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Top 100 dead gangsters ranking. (Ordered by ranking points)

# Name Rank Family Death
1Avatar of NavalnyNavalnyColonel (45)--Tue 02 Mar 10:09:51
2Avatar of AerodynamicAerodynamicLieutenant colonel (44)The ConsultancySun 28 Feb 08:21:58
3Avatar of OoZOoZLieutenant commander (42)ROMESun 28 Feb 03:11:57
4Avatar of AtlantisAtlantisSgarrista (41)The ConsultancySun 28 Feb 03:09:00
5Avatar of ShaunShaunSgarrista (41)The ConsultancyThu 04 Mar 21:59:59
6Avatar of b0oMb0oMSgarrista (41)ROMESun 28 Feb 04:08:29
7Avatar of ZeroZeroSgarrista (41)The ConsultancySun 28 Feb 02:29:01
8Avatar of ChangerChangerGiovane d'honore (40)The ConsultancySun 28 Feb 03:45:03
9Avatar of NEXTNEXTGiovane d'honore (40)--Thu 25 Feb 12:07:20
10Avatar of NastasiaNastasiaMajor (39)--Tue 02 Mar 20:55:32
11Avatar of GoodGameGoodGameMajor (39)--Tue 02 Mar 15:11:44
12Avatar of CaveCaveMajor (39)The ConsultancySun 28 Feb 03:13:33
13Avatar of NyushaNyushaVice major (38)--Tue 02 Mar 13:58:09
14Avatar of BoogiemanBoogiemanVice major (38)R.A.W.Tue 02 Mar 10:13:58
15Avatar of HavanaHavanaEnsign (37)R.A.W.Sun 21 Feb 20:18:24
16Avatar of CroftCroftEnsign (37)R.A.W.Thu 25 Feb 22:22:10
17Avatar of KapkanKapkanEnsign (37)Shock And AweMon 22 Feb 21:33:28
18Avatar of QuintessentialQuintessentialLieutenant (36)R.A.W.Sun 21 Feb 21:07:06
19Avatar of LupinLupinLieutenant (36)invadersWed 24 Feb 11:54:10
20Avatar of maskmaskLieutenant (36)RiseOfEvil'Fri 26 Feb 22:03:00
21Avatar of HutchHutchSecond lieutenant (35)The ConsultancyMon 01 Mar 19:44:34
22Avatar of MahouMahouSecond lieutenant (35)The ConsultancyTue 23 Feb 02:23:14
23Avatar of YinYinSecond lieutenant (35)R.A.W.Mon 01 Mar 20:26:39
24Avatar of TomDvillllTomDvillllSergeant major (34)RiseOfEvil'Wed 03 Mar 10:21:14
25Avatar of PontyPontySergeant major (34)invadersMon 01 Mar 12:19:21
26Avatar of SandoKanSandoKanSergeant major (34)RiseOfEvil'Tue 02 Mar 21:56:44
27Avatar of MENTMENTSergeant major (34)RiseOfEvil'Wed 03 Mar 00:23:27
28Avatar of BenGoBenGoSergeant major (34)RiseOfEvil'Sat 27 Feb 10:13:04
29Avatar of KnocKKnocKSergeant major (34)RiseOfEvil'Sun 21 Feb 22:38:37
30Avatar of 212212Sergeant major (34)ROMEThu 25 Feb 14:21:48
31Avatar of AssassinAssassinSergeant major (34)invadersMon 01 Mar 00:19:32
32Avatar of CassandraCassandraSergeant major (34)The ConsultancyThu 18 Feb 21:26:02
33Avatar of wtfwtfStaff sergeant (33)Shock And AweTue 02 Mar 21:42:09
34Avatar of SalahSalahStaff sergeant (33)RiseOfEvil'Sun 21 Feb 20:00:31
35Avatar of ProtocolProtocolStaff sergeant (33)Shock And AweTue 02 Mar 22:15:59
36Avatar of FjoerFjoerStaff sergeant (33)The ConsultancyFri 19 Feb 16:53:26
37Avatar of AsFastAsYouCanAsFastAsYouCanStaff sergeant (33)RiseOfEvil'Sun 21 Feb 20:53:45
38Avatar of HellscreenerFriendV1HellscreenerFriendV1Staff sergeant (33)The ConsultancyMon 01 Mar 11:05:22
39Avatar of ImhotepImhotepSergeant (32)--Sat 20 Feb 13:28:56
40Avatar of WrongWrongSergeant (32)RiseOfEvil'Sun 21 Feb 20:38:44
41Avatar of MOLYMOLYSergeant (32)invadersWed 24 Feb 22:11:31
42Avatar of CheCheSergeant (32)ROMEMon 22 Feb 07:42:42
43Avatar of 123123Sergeant (32)RiseOfEvil'Thu 04 Mar 21:18:13
44Avatar of BiteBiteSergeant (32)RiseOfEvil'Sun 21 Feb 22:18:22
45Avatar of BoleznBoleznSergeant (32)--Fri 26 Feb 21:05:57
46Avatar of StillStillSergeant (32)The ConsultancyWed 24 Feb 12:11:44
47Avatar of BlackEvilBlackEvilSergeant (32)invadersSun 28 Feb 23:12:41
48Avatar of CuriousCuriousSergeant (32)Shock And AweThu 25 Feb 23:38:30
49Avatar of KingNumptyKingNumptySergeant (32)Shock And AweThu 25 Feb 22:08:29
50Avatar of AlwaysAlwaysSergeant (32)invadersTue 23 Feb 12:55:03
51Avatar of PandemoniumPandemoniumSergeant (32)R.A.W.Wed 17 Feb 15:54:19
52Avatar of SlimarrSlimarrSergeant (32)ROMESun 28 Feb 02:19:39
53Avatar of KytafepKytafepSergeant (32)--Thu 18 Feb 20:40:13
54Avatar of SousVideEveryThingSousVideEveryThingSergeant (32)ROMEMon 22 Feb 18:10:01
55Avatar of micromicroWarrant officer (31)ROMESun 28 Feb 05:11:08
56Avatar of HardRockHardRockWarrant officer (31)invadersSun 28 Feb 23:24:12
57Avatar of SlimarSlimarWarrant officer (31)ROMEWed 17 Feb 15:28:56
58Avatar of ChicagoChicagoWarrant officer (31)R.A.W.Wed 17 Feb 14:57:03
59Avatar of Meatg1rlMeatg1rlWarrant officer (31)ROMESun 21 Feb 22:07:03
60Avatar of CatcHCatcHWarrant officer (31)Shock And AweSat 20 Feb 20:00:54
61Avatar of HobbsHobbsWarrant officer (31)invadersMon 01 Mar 23:08:02
62Avatar of TakeyTakeyPetty officer (30)invadersMon 01 Mar 17:44:11
63Avatar of sexehsexehPetty officer (30)Shock And AweThu 25 Feb 23:06:18
64Avatar of AgainAgainPetty officer (30)RiseOfEvil'Sun 21 Feb 19:30:47
65Avatar of PunisherPunisherPetty officer (30)R.A.W.Thu 25 Feb 11:28:12
66Avatar of FakeTaxiFakeTaxiPetty officer (30)Shock And AweFri 26 Feb 10:31:21
67Avatar of ScottishScottishPetty officer (30)The ConsultancyTue 23 Feb 18:55:23
68Avatar of BiggusDickusBiggusDickusPetty officer (30)R.A.W.Wed 17 Feb 14:41:47
69Avatar of HiroHiroPetty officer (30)Shock And AweFri 26 Feb 16:34:42
70Avatar of BORISSSSSSSBORISSSSSSSPetty officer (30)ROMETue 16 Feb 23:51:25
71Avatar of NumbNumbOfficer (29)invadersWed 17 Feb 21:24:48
72Avatar of GreedkroundGreedkroundOfficer (29)ROMETue 23 Feb 18:41:10
73Avatar of BodybagBodybagOfficer (29)R.A.W.Wed 17 Feb 11:16:32
74Avatar of mrgones007mrgones007Officer (29)Shock And AweTue 23 Feb 16:29:19
75Avatar of SnowmanSnowmanOfficer (29)R.A.W.Tue 16 Feb 19:59:23
76Avatar of BlackBlackOfficer (29)ROMETue 16 Feb 19:58:39
77Avatar of ShortyShortyOfficer (29)R.A.W.Sun 21 Feb 20:15:04
78Avatar of kerokeroScout (28)RiseOfEvil'Tue 02 Mar 21:48:45
79Avatar of MenIntactMenIntactScout (28)ROMESun 28 Feb 05:34:05
80Avatar of BoyscoutBoyscoutScout (28)R.A.W.Tue 16 Feb 21:51:40
81Avatar of BORISSSSBORISSSSScout (28)ROMESun 21 Feb 20:15:06
82Avatar of plonskiplonskiScout (28)invadersSun 28 Feb 23:32:16
83Avatar of MatroesjkaMatroesjkaScout (28)--Thu 18 Feb 20:30:16
84Avatar of KarmouzKarmouzScout (28)R.A.W.Sun 14 Feb 19:43:06
85Avatar of MouserMouserScout (28)Shock And AweSat 13 Feb 22:36:57
86Avatar of mosmosScout (28)ROMESun 28 Feb 04:31:40
87Avatar of AngryFredAngryFredScout (28)R.A.W.Sun 21 Feb 21:28:12
88Avatar of MarioMarioScout (28)invadersSat 13 Feb 23:16:11
89Avatar of CornflakesCornflakesGang leader (26)--Mon 22 Feb 20:29:38
90Avatar of AtomicAtomicScout (28)R.A.W.Sun 21 Feb 20:17:53
91Avatar of SRVSRVScout (28)The ConsultancyWed 24 Feb 20:00:20
92Avatar of DrumstickDrumstickScout (28)ROMESun 14 Feb 20:39:55
93Avatar of Hax0rHax0rScout (28)The ConsultancyThu 25 Feb 11:04:13
94Avatar of PlayerPlayerScout (28)The ConsultancyMon 15 Feb 21:04:01
95Avatar of TianZiTianZiScout (28)invadersThu 18 Feb 09:20:04
96Avatar of HomelanderHomelanderScout (28)ROMEThu 25 Feb 15:53:48
97Avatar of VanDalVanDalSpecialist (27)invadersMon 15 Feb 19:55:40
98Avatar of TacoTacoSpecialist (27)R.A.W.Thu 25 Feb 11:09:26
99Avatar of SnaterSnaterSpecialist (27)--Fri 26 Feb 21:09:32
100Avatar of SneakyPeteSneakyPeteSpecialist (27)R.A.W.Tue 16 Feb 22:17:15
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Chat & Announcements

(19:02:55) +Eniss: omg :0

(19:03:13) +Eniss: run 1 more rank go go

(19:05:48) +Cas: ooooooohhhhhhh

(19:07:01) Bot: thering has won $2,420,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(19:07:12) +Moriarty: Who is punisher?

(19:07:22) +Moriarty: Why do devils claim Hutchs achievements as their own?

(19:07:59) +Moriarty: The devils inner circle are a team of their own who do very well

(19:08:07) +Moriarty: the rest of you do pretty shit tbh

(19:08:34) +Moriarty: Just cannon fodder every V, while the tops ones thrive

(19:10:06) +Stonecold: Part of the crew, Part of the ship..

(19:10:26) +Cas: someone call the ambulance, punisher just got burrrrned xD

(19:11:35) Chieftain: calm down luke if we consider it like this you done pretty bad yourself

(19:11:54) Chieftain: you die every version after claiming best account

(19:11:55) +Moriarty: If that was true Stonecold, you'd all have the best crimes and be doing just as well?

(19:12:06) ThePunisher: What do you want Luke!?

(19:12:13) Chieftain: and your stats turns out to be pretty normal

(19:12:32) +Stonecold: Who said I'm doing bad crimes?

(19:13:21) +Moriarty: Well you arent doing the ones that enabled you to be rank 51 strong and safe thats for sure

(19:14:24) +Stonecold: Well.. Quake used to rank super fast compared to you, but you prefered going slow, for the same reas

(19:14:36) +Stonecold: reasons as me

(19:14:41) PeterParkinson: I think Devils need their own shoutbox since they prefer playing their own game.

(19:15:06) +Stonecold: Doesn't mean you did bad crimes, just mean you enjoyed the game in another way than him

(19:15:22) Chieftain: I think you will betray heroes as you betrayed devils roy lol

(19:16:09) PeterParkinson: Nah im actually having fun with Heroes and their take on the game. And betrayal lol

(19:16:14) Chieftain: sneek xD

(19:16:31) Toad: peterparkinbums your name is roy?

(19:16:34) +Moriarty: Ok thats fair Stonecold, can respect that

(19:17:01) Bot: Dogshit has won $13,000,000 with the Richy rich Lottery!

(19:17:07) PeterParkinson: its my secret identity

(19:17:18) Toad: oh hi roy

(19:18:53) PeterParkinson: hey cutie

(19:20:24) +Shaun: And thats the bottom line

(19:20:33) +Shaun: Because stone cold said soooo

(19:20:48) +Shaun: Hi jake btw

(19:21:02) +Cas: what?!

(19:22:00) +Stonecold: OOOH HELLLL YEAAAAA

(19:44:19) +Dartz: Shaun <3 sorry for my delay, I was I think Shaun has said the goal when he mentioned

(19:44:25) +Dartz: Shooting up a

(19:45:46) +Dartz: And actually heroes have always the guts in my opinion as always than everyone else who just get num

(19:45:50) Toad: r u riddleman?

(19:46:27) +Eniss: who wnats to take a bet

(19:46:57) +Eniss: 20 mill chieftain will rank to 50 or be 99 % and 49 and wait for me to shoot first

(19:47:15) +Eniss: i am 10 % no stamina

(19:47:21) +Eniss: lets see what mr big mouth will do

(19:47:22) +Eniss: 20 mill

(19:47:24) +Eniss: anyone?

(19:48:13) +Dzemil: 10 mill he runs to 51 :P

(19:49:48) +Einhar: Betting with yourself.. only one winner there

(19:50:51) +Maybelline: I masturbate in public places

(20:00:01) Bot: Report any feedback or problems directly to Blaaster.

(20:00:01) Bot: World boss & NPC's have travelled to new destinations!

(20:06:01) Bot: Morph has won $7,200,000 with the Megafortune Lottery!

(20:26:02) Bot: Morph has won $3,550,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(20:47:59) Bot: Gem has killed World Boss Lucky Luciano!

(20:48:01) Bot: Morph has won $2,080,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(20:48:13) GGdowners: shooting wb to 0% is so annoying

(20:53:01) Bot: Wrath has won $6,750,000 with the Supreme Luck lottery!

(20:57:49) Bot: Someone tried to kill Headsh00ter!

(21:00:02) Bot: Join our Discord server here! We often hold discussions here!

(21:00:02) Bot: World boss & NPC's have travelled to new destinations!

(21:00:02) Bot: Moscow Has become a warzone!

(21:00:02) Bot: All crime bonuses have changed!

(21:10:35) Bot: Capoo has been murdered!

(21:16:02) Bot: Dogshit has won $10,000,000 with the Billionaires Lottery!

(21:18:13) Bot: 123 has been murdered!

(21:27:18) GGdowners: Signature has been updated.

(21:31:59) +Shaun: no ones arsed mate

(21:32:09) +Marseille: WTB 90 gems = 90 mil pm me

(21:36:44) GGdowners: @Shaun. if they want money; thats what gets them money ;P

(21:44:54) PeterParkinson: decline the war then

(21:44:55) PeterParkinson: do it

(21:44:59) PeterParkinson: end it here and now

(21:46:44) +Cas: get ready for hellscreen mcfly...

(21:49:43) +Leaf: tough talk

(21:50:20) +Cas: :@

(21:52:12) +Leaf: <3

(21:52:38) +Cas: <3333333, peace mode

(21:57:34) Bot: Someone tried to kill Cas!

(21:59:40) Bot: Someone tried to kill Simikaru!

(21:59:42) Bot: Someone tried to kill PeterParkinson!

(21:59:59) Bot: Shaun has been murdered!

(22:00:01) Bot: World bosses spawn at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00 and 18:00 server-time!

(22:00:01) Bot: World boss & NPC's have travelled to new destinations!

(22:00:30) Chieftain: looool

(22:02:41) +Smellycat: good prediction ducky

(22:03:02) +Cas: what's so funny?

(22:04:07) Chieftain: you guys are xD

(22:05:55) Etna: We are bored xD

(22:06:35) Chieftain: go war someone if i may suggest.

(22:06:42) +Cas: Chieftain, hehehehehehehe, good one.

(22:07:43) Chieftain: ty Cas

(22:09:38) +Cas: -_-

(22:11:29) Chieftain: kill the traitor.

(22:14:59) +Keira: cant believe Shaun died :(

(22:18:13) PeterParkinson: Creed was right, I ''got kicked out' to kill heroes from within. Its all a masterplan!

(22:18:27) PeterParkinson: You could hav enoticed by my playstyle, full tank and higher than all my members doing jack shit

(22:20:02) Bot: Morph has won $1,250,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(22:29:01) Bot: Morph has won $710,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(22:30:57) +Cas: PeterParkinson, plz teach me your ways...

(22:41:32) Chieftain: sharp deep stab to the back.