafael: no pink we war ;)

(22:13:23) +Rafael: i still want it to count in my points

(22:13:33) +Rafael: am 200 away from public enemy

(22:13:34) +Rafael: 204

(22:14:04) Pinkman: But you wont war me xd

(22:14:17) Pinkman: You will just declare other people to avoid me like you always do

(22:14:33) +Rafael: maybe

(22:14:37) +Rafael: who knows

(22:14:43) +Rafael: maybe moly wants turner

(22:14:52) +Rafael: and i can't say no to moly

(22:15:02) Pinkman: Go to warzone?

(22:15:12) +Rafael: its all about luck after all

(22:15:12) +Rafael: ;p

(22:15:27) +Rafael: will it count in my war score points?

(22:15:29) +Rafael: no

(22:15:35) +Rafael: then no i pass

(22:15:41) Pinkman: Yeah warzone city does

(22:15:52) Pinkman: But if a city becomes warzone it doesnt

(22:16:02) +Rafael: no it doesnt unless blaaster say it does

(22:16:05) Pinkman: But the actual warzone city is a warscore

(22:16:11) +Sparta: If moly wants me a 2nd time after he shot me first then fine

(22:16:13) Pinkman: Read previous blogs moron

(22:16:30) +Sparta: Then sure ill hunt him down every next version

(22:16:42) +Rafael: blog is offline moron

(22:16:43) +Rafael: :)

(22:16:56) +Sparta: His choice

(22:17:01) +Sparta: Tell m that

(22:17:19) +Rafael: and turner stop twisting facts if we downshot u wouldn't got a chance shooting anyone

(22:17:29) +Rafael: they didnt shoot u 1 rank down

(22:17:32) +Rafael: :)

(22:17:46) +Sparta: No i shot 1up lol

(22:17:46) +Rafael: now u say they downshoot u :P