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When placing a bid on an item your bid will increase the price by X%.

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Chat & Announcements

(21:48:23) +Rafael: its just the way it is

(21:49:12) +Rafael: i don't like u i don't love u i don't have a tiny piece of respect to u

(21:49:33) +Rafael: but thats just me :P sure u will find someone that loves u

(21:49:52) +Sparta: Think u should ask that urself

(21:49:57) +Sparta: None likes u nor loves u

(21:50:08) +Rafael: so xd u can say what u want normally those i don't respect i mention in my profile

(21:50:17) +BeOnline: shadsy, allmost everyone here played df

(21:50:27) +Rafael: u and turner are in there :P

(21:50:29) +Sparta: And everyone knows ur the biggest tit in the game

(21:51:06) +Rafael: erm everyone is too hard to say u not talking on everyone's behave ;p

(21:51:13) +Sparta: War us next madi

(21:51:22) +Sparta: Just hit that button with ur big mouth

(21:51:27) +Rafael: but i don't blame u when jealousy controls a man it blinds him

(21:51:38) +Sparta: Ill send ur 2 brothers back to rank 1 again

(21:51:39) +Rafael: so it does even more for children such like u

(21:51:40) +Rafael: xD

(21:52:06) +Rafael: u said u would war me and i should inform moly and be

(21:52:07) +BeOnline: lets rank up turner and hit that camel

(21:52:12) +Rafael: u forgot that fast ?

(21:52:13) +Rafael: :P

(21:52:42) +Sparta: You dont have children

(21:52:46) +Sparta: So ur the kid

(21:52:46) +BeOnline: np madi, got shit load stamina

(21:52:57) +Sparta: We have children so we the parents here nooby

(21:53:03) +BeOnline: or shaun gets you or we

(21:53:03) +Sparta: Fuck sake ur stupid haha

(21:53:09) +BeOnline: anyway youre done soon

(21:53:21) +Sparta: Correct

(21:53:33) +Rafael: you are not ur*

(21:53:48) +Sparta: Its short tard

(21:53:54) +Rafael: u think pinky can hit me xD oh hahahaha

(21:53:57) +Sparta: Tard is short for retatd

(21:54:07) +Rafael: am not sweet like Envy

(21:54:13) +Rafael: i love my home city bonuses

(21:54:14) +Sparta: Done with u camel

(21:54:15) +Rafael: :D

(21:54:22) +Sparta: See u in war if u dare

(21:54:36) +Rafael: u can declare xd

(21:54:47) +Rafael: but i believe u will never declare

(21:54:49) +Sparta: Moly, be.. u guys ready in 24hrs?

(21:55:03) +Sparta: Haha we never declare pmsl

(21:55:12) +Rafael: cause u r just a pu***

(21:55:14) +Sparta: Whos on nr1spot warscore xd

(21:55:35) +Sparta: Hihi negan, this dude so funny

(21:55:43) +Rafael: pu u just said u will declare

(21:55:44) +Sparta: Keta war the cunt when we can

(21:55:49) +Rafael: now u ask me to declare

(21:55:50) +Rafael: lol

(21:55:50) Shadsy: I should have guessed BeOnline!!

(21:55:53) +Rafael: xd

(21:56:02) +Sparta: Wipe out angelies time again

(21:56:04) +Rafael: anyway i will let keta answer u

(21:56:05) +Rafael: xD

(21:56:15) +BeOnline: you never declare to us or pinkman

(21:56:26) +Sparta: He will answer with war haha

(21:56:42) +Sparta: Nah he so pro he never declares decent players

(21:56:43) +Rafael: no i like keta and angel

(21:56:50) +BedderieDeBoer: nah madi already said he'd declare as soon as our cooldown was up so I'll let him do that

(21:56:55) +Rafael: and u not in my range

(21:57:01) +BedderieDeBoer: gives us a small advantage for draws right

(21:57:07) +Sparta: Really how sweet

(21:57:22) +BeOnline: kiss kiss

(21:57:33) +BeOnline: he really doesnt know heta :D

(21:57:44) +Rafael: just so u know mr pu u r just a sweet lil boy who gets angry so easy ;p

(21:57:46) +BedderieDeBoer: :P

(21:58:06) +Sparta: We aint even angry yet

(21:58:21) +Sparta: Just laughing my balls out

(21:58:45) +Sparta: Cozz i bet moly and blackevil are pissing theyre pants for ur big mouth on here

(21:59:19) +Sparta: But as always

(21:59:32) +Sparta: U never play as a team.. its only ur own ass u think about

(21:59:33) +Rafael: moly and BE ? lol they are 100 better than u

(21:59:50) +Sparta: Show meh

(22:00:01) Bot: Every 5 minutes a new auction will start, the highest bidder will win the auction.

(22:00:08) +Rafael: soon :P

(22:00:12) +Sparta: Just show it then xd

(22:00:36) +Sparta: Bullshit like always, nvm we will hit the button if i dont

(22:00:44) +Sparta: If u dont

(22:01:04) +Rafael: wait i must change

(22:01:19) +Rafael: i shit my pants cause u got me really scared

(22:01:22) +Rafael: :(

(22:02:02) Bot: BedderieDeBoer has won $3,500,000 with the Supreme Luck lottery!

(22:02:10) +Sparta: Next time first speak to ur teammates.. theyll call u back on this

(22:02:27) +BeOnline: to late now

(22:02:50) Pinkman: Lol madi

(22:02:59) +Rafael: my teammates agree that i piss assholes off and in main time we do what we have planned already

(22:03:17) +Rafael: in other words i have my fun but u never know what am gonna do

(22:03:17) +Rafael: :P

(22:03:29) Pinkman: You say i cant killl you. Confident for someone who is scared to rank will sit offline in born xd

(22:03:44) +Rafael: no baby

(22:03:56) +BeOnline: Turner, let him go, go drink some jagerthee or vliegende hirsh.

(22:04:15) +Rafael: i just needed to get some stamina to rank and hold better items

(22:04:31) +Rafael: and guess what am 11% away from equipping them

(22:04:41) +Rafael: so u can do ur best <3

(22:05:11) +Rafael: and blame blaaster for the home city bonuses not me

(22:05:19) +Rafael: its a feature in the game i use

(22:05:19) +Rafael: :P

(22:05:19) +Sparta: Sorry shaun, we first to take out his team so his fam will disband xd

(22:05:37) Pinkman: Dude i am blaassters fav i can kill you offline in born xd

(22:05:48) +BeOnline: hahahahha nice one

(22:06:28) +Sparta: I had so much chance in his born 2.5 rank up ull easy hit m offline lol