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Chat & Announcements

(22:15:12) +Rafael: its all about luck after all

(22:15:12) +Rafael: ;p

(22:15:27) +Rafael: will it count in my war score points?

(22:15:29) +Rafael: no

(22:15:35) +Rafael: then no i pass

(22:15:41) Pinkman: Yeah warzone city does

(22:15:52) Pinkman: But if a city becomes warzone it doesnt

(22:16:02) +Rafael: no it doesnt unless blaaster say it does

(22:16:05) Pinkman: But the actual warzone city is a warscore

(22:16:11) +Sparta: If moly wants me a 2nd time after he shot me first then fine

(22:16:13) Pinkman: Read previous blogs moron

(22:16:30) +Sparta: Then sure ill hunt him down every next version

(22:16:42) +Rafael: blog is offline moron

(22:16:43) +Rafael: :)

(22:16:56) +Sparta: His choice

(22:17:01) +Sparta: Tell m that

(22:17:19) +Rafael: and turner stop twisting facts if we downshot u wouldn't got a chance shooting anyone

(22:17:29) +Rafael: they didnt shoot u 1 rank down

(22:17:32) +Rafael: :)

(22:17:46) +Sparta: No i shot 1up lol

(22:17:46) +Rafael: now u say they downshoot u :P

(22:18:09) +Sparta: They were in the war with killer both 1rank above killer

(22:18:41) +Sparta: Thats when i said its harsh to need so many shots and act pro when he finally dies

(22:18:58) +Rafael: guys

(22:19:11) +Sparta: Ur twisting shit but fine.. ill take beholder next war

(22:19:11) +Rafael: this gun is cursed everyone takes it end up dead

(22:19:18) +Rafael: so let me have it :P

(22:19:30) +Rafael: LMFAO

(22:19:41) +Rafael: u forgot to say King Beholder

(22:19:56) +Rafael: like u used to call him trying to suck up

(22:19:57) +Rafael: ;)

(22:20:09) +Rafael: u think i forgot those days

(22:20:17) +Rafael: Lord madi and king beholder

(22:20:20) +Rafael: ^^

(22:21:16) +Rafael: city search revenger

(22:21:28) +Rafael: he bid on the gun i need cash please

(22:23:02) +Sparta: Like i would have ever sucked up against def whores

(22:23:14) +Sparta: Uu really dont know me haha

(22:25:01) Bot: BedderieDeBoer has won $2,600,000 with the Megafortune Lottery!

(22:25:10) +Rafael: if i don't know u i would of ignored u

(22:25:50) +Rafael: but i know u get angry and jump like a monk from simple word thats why i have fun talking to u

(22:26:22) +Rafael: and no i don't lie about it :P but enough for me u now remember ur place

(22:26:36) +Rafael: :P and remember i know who u always been xd

(22:29:02) +Sparta: I never like ur bish strategys

(22:29:10) +Sparta: They never earn any respect

(22:30:09) +Sparta: As noticed in the whole game no one likes them and they never get u in top spots lol

(22:33:11) +Rafael: never?

(22:33:45) +Rafael: compared to u in top spots i always won being there

(22:33:50) Shadsy: Who can i get to make me a picture?

(22:33:55) +Rafael: xD

(22:34:03) Bot: Someone tried to kill Matabei!

(22:34:11) +Rafael: go check and give me ur highest ever pos

(22:34:12) +Rafael: :)

(22:34:16) +Rafael: oh wait

(22:34:20) +Rafael: u don't have any

(22:34:23) +Rafael: :(

(22:36:24) +BeOnline: Shadsy, rafael can make great ones if you like camels

(22:37:12) +Rafael: he didnt ask about ur family offline ;)

(22:39:04) Shadsy: Haha!

(22:39:25) Shadsy: I was trying to find an old one.. but cant find it anywhere

(22:39:39) Shadsy: I used to do them myself

(22:41:31) +Sparta: Show me ur great accounts then madi

(22:41:39) +Sparta: Were are they haha

(22:41:54) +Sparta: I always do the dirty work with off accs

(22:43:01) Bot: BedderieDeBoer has won $2,750,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(22:45:56) +Rafael: they are too many u just check prev versions

(22:46:08) +Rafael: compared to urs am a legend ;)

(22:46:44) +Rafael: otherwise you wouldn't come sucking up calling me "my lord" ^^

(22:47:35) +Rafael: congratz on the cursed gun lol

(22:47:49) +Rafael: now u r 100% sure a dead man walking xd

(22:49:48) +Sparta: Ur so funny me coming up to u my lord.. ive never listened to ur advise

(22:50:17) +Sparta: BR above all

(22:51:16) +BeOnline: If he got any balls he would war us.

(22:51:24) +BeOnline: a man can hope

(22:51:30) +Sparta: Blackevil ull need the 70k def tech.. ask how the 90k helped steen xd

(22:53:01) +Sparta: Just push the button tomorrow evening beholder

(22:53:14) +Sparta: Be as brave as madi is on shoutbox

(23:00:01) Bot: Backshots have to be made within 6 hours.

(23:00:01) Bot: Lisbon Has become a warzone!

(23:00:35) Pinkman: Go on madi go to lisbon

(23:01:54) +Rafael: no bonuses in warzone no points to add to warscore

(23:02:04) +Rafael: i like home city bonuses <3

(23:02:52) Pinkman: Youll need more than home city bonus

(23:03:16) Pinkman: I guess you will be offline. But we all no you are to scared to war me anyway

(23:03:30) Pinkman: So no need to even worry about it

(23:03:37) +Rafael: u know everything <3

(23:03:52) +Rafael: smart boy

(23:05:17) +Rafael: just hope u remember to write one of ur suck up poems u used to write for me on DF

(23:07:47) +Sparta: Sissy boy

(23:08:27) +Sparta: He gave u hard on poems and now u disrespect m xd

(23:09:49) +Rafael: sissy boy is the one who show up his wife in photos to others

(23:10:04) +Rafael: thats EXCATLY what we say in egypt

(23:10:22) +Rafael: sissy turn ;p

(23:11:42) +BeOnline: Madi, you show off with youre camels 😆

(23:12:15) +Sparta: Ive never shown my wifes photos to anyone

(23:12:15) +Rafael: no they forbid me to go out with u in streets

(23:12:26) +Sparta: Fackin retard

(23:12:31) +Rafael: they said its illegal to take u out

(23:12:32) +Rafael: sorry

(23:12:54) +Rafael: u showed it to me xd