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  • New message

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    Makes the text go bold.
    Makes the text go italic.
    Underlines your text.
    Center your text.
    Put text on the right side.
    Add a url to text.
    Add an image.
    Link towards a player.
    Add a youtube video.
    Select a smiley.
  • Introduction

    On several pages you will find that you can use BB Code, with BB Code you will be able to 'pimp' your posts/profile.

    BB Code can be used on: Forum posts, Messages and your profile signature.

    When sending a message or posting on the forums you will see a bar above the field you write your message/post, this bar contains shortcuts to use BB Code, however if you already know the BB Code commands you don't have to use this bar.

    Why is there such a thing as BB code?

    BB code allows players to use codes that will display their messages/posts/signature differently, you can increase font size, the color or add youtube videos.

    Shoutboz does not allow BB code.

    BB code commands chart

    Code Example
    [B]Example bold text![/B] Example bold text!
    [I]Example italic text![/I] Example italic text!
    [U]Example underlined text![/U] Example underlined text!
    [center]Example centered text![/center] Example centered text!
    [right]Example right text![/right] Example right text!
    [color=red]Example red text![/color] Example red text!
    [color=yellow]Example yellow text![/color] Example yellow text!
    [url=www.unleashedfear.com]text[/url] text
    [user=Blaaster]Username[/user] Username
    [HR]The tiny line you see above this text and below.[HR]

    The tiny line you see above this text and below.

    [spoiler]text here[/spoiler]

    text here

    [img]image-URL[/img] UF Banner v2
    When you want to put a youtube video you will have to look at the url of the video.
    In the example we use this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTN_0ayKOJI
    As you can see you only put the part behind the v= in the [youtube] tags.

    Manual overview

    The manual is a work in progress. Some subjects still need to be updated.

    Starters Features Systems

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