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Manual overview

The manual is a work in progress. Some subjects still need to be updated.

Starters Features Systems

Multiplier system


The multiplier system is a hidden system always running in the background.

This system compares what ranks the top gangsters are and compares it to your current rank, dependable on how big the gap is between the results it will boost your ranking and stats gathering speed.

New players that started playing later will be ranking/gaining stats faster then normally. As they will be lower then the top gangsters and therefor receive a multiplier boost. There is also a parent account multiplier, more about this parent multiplier can be found by clicking here.

How does it work

Everytime you commit a crime or GTA it will compare your current rank with the top gangsters in the game, dependable on the outcome you will receive a boost.

For example, the top gangster is rank 30 and receives a multiplier of 1.0, as he is the top gangster, your current rank is rank 20, you will receive a multiplier of 1.5, meaning you will gain half as much ranking/stats speed as the top gangster does. (Reminder, this is just an example)

This system is always running, every action you commit will compare your multiplier with the top gangsters of the game.

Why is this system in the game?

The multiplier system was created to give everybody a fair chance of getting to the top of the game.

New players and parent accounts will receive extra boosts to be able to catch up to the top gangsters, it creates a more balanced gaming environment and will make it a lot more challenging to 'dominate' the game.

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