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Chat & Announcements

(21:26:59) +Rafael: cause am pretty sure he is a decent respectable player

(21:27:06) +Marvelous: Teenage mutant ninja turtles 😃

(21:27:24) +Marvelous: April was hot

(21:27:45) +Pinkman: Madi dont lie

(21:27:48) +Rafael: but someone like u plays with 4 accounts at once i don't give a heck about them xd so i piss them of

(21:27:57) +Rafael: over and over and over :P

(21:28:02) +Pinkman: you leave your HC BC when you dont respect the player

(21:28:04) +Marvelous: I wonder which turtle got to smash or if they all did

(21:28:11) +Rafael: so xd u know where u stand :P

(21:28:12) +Pinkman: because you dont believe they are good enough to kill you

(21:28:28) +Rafael: (21:28:02) +Pinkman: you leave your HC BC when you dont respect the player

(21:28:37) +Rafael: no shaun

(21:28:47) +Pandemonium: +1 shaun

(21:29:01) +Rafael: respectable decent player won't bad mouth about u after he kills u

(21:29:06) +Pinkman: yeah i played with you remember i no your thought process

(21:29:20) +Pinkman: "cant leave born, my armor isnt legendary"

(21:29:21) +Rafael: but for example

(21:29:30) +Rafael: and i can send u screenshots

(21:29:39) +Rafael: Revenger sent me hate messages

(21:29:53) +Rafael: really disrespectful

(21:30:05) +Marvelous: Ooh actually I bet splinter smashed he was the true legend

(21:30:11) +Rafael: and been on shoutbox saying alot shitty stuff

(21:30:30) +Rafael: last night all of sudden he called me on phone

(21:30:47) +Rafael: so i just declined / cancelled his call

(21:31:11) +Rafael: few seconds later he sent me on here all sad i didnt answer his call

(21:31:13) +Marvelous: Booty call 😆

(21:31:14) +Rafael: like wtf !!

(21:31:19) +Rafael: xD

(21:31:50) +Rafael: when he pp me he make a party about it on shoutbox

(21:32:02) +Rafael: but when he failed and i pp him

(21:32:11) +Rafael: he didnt even mention it :P

(21:32:35) +Pinkman: so against people you dont respect you stay in born and home, thats what you are saying

(21:33:23) +Pinkman: is that correct or what Madi

(21:34:36) +Pandemonium: respect = no HC or Bron

(21:34:59) +Pandemonium: others == HC BC

(21:35:01) +Marvelous: Does pp even mean anything lol most ppl can pp me and I can pp most ppl lol

(21:35:14) +BedderieDeBoer: i didnt even put any points in it because i dont respect anynoe

(21:35:27) +Pinkman: means you have the best steath in game Marvelous

(21:35:45) +Marvelous: Stealthwhore ftw

(21:35:48) +Pinkman: Madi left born against billy boys money dupes because he respect them good good players

(21:35:53) +Pinkman: great rational

(21:35:55) +Pinkman: fucking mong

(21:36:31) +Rafael: bro u got it wrong respect doesnt mean born or out like u put it

(21:36:46) +Rafael: i talk about the person him self

(21:37:01) +Rafael: a cheater with too many accounts

(21:37:19) +Marvelous: Pinkman is the breaking bad movie any good

(21:37:24) +Rafael: doesnt deserve a fair chance of fighting

(21:37:44) +Rafael: why i would or anyone would LIKE to die by a cheater :P

(21:37:49) +BedderieDeBoer: there is a movie?

(21:37:50) +Pandemonium: then change the code plz >> too many acc = HC BC

(21:38:10) Revenger: Marvelous tried to pickpocket you.

(21:38:23) +Pinkman: No Marvelous was shit lol

(21:38:27) +Marvelous: Apparantly. It's about Jesse after the events of breaking bad I believe

(21:38:36) +Rafael: Pand declare us after this war

(21:38:42) +Marvelous: Yeah revenge now show the one more recently where I got u

(21:38:45) +BedderieDeBoer: marvelous is still shit

(21:38:51) +Rafael: and i will let u shoot 2 times out of home city

(21:38:55) +BedderieDeBoer: oh you were talking about the movie

(21:39:16) +Marvelous: Lol

(21:39:16) +Rafael: but when u fail come here and admit u r just a c***t

(21:39:19) +Rafael: xD

(21:39:38) +Marvelous: I am shit I don't deny it. I get by on luck

(21:39:43) +Marvelous: 😆

(21:39:46) +Rafael: too much writing in here i can't keep up :(

(21:39:50) +Rafael: bbl :P

(21:40:09) +Pandemonium: u just said if ur having war with a cheater u won't leave your HC WTF

(21:40:26) +Rafael: Marvelous you remember on DF our war against Devils ?

(21:40:38) +Rafael: it lasted for a month

(21:40:50) +Marvelous: I am devil's 😬

(21:40:52) +Rafael: only left alive with me were u and beholder :P

(21:41:13) +Rafael: i start it too bish lol

(21:41:24) +Marvelous: I smoke too much weed to remember df 😱

(21:41:25) +Rafael: was Digital Devils at the start

(21:41:39) +Rafael: then became devils :P

(21:41:42) +Marvelous: I remember playing with Lance that's it

(21:42:26) +Marvelous: I thought Riku started it 😆

(21:42:27) +BedderieDeBoer: i remember lance

(21:42:32) +BedderieDeBoer: lance vance and his white inferno

(21:42:47) +BedderieDeBoer: what a little bitch

(21:42:52) +BedderieDeBoer: god bless tommy

(21:43:06) +BedderieDeBoer: or infernus

(21:43:08) +Marvelous: Df was fun the wars were alot better there

(21:44:11) +Marvelous: Apart from waking up dead cos u slept in a ghost city

(21:44:51) +Pandemonium: i used to kill many by random kills not to wait for declare or something

(21:45:00) +Rafael: we were Lance Riku Linkash Requi Cloud came later

(21:45:08) +Pandemonium: no HC option for respectable people :S

(21:45:15) +Rafael: those names i remember when we started it

(21:45:24) +Marvelous: I joined with cloud

(21:45:39) +Rafael: you came after :P

(21:45:43) +BedderieDeBoer: wish requi were still around

(21:46:06) +Marvelous: Yeah cloud bought me in cos we knew each other from playing with jovi

(21:46:08) +BedderieDeBoer: he was good at stirring shit

(21:46:17) +BedderieDeBoer: in the literal sense als

(21:49:03) +Pinkman: yeah that shit stabber was a great source of entertainment

(21:50:16) +Rafael: how he is irl?

(21:50:28) +Rafael: i didnt hear anything about him in years

(21:57:39) +Marvelous: Same for most ppl from df lol can't remember most of them

(21:59:32) +Rafael: lol

(22:00:02) Bot: Pay close attention to the stocks market, since stocks have a small chance of going bankrubt when they're at a low value.

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