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  • Introduction

    On several pages you will find that you can use BB Code, with BB Code you will be able to 'pimp' your posts/profile.

    BB Code can be used on: Forum posts, Messages and your profile signature.

    When sending a message or posting on the forums you will see a bar above the field you write your message/post, this bar contains shortcuts to use BB Code, however if you already know the BB Code commands you don't have to use this bar.

    Why is there such a thing as BB code?

    BB code allows players to use codes that will display their messages/posts/signature differently, you can increase font size, the color or add youtube videos.

    Shoutboz does not allow BB code.

    BB code commands chart

    Code Example
    [B]Example bold text![/B] Example bold text!
    [I]Example italic text![/I] Example italic text!
    [U]Example underlined text![/U] Example underlined text!
    [center]Example centered text![/center] Example centered text!
    [right]Example right text![/right] Example right text!
    [color=red]Example red text![/color] Example red text!
    [color=yellow]Example yellow text![/color] Example yellow text!
    [url=www.unleashedfear.com]text[/url] text
    [user=Blaaster]Username[/user] Username
    [HR]The tiny line you see above this text and below.[HR]

    The tiny line you see above this text and below.

    [spoiler]text here[/spoiler]

    text here

    [img]image-URL[/img] UF Banner v2
    When you want to put a youtube video you will have to look at the url of the video.
    In the example we use this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTN_0ayKOJI
    As you can see you only put the part behind the v= in the [youtube] tags.
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(6:05:27) Bot: Cooper has been murdered!

(6:15:43) Spidey: Hows my car disaster?

(6:18:53) Disaster: Good spidey its in safe :D

(6:25:05) Spidey: Ok ty looks like ill need to get it back next version

(6:26:22) Disaster: I will Quit UF forever spidey this is the last version to me .. so it will come back to you dont wor

(6:26:37) Disaster: Worry

(6:28:12) Spidey: Nope

(6:29:06) Spidey: Not allowed to quit

(6:29:49) Disaster: Why :D

(6:30:27) Spidey: Why would you?

(6:32:06) Spidey: You know youll miss everyone lol

(6:32:07) Disaster: I spend more time on it and i dont have time to play i have more things important like my wife , my

(6:32:18) Disaster: about future .. etc :D

(6:32:45) Disaster: my work , my home , thinking about future

(6:33:19) Spidey: Well you don't have too play as much, just slow down

(6:34:36) Disaster: Maybe i will create an account for watching and talking with people i respect .. like you sweety

(6:35:58) Spidey: People will understand if you cant go balls to the wall all the.

(6:36:03) Spidey: Tt

(6:36:18) Spidey: Ok hate mobile lol

(6:37:44) Disaster: I hate playing on mobile too :D

(6:38:02) Disaster: And im always on mobile :( lol

(6:40:01) Bot: DugDug has won $31,000,000 with the Richy rich Lottery!

(6:40:55) Spidey: I have been since last monday

(6:41:41) Spidey: I go back home Saturday so ill have my pc then lol

(6:43:41) Disaster: Lol thats nice

(6:44:56) Spidey: Yea lol

(6:45:01) Bot: Gero has won $2,800,000 with the Megafortune Lottery!

(7:00:01) Bot: Invite your friends to come play Unleashed Fear, more players means more fun for everyone, and everyone could use friends to back them up!

(7:08:34) Spidey: Night hun.

(7:10:19) Disaster: Nighty nighty

(7:25:01) Bot: Spidey has won $450,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(7:35:02) Bot: Anfie1d has won $7,000,000 with the Supreme Luck lottery!

(7:43:22) Bot: Someone tried to kill DROP_AND_KILL!

(7:45:49) Bot: Magnum has been murdered!

(7:55:02) Bot: Joe has won $7,050,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(8:00:01) Bot: Be careful of warzone cities, there's a pretty big chance you'll get shot if you reside in a warzone city.

(8:02:43) DugDug: lovely war without me ben

(8:02:53) +Cum: lol

(8:02:55) DugDug: i dont know you afraid from me that much

(8:03:16) DugDug: duel me after war funkey

(8:03:50) +Cum: lol yeah be n do it XD

(8:04:42) +Cum: u should watch out tho hes a jedi

(8:04:48) +Cum: XD

(8:04:58) DugDug: nice duels with pro khaled

(8:05:12) DugDug: lovely duels xD

(8:05:45) +Cum: they where not khaled

(8:06:19) +Cum: khaled quitted after his abaddon cuz he tought the game was rigged XD

(8:06:24) DugDug: oh same style xD

(8:06:34) DugDug: same scripting

(8:06:44) DugDug: maybe its khaled bro ? xD

(8:07:17) +Cum: trust me its not khaled

(8:07:33) DugDug: aka ?

(8:07:56) Bot: Someone tried to kill Valkyrie!

(8:08:08) +Cum: khaled has 1 acc but its low

(8:10:00) Bot: Mine has been murdered!

(8:13:14) +Cum: pff so dissapointed in you gero no money on hand :<

(8:15:03) DugDug: broke

(8:15:05) DugDug: as usual

(8:15:16) DugDug: broke team

(8:15:24) DugDug: i have all the money

(8:15:34) DugDug: minister of finance xD

(8:16:03) Fps: dugdug whats your proplem with khaled im here and stop talking about me plz lol?

(8:16:27) +Cum: lol XD

(8:18:09) Bot: Someone tried to kill Valkyrie!

(8:21:52) Fps: and about scripting when i was one of the team before i left , you had the same script too and all o

(8:22:53) DugDug: fps ?

(8:23:03) DugDug: i never here about u

(8:23:07) DugDug: hear*

(8:23:44) Fps: the same

(8:23:45) Fps: :

(8:23:52) DugDug: nice to meet u

(8:23:53) Fps: its ok :)

(8:24:25) DugDug: <3

(8:25:03) Fps: just stop talking about me plz every sec if you dont know me or hear about me even :D

(8:25:10) Bot: BenObiWanKenobi has been murdered!

(8:26:22) DugDug: ops pro matt

(8:26:43) Valkyrie: rip matty ;)

(8:26:55) Valkyrie: its blanka here ;)

(8:27:09) Disaster: Very nice Blanka .. i love you ❤️

(8:28:33) Valkyrie: <3 xenone lovee you too bro <3

(8:28:45) Bot: Schneider has been murdered!

(8:40:44) DugDug: morning khaled

(8:40:48) DugDug: duel?

(8:55:03) Bot: ChetBaker has been murdered!

(9:00:01) Bot: Be careful of warzone cities, there's a pretty big chance you'll get shot if you reside in a warzone city.

(9:20:02) Bot: Disaster has won $450,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(9:30:12) DugDug: Cum busted you out of jail!

(9:30:16) DugDug: <3

(9:30:36) +Cum: <3

(9:35:02) Bot: YingXiong has won $2,100,000 with the Megafortune Lottery!

(9:35:02) Bot: Gero has won $9,000,000 with the Billionaires Lottery!

(9:40:01) Bot: YingXiong has won $150,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(10:00:06) Bot: Report any feedback or problems directly to Blaaster.

(10:54:11) @Blaaster: V3.03 information will be posted on our blog tonight

(10:54:27) @Blaaster: including a full list of changes, new features and a look forward towards the development of V3.04

(10:54:57) @Blaaster: Don't forget to check it out once it's posted, so you can prepare yourself for the next version ^^

(11:00:01) Bot: Don't forget to use your character skill & talent points.

(11:25:02) Bot: DROP_AND_KILL has won $60,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(12:00:01) Bot: Expect the unexpected, this is a Mafia game after all.

(12:00:01) Bot: All crime bonuses have changed!