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  • Bank

    You haven't unlocked this bank yet.

    To unlock this bank you'll have to pay $40,000,000.

  • All bank accounts

    Bank Amount
    Bank image of Hawaii$100,000,547,500
    Bank image of Warzone City$500,000
  • All Bank Transactions

    Time City Event
    Mon 27 Jan 14:24:33ParisYou withdrew an amount of $10,000,000 from your bank in Mexico City and transfered it to Paris. (You paid $2,000,000 in taxes)
    Mon 27 Jan 14:17:22ParisYou withdrew an amount of $10,000,000 from your bank in Mexico City and transfered it to Paris. (You paid $2,000,000 in taxes)
    Mon 20 Jan 20:16:56ParisYou withdrew an amount of $20,000,000 from your bank in Mexico City and transfered it to Paris. (You paid $4,000,000 in taxes)
    Sun 19 Jan 18:34:19Rio de JaneiroYou withdrew an amount of $1,500,000 from your bank in Mexico City and transfered it to Rio de Janeiro. (You paid $300,000 in taxes)

  • Market system

    Feature is currently under development

    This feature is currently still under development and hasn't been added to the game yet.

    Once this feature is fully working and tested a detailed description on how the feature works will be added to the manual.

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Chat & Announcements

(13:59:32) +Juice: He cried

(13:59:35) +Juice: Never revealed

(13:59:38) ThePunisher: Splinter all ppl can guess easy who are you after i did reveal

(13:59:44) +Juice: Poetic

(14:00:02) Bot: Pay close attention to the stocks market, since stocks have a small chance of going bankrubt when they're at a low value.

(14:00:06) +Juice: Yeah its hard one pandemonium 😂

(14:00:19) ThePunisher: hahahahahhahahah

(14:00:36) ThePunisher: not him :S

(14:00:54) ThePunisher: he is Angel of ears :S

(14:04:10) +Splinter: no call me el khwaga

(14:05:07) +Juice: Im angel of noses

(14:05:15) +Juice: Few more angels and we can make a face

(14:06:49) +Splinter: not that funny enough to search for :(

(14:06:55) +Splinter: male or female shaun ?

(14:08:32) ThePunisher: Jersulim war zone plz :S

(14:10:08) +Splinter: would be a massacre

(14:11:20) +Juice: Shhh im non binary

(14:17:01) Bot: Kakash1 has won $900,000 with the Megafortune Lottery!

(14:20:07) Bot: ThePunisher has killed World Boss Al Capone!

(14:21:02) +Splinter: dam u munsher :@

(14:22:22) ThePunisher: :P

(14:32:01) Bot: ThePunisher has won $2,250,000 with the Supreme Luck lottery!

(14:46:10) +Lexi: Kill fingerz ?

(14:46:22) +Lexi: What did i do xD

(14:47:12) +Lexi: Oh you want my can of dr pepper entity

(14:49:01) Bot: Rellertt has won $460,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(14:50:38) +Splinter: ask your juicy, blame her

(14:55:45) +Juice: Splinter aka zyriak

(14:58:38) +Splinter: no zyriak ever never been in warzone before :)

(15:00:01) Bot: The class you select upon creating a characters matters greatly in how you're character will form.

(15:00:06) Bot: All crime bonuses have changed!

(15:07:17) Zack: Splinter is not Zyriak

(15:12:43) +Splinter: iam impressed you r smart zack

(15:14:23) +Juice: Splinter is zyriak brother?

(15:14:44) ThePunisher: yea splinder aka jupiter

(15:19:01) Bot: Splinter has won $6,000,000 with the Richy rich Lottery!

(15:22:51) +Lexi: I <3 Maat

(15:26:17) +Splinter: his name in arabic means that he's already dead

(15:27:18) ThePunisher: loool

(15:32:11) +Lexi: thepunisher duel me :p

(15:34:43) ThePunisher: ok

(15:35:01) +Lexi: sametime itemless ?

(15:35:09) +Lexi: let me ask permission from my boss first though

(15:35:28) ThePunisher: ok waiting

(15:37:26) +Lexi: please wait till i get a response :)

(15:38:28) ThePunisher: lets go to the warzone when its start ;p

(15:38:59) +Lexi: no

(15:39:02) +Lexi: i wanna duel you

(15:39:10) ThePunisher: it will be straight in head you will not feel anything ;p

(15:39:23) +Lexi: going to warzone is no deal because then someone else can come and try me afterwards

(15:39:29) ThePunisher: i never won a duel i am not lucky with duels :D

(15:39:41) +Splinter: why everyone fear warzone guys

(15:39:46) +Lexi: i'm Fingerz

(15:39:48) +Lexi: i always die xD

(15:44:22) +Splinter: be fair fingy

(15:44:48) +Lexi: what ?

(15:45:04) +Splinter: you r 2 ranks higher with higher items

(15:45:19) +Lexi: itemless duel

(15:45:57) +Splinter: no just warzone :(

(15:46:31) +Lexi: nah

(15:46:39) +Lexi: punisher no deal

(15:46:44) +Lexi: i need to control myself haha

(15:46:48) +Lexi: sry

(15:47:06) +Lexi: i always die when i decide on something stupid like this

(15:47:10) +Lexi: so it's better to just wait for a war xD

(15:49:01) Bot: Carrick has won $1,550,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(15:49:54) +Splinter: declare it then :p

(15:57:15) ThePunisher: haha Quake and FingerZ sent duel request ;p

(15:59:15) ThePunisher: same time shoots 2 ranks down :D

(16:00:02) Bot: Remember to bank your money as often as possible, so it won't get snatched away by pickpocketers.

(16:00:43) +Splinter: looool

(16:01:42) +Juice: Loool

(16:03:16) +Juice: Splinter duel me i shoot first with items

(16:03:42) +Splinter: why not

(16:03:54) +Splinter: after 200 years

(16:09:55) +Juice: 😂

(16:10:01) +Juice: You want this npc?

(16:10:28) +Splinter: yup

(16:10:44) +DooM: Well Moka and Maat won't duel me :(

(16:10:59) +Juice: Ok tell me when you are ready ill lower it

(16:11:21) ThePunisher: now you are right Quake Duel same rank

(16:11:37) +Splinter: ready :) i was waiting

(16:12:23) +DooM: I'd duel them

(16:12:26) +Juice: Shoot

(16:12:33) +DooM: But they won't duel me

(16:12:35) +Splinter: (K)

(16:12:49) +Juice: 🤘

(16:13:01) +DooM: Guess they want a war kill?

(16:13:18) Zack: any duel after war ?

(16:13:31) +DooM: Sure Zack

(16:13:44) +Juice: No zack

(16:13:49) +Juice: You are the mvp

(16:13:53) +Juice: 2stonk

(16:14:37) Zack: Thanks Shaun

(16:15:35) Zack: Duel me Splinter I fail u in PP

(16:15:51) Zack: and You hit

(16:20:43) +Splinter: so what

(16:20:51) +Splinter: meet me at warzone

(16:20:53) +Splinter: i love it

(16:30:01) Bot: ThePunisher has won $70,000 with the Socialists Lottery!