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Chat & Announcements

(12:46:27) +Rafael: someone tell revenger

(12:46:37) +Rafael: am heading to madrid in 9 minutes

(12:46:42) +Rafael: trading ;<

(12:47:23) TheAccountant: madi madrid has alot of money acc

(12:47:34) TheAccountant: lucky family will get 1 % :P

(12:48:00) +Rafael: lol

(12:48:26) +Rafael: our vault beats any family vault i think ;p

(12:48:39) +Rafael: grace to all madrid visitors xd

(12:49:03) TheAccountant: haha i need my money back

(12:49:12) TheAccountant: i play here from yesterday :S

(12:49:51) +Rafael: after war :D

(12:50:15) TheAccountant: ok i am waiting hope Revenger didn't get you

(12:50:17) TheAccountant: :P

(12:53:20) +Rafael: lol

(12:53:26) +Rafael: lets pray he try

(12:53:39) +Rafael: 1 minute then i will travel revenger

(12:54:37) Revenger: Gallagher go offline hhe fucing noobs

(12:55:25) +Rafael: bye bye :*

(12:56:13) Revenger: hehehe

(12:56:14) Revenger: noobs

(12:56:14) Revenger: run in rank

(12:56:23) Revenger: and now go offline

(12:56:40) Revenger: fucking noobs

(12:57:02) Bot: TheAccountant has won $800,000 with the Megafortune Lottery!

(12:57:23) Gallagher: i didn't go offline like u dude

(12:57:32) +Rafael: You bought a Hovercraft for $165,000,000.

(12:57:37) Gallagher: am online out of hc/bc

(12:57:40) +Rafael: my money gone

(12:57:45) Gallagher: so u can try if u wanna :D

(13:00:01) Bot: Updates and changes happen frequently, remember to check out the news and changelog.

(13:01:01) Gallagher: talking a river and did nothing

(13:01:28) Gallagher: or u just waiting till yr tt end to shot and travel to tk or ba?

(13:03:08) Gallagher: Revenger tried to pickpocket you.

(13:03:43) Gallagher: kill option left than pp button :D

(13:05:10) Bot: Someone tried to kill Gallagher!

(13:06:48) Bot: Someone tried to kill Revenger!

(13:07:48) Revenger: Gallagher tried to pickpocket you.

(13:08:27) Gallagher: lol

(13:08:36) Gallagher: i didn't pp u yet

(13:08:49) Gallagher: didn't talk a shit

(13:09:45) Revenger: Wed 20 Nov 13:06:48 Gallagher tried to kill you.

(13:09:53) Revenger: what about this

(13:10:04) Revenger: lvl 37

(13:11:45) Gallagher: i swear i didn't pp lol and if u pp i will sucess and u know that don't bring me to the shit talk

(13:13:25) Gallagher:

(13:14:58) Gallagher: that a prove :D

(13:15:21) Revenger: lol

(13:15:49) Revenger: Gallagher tried to pickpocket you.

(13:16:59) Gallagher: keep dreaming...

(13:20:16) Bot: Someone tried to kill Gallagher!

(13:20:39) TheAccountant: GO Critical GO

(13:21:24) Revenger: lol adapt

(13:21:52) TheAccountant: Adept*

(13:21:55) Bot: Someone tried to kill Revenger!

(13:22:01) TheAccountant: pft :S

(13:22:14) Revenger: Adept

(13:23:47) Revenger: welcome ninja man

(13:24:26) TheAccountant: VIVA BE

(13:25:15) Revenger: sry ninja u late

(13:25:42) Revenger: i will travel in 3 min

(13:26:04) TheAccountant: wait 10 mins adham

(13:26:19) TheAccountant: let us see who will end it :P

(13:26:38) +Rafael: i can if he just try me ;<

(13:26:45) Revenger: i more time for u

(13:28:02) Revenger: adept

(13:28:34) TheAccountant: yes Adham ?

(13:29:11) Revenger: 1 more time for u

(13:29:58) TheAccountant: thank you bro

(13:30:45) Revenger: Success! You successfully pickpocketed Ninja. However you failed to take any money, the wallet you t

(13:32:01) Bot: Gummy has won $2,070,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(13:32:04) Revenger: r y coming for shooting ninja or what?

(13:32:20) TheAccountant: now ninja can shoot

(13:33:35) Revenger: i will not w8 more

(13:33:40) Revenger: bye

(13:34:40) Bot: Someone tried to kill Revenger!

(13:35:56) Revenger: shit he shoot when i click to travel

(13:36:47) Ninja: nice acc bro

(13:37:03) Revenger: i will come back for you ninja next war

(13:37:06) TheAccountant: RESPECT BE <3

(13:37:14) Revenger: lol ty you 2

(13:37:22) Ninja: i will be ready for you ::D

(13:37:35) Ninja: <3

(13:38:11) Revenger: next tims

(13:39:16) Revenger: with all my respect for you and gallagher

(13:39:54) Ninja: more training in my I will start my intensive training in my black temple from now :D

(13:40:57) Ninja: Respect bro :) always

(13:41:05) Ninja: adept welcome back

(13:41:10) +Pinkman: Do you guys no what an offense crime is?

(13:41:25) Gallagher: Thanks Adham, respect

(14:00:01) Bot: You can check your stats dividation by paying a certain fee every 48 hours.

(14:07:01) Bot: TheAccountant has won $450,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(14:18:02) Bot: TheAccountant has won $2,000,000 with the Supreme Luck lottery!

(14:28:01) Bot: TheAccountant has won $5,000,000 with the Richy rich Lottery!

(14:37:56) +ChromeBroken: Lol pinky

(14:40:56) Revenger: we will still top Wanted board

(14:41:33) Revenger: i think we must make a race

(15:00:01) Bot: To start a family you'll need atleast 4 other team mates in order to form a family start group.

(15:00:01) Bot: All crime bonuses have changed!

(15:09:09) TheAccountant: Thanks Black Evil <3

(15:13:01) Bot: JLoveV3 has won $2,240,000 with the Socialists Lottery!