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  • NPC System


    NPC stands for Non-Playing Character, these non-playing characters are bots, they're controlled by scripts. These NPC's add another dimension to the game, you will be able to commit certain actions against them however they might also commit certain actions back. Every time a NPC gets murdered a new one will be spawned within 5 minutes.

    NPC's overview

    Every NPC comes with it's own name & number, level and grade, health and defense, signature and profile image and skill. The higher level/grade the NPC the more rewards you'll gain for committing actions against them, they will also have more defense and health.

    Killing NPC's

    Once you reach yellow safety and you're above rank 10 you will be able to shoot at NPC's. Shooting at NPC's will gain you stats and cash. Shooting at NPC's might trigger their skill. Pay attention to what skill each NPC has, some skills can work out to your benefit where other skills might harm you. The damage you deal to NPC's is based on your stats and items and the NPC's health and defense.

    NPC's spawning

    Everytime a NPC's gets killed a new one will be spawned within 5 minutes. Currently there can only be a maximum of 50 alive NPC's. They spawn in a random city and they get born with a random skill. The minimum level of the spawning NPC's is based on the average rank of the active players during the last 3 days, the maximum level of spawning NPC's is based on the highest alive gangster.

    NPC skills

    NPC's get born with a random skill, every skill has a certain chance of activating once you shoot at a NPC. Every skill also has it's own uniqueness, currently there are 5 different skills; Busting, Rewarding, Teleporting, Hacking and Pickpocketing.


    The NPC system is still relatively new and is still under development, we do plan on upgrading this feature more and more as this system offers countless of possibilities to involve them in new features. A few possible future features might include; NPC wars, NPC clones, Pickpocketing NPC's, NPC Police, NPC tournaments with betshops and much more.

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Chat & Announcements

(21:15:44) +MOLY: eny one free to did what's he think for him

(21:15:56) +MOLY: but not good if u did that and blame others

(21:16:15) +MOLY: burner always says am hide in hc/bc and keep spamming me with that

(21:16:30) Pinkman: you are crying for others doing it when your team is doing it

(21:16:31) +MOLY: since beonline hide in hc not me

(21:16:36) Pinkman: all i say is dont cry

(21:16:39) +Roselli: but revenger ill be offline i couple minutes need to wake up early tomorrow. just so you know

(21:16:52) Pinkman: you did it on your last account moly

(21:16:57) Pinkman: all players have done it an will do it

(21:17:02) Bot: Nael has won $8,000,000 with the Billionaires Lottery!

(21:17:03) Pinkman: just let them do as they wish and not cry

(21:18:41) +BeOnline: i love if people go offline in hc. and then make the kill. good times

(21:24:50) Bot: Someone tried to kill Rafael!

(21:25:01) Bot: Nael has won $300,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(21:26:44) Bot: Someone tried to kill Roselli!

(21:27:01) Bot: Nael has won $1,500,000 with the Supreme Luck lottery!

(21:28:14) Bot: MOLY has been murdered!

(21:28:40) Revenger: Rip

(21:28:58) +BeOnline: RIP moly, brave to come here

(21:29:12) Pinkman: RIP

(21:29:14) +Roselli: Rip moly

(21:29:35) Revenger: Roselli where is your backshoot

(21:29:42) Pinkman: Madi hide offline when his family and friends die :(

(21:29:47) Pinkman: Moly is a good guy

(21:29:57) +BeOnline: typical

(21:30:03) +BeOnline: yeah moly did good

(21:30:09) +BeOnline: cany say anything about that

(21:31:47) Pinkman: Guest account is active

(21:31:53) Pinkman: unsure who is sitting on that

(21:32:07) +BeOnline: hahaha rolf

(21:32:23) NooN: lol

(21:32:40) Bot: Someone tried to kill Donovan!

(21:32:42) Revenger: the fucker

(21:33:04) +BeOnline: i really think blaster should erase chat in guest account

(21:33:22) Revenger: Zyriak

(21:33:35) Revenger: why u running

(21:33:55) +Zyriak: fuck it gotta do with you ya chump?

(21:33:56) +Zyriak: stfu

(21:34:05) Pinkman: people would just make level 1 dupe Negan

(21:34:34) +BeOnline: mmm didnt think about that

(21:34:51) N1nJa: RIP my Brother :(

(21:36:33) Bot: Someone tried to kill Zyriak!

(21:40:27) Pinkman: hope Madi knows he cant get his war score he desperately wants by staying offline

(21:40:35) +BeOnline: shaun, i think he will be offline HC for the whole 24 hours dont you think

(21:41:50) Pinkman: thats up to him really

(21:41:59) Revenger: @ madi 5'aleek ragel mara ya 3arss

(21:42:10) Pinkman: every man and women has there own way to play which me may not agree with

(21:42:13) Pinkman: but have to respect

(21:42:14) Bot: Someone tried to kill Roselli!

(21:42:50) Pinkman: the thing is he probably has better items than i do but he is in disbelief

(21:44:57) Bot: Bishnakov has been murdered!

(21:45:32) Revenger: You've receive temporary stats damage because of shooting over 2 times at Matabei during the past 24

(21:46:59) +Zyriak: thats for 24 hours only

(21:47:03) +Zyriak: you dont have it no more

(21:47:41) Bot: Someone tried to kill Donovan!

(21:51:43) Bot: Someone tried to kill Zyriak!

(21:54:42) N1nJa: hey negan nice shot with damaged acc i wondered !!

(21:57:16) Bot: Someone tried to kill Roselli!

(21:57:55) N1nJa: if we shot down every dog here will open his dirty mouth but all now blind

(21:58:04) +BeOnline: yeah so come and try me. easy target now

(21:58:11) SUNV: i was pure money account revenger i knew you was hitting regardless of what i done

(21:58:19) +BeOnline: its the end of the version m8

(21:58:19) N1nJa: come outside

(21:59:07) +BeOnline: np will be soon

(21:59:21) N1nJa: loool

(21:59:47) N1nJa: after the war

(22:00:02) Bot: Always try to look for the highest strength indicator when committing a crime or GTA.

(22:00:03) N1nJa: this is the soon you mean

(22:00:30) +BeOnline: need to do something first

(22:00:51) +BeOnline: tell me when you are out madrid

(22:01:14) N1nJa: choice the city you wanna it

(22:01:23) N1nJa: i will be there

(22:02:11) +BeOnline: tell me any. np

(22:02:23) +BeOnline: be back in like 15 to 30 min

(22:02:30) +BeOnline: familie first

(22:02:46) Bot: Someone tried to kill Divertimento!

(22:03:58) Bot: Nicki has been murdered!

(22:10:31) Pinkman: RIP Nicki - nice try

(22:13:01) Bot: Nael has won $600,000 with the Megafortune Lottery!

(22:41:29) Bot: Someone tried to kill Rafael!

(22:43:22) Pinkman: online after taken all my shots in 24 hours lol

(22:45:29) Pinkman: why are you bragging about sitting offline inborn man xD

(22:45:38) Angel: Madi lets meet up on neutral grounds

(22:47:25) Pinkman: wasting your energy

(22:48:05) Morpheus: everyday story lol

(22:48:44) Angel: Just you and me Madi. Pm me what city you want to go

(22:49:49) +Zyriak: hes offline

(22:50:00) Angel: Yea i noticed

(22:50:38) +Zyriak: biggest pussy on the game

(22:51:53) Bot: Someone tried to kill Rafael!

(22:53:01) Bot: Someone tried to kill Angel!

(23:00:01) Bot: During these testing stages we often open up polls to get feedback from players, make sure to make your opinion heard by checking the polls and voting on them.

(23:02:08) Bot: Someone tried to kill Rafael!

(23:06:02) +BeOnline: ninja

(23:06:18) +BeOnline: where you at

(23:08:02) Bot: Someone tried to kill Pinkman!

(23:08:24) N1nJa: madrid

(23:08:40) +BeOnline: tell me where you go to

(23:09:42) N1nJa: lets go Mexico

(23:10:17) +BeOnline: k