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  • Introduction

    On several pages you will find that you can use BB Code, with BB Code you will be able to 'pimp' your posts/profile.

    BB Code can be used on: Forum posts, Messages and your profile signature.

    When sending a message or posting on the forums you will see a bar above the field you write your message/post, this bar contains shortcuts to use BB Code, however if you already know the BB Code commands you don't have to use this bar.

    Why is there such a thing as BB code?

    BB code allows players to use codes that will display their messages/posts/signature differently, you can increase font size, the color or add youtube videos.

    Shoutboz does not allow BB code.

    BB code commands chart

    Code Example
    [B]Example bold text![/B] Example bold text!
    [I]Example italic text![/I] Example italic text!
    [U]Example underlined text![/U] Example underlined text!
    [center]Example centered text![/center] Example centered text!
    [right]Example right text![/right] Example right text!
    [color=red]Example red text![/color] Example red text!
    [color=yellow]Example yellow text![/color] Example yellow text!
    []text[/url] text
    [user=Blaaster]Username[/user] Username
    [HR]The tiny line you see above this text and below.[HR]

    The tiny line you see above this text and below.

    [spoiler]text here[/spoiler]

    text here

    [img]image-URL[/img] UF Banner v2
    When you want to put a youtube video you will have to look at the url of the video.
    In the example we use this:
    As you can see you only put the part behind the v= in the [youtube] tags.
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Chat & Announcements

(13:44:41) Ayrton: If I cant catch up to event to shoot him I'll duel you Guine :D

(13:44:48) Event: Why u r talking foxy ? U already missed me once

(13:45:27) Event: Also ur always stuck at hc

(13:46:05) Ayrton: John Dillinger_62 has teleported you to Sydney! Gl to the rest of you on kill :S

(13:47:52) Ayrton: Not sure you can really call him out for sitting in HC, its a viable tactic just like you rank whori

(13:48:05) Ayrton: whoring* crappy text limit ;s

(13:48:41) +Shaunn: Yeah i hate noobs who use skills and talents

(13:48:45) Perfectooo: Also Postive had a very good run , beast accout and a gangster with good spirit

(13:49:06) guinevere: lol u happy cause i missed u more than 5 up

(13:49:07) guinevere: lol

(13:49:10) +Ace: ;s

(13:49:12) guinevere: nice acc event

(13:49:30) guinevere: i think it was auto fail cause u more than 5

(13:49:32) +Shaunn: You cant shoot more than 5 up lol

(13:49:52) +Shaunn: Glad to see you retain the crown for biggest mong

(13:50:01) Bot: Am0re has won $550,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(13:50:13) +Shaunn: Grats foxy

(13:50:17) Bot: Arteezy has killed World Boss John Dillinger!

(13:50:38) Event: Sure iam happy y u r not

(13:50:57) Event: Yeah more than 5 ranks

(13:51:01) Event: No comment

(13:51:20) Event: Boxy boxy

(13:51:39) +Napoleon: donations neeeded :P

(13:51:44) guinevere: but anyway all weak horse run in the frist :D

(13:52:24) guinevere: but the lion dont have to join this tarck

(13:52:28) Event: Wise guy 😉

(13:52:38) guinevere: mr donkey :D

(13:52:56) Event: Am not your father btw

(13:52:58) guinevere: sorry mr weak horse

(13:54:14) +CapnCairo: Look guys, bitch fight

(13:54:17) guinevere: sure cause my father not like u donkey :D

(13:55:04) guinevere: run and run as u can dont afried

(13:55:16) +Solvanation: chat fight ver good (Y)

(13:55:35) guinevere: ur father sure like his son so u father will be like u :D

(13:55:45) +Solvanation: its a first time i see ppl fight in chat

(13:55:52) +Solvanation: uf is soo wierd now

(13:56:18) Ayrton: now??? xd

(13:56:20) guinevere: how many kill u do mr d

(13:56:40) +CapnCairo: Very wiieert

(13:56:46) +Solvanation: Event tried to chat guinevere

(13:57:18) Perfectooo: Lol

(13:57:39) +CapnCairo: They would make a great couple, wouldn't it

(13:57:44) Anatoly: Calm down boys!

(14:00:01) Bot: Want to contribute making Unleashed Fear a better game? Feel free to contact us.

(14:00:43) Bot: Qoiz has been murdered!

(14:01:24) +Quant: Its the first time you've seen fighting in that chat?

(14:02:30) +Solvanation: no bro its a first time i see ppl stop kill each other and start to take a chat place to fighting!!

(14:03:43) +Solvanation: i imagine bot system now will say now HeartEaters stat a chating war upon Pyramids!!

(14:04:08) +Solvanation: it's a bad feelin brother :(

(14:06:35) Event: Highest rank highest war score best players ever is it hurt that much

(14:06:40) Event: Noobs

(14:09:16) +Solvanation: no brother it's you your choice you are not a first one rank fast

(14:09:41) +Solvanation: and we can check last vers link

(14:10:25) +Solvanation: admin who can decide who will be best acc

(14:11:05) +Solvanation: guinevere you can respect his choice

(14:11:08) +Solvanation: that's all

(14:11:40) Event: I didn't said that i have best acc but i said that we r best players ever

(14:12:08) Leaf: :')

(14:12:21) +CapnCairo: Bff's

(14:23:05) Bot: Someone tried to kill Space!

(14:41:59) Bot: Someone tried to kill Space!

(14:56:01) Bot: Hitler has won $2,350,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(15:00:01) Bot: Crime bonuses update every 6 hours.

(15:00:01) Bot: All crime bonuses have changed!

(15:12:54) guinevere: hope balsster open the shot up to see u the red screen

(15:16:02) Event: Open the door for me please 🙏

(15:16:40) Event: Indian boxy

(15:18:55) guinevere: lool hapy evra if u really evra

(15:19:19) Event: My name is mostafa and i go to school by bus

(15:19:27) Event: No iam not evra

(15:42:01) Bot: Hitler has won $8,800,000 with the Megafortune Lottery!

(15:44:01) Bot: Herzegovina has won $10,450,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(15:45:40) Balmond: matkhaleek mo7tarm @event

(15:45:50) Balmond: ya na2es

(15:46:20) Balmond: show some respect

(15:46:33) Balmond: noob evra @event

(15:51:09) Bot: Someone tried to kill Space!

(15:51:33) Balmond: you go to school by bus ???

(15:52:23) Balmond: and foxy killed all of lunatics by 1 account

(15:53:26) Balmond: and failed at u 6 ranks up ... looool xD

(15:53:30) guinevere: they were offline 24 h time of war :D

(15:53:49) guinevere: and event 5 up he was offline too :D

(15:54:02) Balmond: loooooooooool

(15:54:42) Balmond: and put it in his signature :D :D

(15:54:52) Balmond: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

(15:55:57) Balmond: what a noob Evra :D

(15:59:01) Bot: Insidious has won $2,500,000 with the Supreme Luck lottery!

(16:00:01) Bot: You can check your stats dividation by paying a certain fee every 48 hours.

(16:15:42) Event: Grow up guys then i may talk to u

(16:18:26) Balmond: you grow up first then talk about gorwin up

(16:18:30) Balmond: boy

(16:22:45) Event: Esmha roy

(16:33:43) Bot: Ace has been murdered!

(16:34:59) Gems: Anyone wants to help to start a family in Madrid?

(16:37:01) Bot: Gems has won $1,180,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(16:48:07) +Quartetlingo: nah

(17:00:01) Bot: You can check your stats dividation by paying a certain fee every 48 hours.

(17:06:01) Bot: Quartetlingo has won $6,500,000 with the Richy rich Lottery!

(17:11:02) Bot: Baal has won $10,000,000 with the Billionaires Lottery!

(17:38:01) Bot: Am0re has won $500,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!