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    Welcome to Unleashed Fear!

    Unleashed Fear is an online role playing game, you step into the role of a gangster.

    By committing illegal actions such as; crimes, dealing drugs, stealing cars you will have to make your way up. In this life time you will be forced to make a lot of hard decisions, and you always have to be on the look-out for dangerous situations.

    As every gangster in this world knows, nobody plays by the 'rules' and your life could end before you even got the chance to get started.

    V3 testing stages!

    This is the very first test version of V3. (V3.01)

    There has been many design changes, new features, upgrades to existing features and balance changes.

    However due to the sheer amount of changes there will most likely be several bugs, balance issues and design glitches.

    Don't forget to report any problems you might experience to the Staff members so they can take a look at it.

    Version details

    This test version will last between 3 to 6 weeks.

    After this version ends another test version will be started shortly after.

    How can you help Unleashed Fear?

    V3 is a completely new concept for the game, therefor we need all the help we can get. There are 4 possible ways of helping us listed below, we appreciate any kind of help!

    - Test the game and report any problems you might experience. -

    - Give us feedback on anything. (Design/features/systems) -

    - Get your friends to play, more players means more fun! -

    - Help each other out, be respectful and enjoy the game. -

    Worldwide version Homepage


    V3.01 (Testing)

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    #3 Opera
    #4 Safari

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    Maintenance & Updates

    Date of news article Wednesday 26 April - 23:19:48Author of news post Blaaster

    Hello all!

    On Saturday the 29th we'll be holding a maintenance session which will last between 1 to 3 hours.
    This maintenance will start around midnight in-game time.

    With this maintenance session we'll be updating several features and adding several other features.
    During the maintenance we'll not be applying any balance related changes.
    There are also several other updates that could potentially change the balance of the game which will not be added during this maintenance session but at a later stage during the version.

    This time there won't be any teasers / spoilers of which changes and updates are coming as they might give an advantage in order to 'prepare' for these changes.
    Have fun and good luck, don't forget to invite your friends to Unleashed Fear!
    ~ Blaaster

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    Maintenance session

    Date of news article Monday 24 April - 11:48:32Author of news post Blaaster

    Hello all!

    We're planning on holding a maintenance session on Saturday.
    During this maintenance session we'll be implementing several updates and introduce several new background systems.

    This update will not change the balance in the game.
    More info about this update will be posted at a later stage.

    Good luck and happy gaming!
    ~ Blaaster

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    Anti-cheat policy.

    Date of news article Tuesday 18 April - 17:13:27Author of news post Blaaster

    Hello all!

    We hope you're all enjoying the new version.
    A few days ago we posed an article regarding V3.01, we've mentioned the changes that took place and the changes we're currently working on.
    You can read the article by clicking here.

    Anti-cheat update
    During the past few weeks we've been updating and experimenting with our new anti-cheat system.
    We've finally finalized our new anti-cheat policies and our systems are now in place.
    Due to the removal of the captcha/ASC it has now become relatively easy to use scripts/bots in order to 'automate' gameplay.
    Obviously automated gameplay by a script/bot isn't and won't be allowed and those caught doing it will be punished severely.

    We're also introducing new punishments for those that get caught cheating.
    The old way of punishing cheaters wasn't very effective and we've decided harsher punishments are in order.
    We don't want any legit players to feel the consequences of other players deciding to cheat.

    From now on, players that get caught scripting will receive 24 hours isolation, during this isolation they won't receive any stamina, have all their money removed from their hand and bank accounts and will lose 50% of their stats which will make them significantly weaker then other players.
    If they decide to continue to script after this punishment and our systems catch them, they will be Admin Killed and banned from accessing the game.

    We understand that some of you don't have enough time to play and do want to use all your stamina in order to play at the 'top' of the game.
    However, this is why we introduced the stamina and super burners, exactly for this reason so that those that don't have enough time can keep up.
    We also understand that some of you don't want to or can't spend money for gems in order to purchase these burners.
    One of the few things we're working on is allowing players to obtain vouchers for free and using these vouchers to buy burners.
    More information about the voucher shop and gem shop can be found on our blog.

    PS: We've extended everybodies superburner, stamina burners, gold profiles and vip profiles by 15 minutes due to this unexpected maintenance session.

    We hope the cheaters will decide to play honestly and fair.
    Don't forget to read the V3.01 article on our blog to see which updates are coming in the next few weeks!
    The Admins.

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    Welcome to V3.01!

    Date of news article Saturday 15 April - 13:23:29Author of news post Blaaster

    Hello all!

    Welcome to V3.01, our first official V3 test version.

    This version
    We expect this version to last between 6 to 8 weeks after which a new version will start.
    We still consider these versions test versions, however these version will have normal and official rules.
    Which means, gems will have to be purchased and cheating will not be allowed.

    We've made significant balance changes compared to the public testing version.
    We've also added some more details/information on several pages.
    Features that aren't completed yet have been disabled and removed from the games interface until they're ready for testing.

    V3 development is still in early stages.
    There's so many more features, updates and changes going to happen over the next few months.
    Most of the new features/changes will be added at the end of the version as they might affect and upset the balance of the game.
    Tonight we're posting an article on our blog were we'll be discussing which features we're currently working on.

    Gems & Rules
    We've re-added the gems system, in order to purchase upgrades you either have to buy gems from the gems shop or manage to find someone selling gems on the gems market.
    Gem purchases are still manual until we release the game, which means it can take up to 8 hours before your purchase is processed, remember if you make a purchase it's recommended to send Blaaster an in-game message with the purchase details.

    Normal game rules are back, which means all public communication such as the chatbox should be in English.
    We will also reactivate our anti-cheat systems, cheaters that have been caught will be punished accordingly.
    Failure to comply with the game rules will get you admin killed and possibly even banned from the game.

    As always your feedback is crucial to the development of the game.
    Let us know what you think of all the changes, or maybe you have an idea of how it could be better?
    Remember to always report your feedback or any problems you might face so we can address any issues and improve the game for all.

    We hope you all enjoy the new version, and don't forget to invite your friends to come and play!
    Good luck and have fun!
    The Admins

  • Invite friends

    You will receive big amounts of money for having your friends sign up and rank up! You will receive money when they achieve rank 5; 10; 20; 30; 40; 50.
    You will also receive some vouchers when your friends manage to reach rank 20; 30; 40; 50! Better sign them up!
    You can post messages on facebook and twitter below, it will include the link and will reach much more people, if you prefer to invite your friends manually copy the link below.

    Here you can see all your referrals, what rank they are and what family they have joined.
    Name Rank Family

    This feature is currently disabled.

    How does this work?

    First of all you need to have a facebook account, if you don't have one yet and you want to use this feature to gain more referrals you'll have to sign up at facebook.com. Once you have registered make sure you are logged in before returning to this page.

    If you are logged in press the button you see below, it will open a new window where you can send out your message. It is up to you wether to edit the text or not, however we would suggest keeping the URL in the message and the refference towards the Unleashedfear page.

    Unleashed fear online mafia game at facebook

    How does this work?

    First of all you need to have a twitter account, if you don't have one yet and you want to use this feature to gain more referrals you'll have to sign up at twitter.com. Once you have registered make sure you are logged in before returning to this page.

    If you are logged in press the button you see below, it will open a new window where you can send out your tweet. It is up to you wether to edit the text or not, however we would suggest keeping the URL in the tweet and the refference towards @Unleashedfear.

    Unleashed fear online mafia game at twitter

    How does this work?

    All you have to do is copy the link below send it to the person you'd like to sign up, and make sure that the ID being displayed in the link is your actual user ID.


    Once they have registered using this URL, they will be displayed in your referrals list.

    Image sharing

    You can also share images that advertise unleashed fear, you can post these to social media's, forums or even your own website/blog space.

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    Make sure you link this images with your referral code. Just like the image shown above, your referral link is displayed below.

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