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Chat & Announcements

(3:58:38) Castiglione: :(

(3:58:55) Cheddar: when u failed him? same rank?

(3:59:40) +Rafael: no one same rank second he was 1 rank higher i guess

(3:59:50) +Rafael: both in his home city ;<

(4:00:01) Bot: Death is not the end, it's only a new beginning. Parents are new-born characters and have several benefits, read more about it here.

(4:00:06) +Rafael: but he is respectable player

(4:00:16) +Rafael: after he shoot

(4:00:19) Cheddar: just HC bonus then

(4:00:30) +Rafael: he waited me till i shoot back before travelling away

(4:00:37) Cheddar: no reason to be down about that

(4:01:06) +Rafael: and i didnt wait till i rank i just shoot him even i was 90+% on rank

(4:01:17) Cheddar: plus everything is a percentage.. missed someone with 89% chance to hit.. and he hit me with 42%

(4:01:21) Cheddar: so who knows

(4:01:26) +Rafael: with too many blueprints to use xd

(4:02:10) +Rafael: 31 minutes and i head back to madrid broski

(4:02:23) Cheddar: just gotta get lucky man. that always does not work for me.

(4:02:37) +Rafael: i have a trip in 2 hours i don't want to miss

(4:03:03) Cheddar: taking people out to dive?

(4:03:14) Cheddar: i have some who works with me who is a vid diver

(4:03:15) +Rafael: few players who can really make mixed accounts

(4:03:23) +Rafael: shaun moly are on top

(4:03:28) Cheddar: has like 350+ dives in his life.. but he does it for tressure hunting

(4:03:37) +Rafael: rest only by luck

(4:03:49) +Rafael: cheddar

(4:04:02) Cheddar: says he finds glasses and wallets all the time

(4:04:04) +Rafael: i hit my 1500 dives like 2 years ago

(4:04:04) +Rafael: xD

(4:04:28) Cheddar: damnnn yea but thats what you do.. so its give you have a ton of them

(4:04:32) +Rafael: every day we do 2-3 dives

(4:04:44) Cheddar: find any thing crazy down there

(4:04:54) +Rafael: and am a dive master since 2011

(4:05:14) +Rafael: dive instructor since 2015 xd

(4:05:21) Cheddar: nice..

(4:05:26) Cheddar: need a nice divers watch..

(4:05:30) +Rafael: yes found a dead man trapped by the corals

(4:05:39) Cheddar: been looking at omega seamaster

(4:05:43) Cheddar: shit is 4k dollars

(4:05:58) Cheddar: damn thats scary

(4:06:00) +Rafael: no best dive computers are suunto

(4:06:03) Cheddar: no gold? empty wallets?

(4:06:36) +Rafael: lol found few pieces xd but no treasures

(4:07:51) Cheddar: ahhh

(4:08:11) Cheddar: i cant swim

(4:08:16) Cheddar: so always away from water

(4:08:29) +Rafael: then u can't dive :P

(4:08:40) +Rafael: how old are you?

(4:13:03) +Rafael: 20 minutes to travel back to madrid

(4:13:11) +Rafael: 3% away from ranking

(4:13:18) +Rafael: will u come xd

(4:13:47) Cheddar: 34

(4:14:11) +Rafael: am 4 years older

(4:14:45) +Rafael: diving is cool if u do it for fun

(4:14:52) +Rafael: but as a job

(4:15:32) Cheddar: well as long as you do something that you enjoy its great

(4:15:34) +Rafael: after a while u get bored cause u will know everything u have seen everything etc

(4:15:39) Cheddar: not many people can say that

(4:15:52) +Rafael: unless u dive at new places u didnt dive before

(4:15:53) Cheddar: alwyas new people u meet

(4:16:01) Bot: Gallagher has won $4,500,000 with the Supreme Luck lottery!

(4:16:33) Cheddar: i like meeting people as well... just stay undercover in this game

(4:16:33) +Rafael: this is the best part of my job and same time the worst

(4:17:03) +Rafael: best that u meet almost everyday new ppl from all over the world

(4:17:11) Cheddar: yups.

(4:17:21) Cheddar: were not you renovating your boat?

(4:17:37) +Rafael: bad that sometimes u like the company of some ppl then its time to say good bye

(4:17:46) +Rafael: and never know if u will meet again

(4:18:07) +Rafael: every year ;p

(4:18:12) Cheddar: yups that bad sometimes

(4:18:23) Cheddar: hahah evrey year.. business must be good\

(4:18:27) +Rafael: next time will be march

(4:18:57) +Rafael: no its law xd must take it out of water every 12 months for atleast 10 days

(4:19:08) Cheddar: oh aight

(4:19:10) Cheddar: brb

(4:19:13) Cheddar: get that 3%

(4:19:32) +Rafael: no stamina xD

(4:19:49) +Rafael: i donnu how those high guys rank that fast ><

(4:19:51) +Rafael: tyt

(4:34:15) +Rafael: time to go

(4:34:26) +Rafael: i might come back reve ;D

(4:36:01) Bot: BedderieDeBoer has won $1,800,000 with the Megafortune Lottery!

(4:37:01) Bot: Revenger has won $300,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(5:00:02) Bot: You can check your stats dividation by paying a certain fee every 48 hours.

(5:07:01) Bot: Revenger has won $60,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(5:34:02) Bot: Rafael has won $6,500,000 with the Richy rich Lottery!

(6:00:01) Bot: Warzone City has been opened for the next 6 hours!

(6:00:01) Bot: Be careful of warzone cities, there's a pretty big chance you'll get shot if you reside in a warzone city.

(6:00:01) Bot: All crime bonuses have changed!

(6:29:18) Bot: Someone tried to kill Ninja!

(6:30:27) Bot: Someone tried to kill Revenger!

(6:31:01) Bot: Revenger has won $300,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(6:34:20) Bot: Hummer has been murdered!

(6:34:45) Thanos: Success! In a crowded shopping mall you discharge your silenced gun at close range. Killing Hummer,

(6:34:59) Thanos: just collected my 3rd infinity stone

(6:48:01) Bot: Divertimento has won $150,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(6:49:23) Bot: Someone tried to kill Alexander!

(7:00:01) Bot: Don't forget to use your character skill & talent points.

(7:09:02) Bot: Babayaga has won $20,000,000 with the Billionaires Lottery!

(7:10:41) Thanos: someone put alexander on rewards list

(7:13:10) Bot: Alexander has been murdered!

(7:13:29) Thanos: Success! You killed Alexander. Within seconds the authorities have arrived. You hide out for a bit b