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Chat & Announcements

(1:45:49) +Rafael: next refresh 1:50:42

(1:51:01) Bot: Gummy has won $5,280,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(1:52:53) +Rafael: awww i was mistaken by 2 seconds

(1:53:02) +Rafael: i have sent a message to blaaster

(1:58:17) +Rafael: Mavis too :)

(1:58:35) +Rafael: 3rd time in a raw refresh every 10 minutes

(1:59:53) +Mavis: Do you ever stop talking Madi?

(2:00:01) Bot: World bosses spawn at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00 and 18:00 server-time!

(2:00:01) Bot: Moscow Has become a warzone!

(2:01:37) +Rafael: no :) glad u came after 3 times of 10 minutes refresh

(2:01:47) +Rafael: now wake up shaun

(2:01:52) +Rafael: like someone have woke u up

(2:02:07) +Rafael: i won't stop talking and reporting :)

(2:02:57) +Rafael: now shaun woke up

(2:03:08) +Rafael: will he reply or just log off

(2:04:01) Bot: Sindbad has won $1,750,000 with the Supreme Luck lottery!

(2:04:22) +Rafael: or was it you logging his account and travel :D

(2:09:45) +Rafael: will you stay awake or will log off and go back to sleep Mavis ?

(2:09:49) Arrogant: sad life talking to yourself

(2:09:59) +Rafael: envy

(2:10:11) Arrogant: ?

(2:10:16) +Rafael: sad life is coming to me to tell on your real life brother :D

(2:10:48) Arrogant: huh?

(2:11:20) +Rafael: or it was ur real life brother coming to tell on u xd

(2:11:29) +Rafael: i can't remember really

(2:11:39) Arrogant: there you go ;)

(2:12:10) +Rafael: but since you didnt talk about them scripting then it shows how u really are

(2:12:43) +Rafael: now i remembr it was ur brother who came telling me about ur backstab last version lol

(2:12:46) Arrogant: i could care less about scripting

(2:13:00) +Rafael: really ?

(2:13:14) +Rafael: so if i script like them u won't care about it?

(2:13:15) Arrogant: yup

(2:13:25) +Rafael: good to know

(2:13:38) +Rafael: :D will keep it in mind for the future

(2:13:49) Arrogant: and since i dont, and still up here, is wy i dont give a shit.

(2:14:24) Arrogant: you all talk and no action again this v?

(2:14:44) +Rafael: no action ? lol

(2:15:02) +Rafael: yes talking the one who lost every single war xd

(2:15:12) +Rafael: did u even have a kill?

(2:15:21) Arrogant: i dot care hahaha

(2:15:37) Arrogant: im here to irritate players like yourself

(2:15:52) +Rafael: if u don't then you shouldn't care about any kind of action at all

(2:16:05) +Rafael: nah you don't xd lol u r too funny

(2:16:12) +Rafael: and i like talking to u

(2:16:18) Arrogant: :D

(2:16:30) +Rafael: instead of talking to players who leave their accounts up while they are asleep

(2:16:33) Arrogant: this is me trying to talk shit

(2:16:36) Arrogant: lol

(2:16:56) Arrogant: this about good as it gets

(2:16:59) Arrogant: :P

(2:17:19) +Rafael: i still like you :P

(2:17:29) Arrogant: you will always find a human at the other end of this account

(2:17:52) +Rafael: i didnt say or accuse u of cheating/scripting

(2:17:54) +Rafael: did i?

(2:18:10) Arrogant: nope :) just letting it e known

(2:18:45) Arrogant: bored tho, everyoe else like talking to a wall

(2:18:49) +Rafael: then all my talks aren't about you

(2:19:18) Arrogant: :D ill let you get back at it again then :P

(2:19:24) +Rafael: and i don't mean it in bad way

(2:19:47) +Rafael: from the way Mavis talk

(2:20:02) +Rafael: i think she is more Katie than Sizzy

(2:21:15) Arrogant: i honestly have no idea

(2:21:17) +Rafael: i already sent to blaaster so lets see what he will do about it

(2:22:55) +Rafael: lets see if they stay online xd

(2:23:04) +Rafael: now shaun refresh in between

(2:23:30) +Rafael: so i guess Mavis insist to keep him online and earn him some more money xd

(2:24:55) +Rafael: instead of 10 minutes refresh it turned to 5 minutes refresh

(2:25:34) +Rafael: pinkman refresh 2:11 2:16 2:21

(2:25:50) +Rafael: plz mavis refresh him before 2:26

(2:26:07) +Rafael: to prove me right in both ways refreshed or not xD

(2:26:30) +Rafael: oh no refreshed 2:26

(2:27:10) +Rafael: now everyone knows if shaun or whatever mavis is talk about cheating what to reply them

(2:27:14) +Rafael: :)

(2:32:00) +Rafael: out of stamina :(

(2:41:52) Lion: go sleep and stop the spam abit

(2:43:48) +WANG: (Y)

(2:54:28) +Rafael: :o

(2:54:36) +Rafael: its shoutbox

(2:54:48) +Rafael: u can hover it up and down

(2:55:03) +Rafael: if u feel spammed hover it down ;)

(2:59:56) Bot: Someone tried to kill Mize!

(3:00:01) Bot: Invite your friends to play Unleashed Fear using the tell a friend system, you'll receive major benefits if they actively play.

(3:00:01) Bot: All crime bonuses have changed!

(3:01:19) Arrogant: damn didnt buy reward fast enough ;)

(3:02:36) Lion: it was gero

(3:13:02) Bot: Nael has won $300,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(3:14:01) Bot: Arrogant has won $700,000 with the Megafortune Lottery!

(3:18:01) +Rafael: Arrogant

(3:18:11) +Rafael: what trades u have unlocked?

(3:32:01) Bot: Cheddar has won $2,130,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(3:40:34) Arrogant: stolen docs for now

(3:42:44) +Rafael: aha :/

(3:43:12) +Rafael: am one more travel time away from unlocking pcp

(3:44:16) Arrogant: yeah i been slacking lately lol

(3:47:42) +Rafael: 2 full days of stocking trading and i only earned 109 mill ><

(3:48:59) Arrogant: ouch i spent that today vaulting :P

(3:49:33) Arrogant: only have 3mil now :(

(3:50:00) +Rafael: i spent 120 mill xd and still have around 60 lol

(3:50:42) Arrogant: share the wealth!

(4:00:01) Bot: Every 5 minutes a new auction will start, the highest bidder will win the auction.