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READ before posting!

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#7 by on Thursday, January 1st - 01:00:00

Welcome to the forums!
Before you start posting keep reading this post for further information

Games Forum rules:
- Threads/Replies have to be in english.
- Replies have to be on-topic.
- Threads here are about playing forum games.
- Replies have to be about the game that's being played.
- You can start games like 'Give me a cow' or '3 word story' etc.

Thread status:
Some threads might have icons infront of the subject:
User submitted image - Means the thread is locked and you cant post in it.
User submitted image - Means the thread is stickied you can find them back at the top on the list, they contain important information

General forums guideline:
There are certain rules that have to be kept before posting:
- All posts must be made in English.
- No flaming towards other characters.
- Make full posts, not just "oh that's nice".
- Do not ever spam the forums.
- Do not advertise other games/websites.
- Admins/forum cleaners can and will remove posts where they see fit.

That's all, happy posting!
The Admins

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