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  • NPC System


    NPC stands for Non-Playing Character, these non-playing characters are bots, they're controlled by scripts. These NPC's add another dimension to the game, you will be able to commit certain actions against them however they might also commit certain actions back. Every time a NPC gets murdered a new one will be spawned within 5 minutes.

    NPC's overview

    Every NPC comes with it's own name & number, level and grade, health and defense, signature and profile image and skill. The higher level/grade the NPC the more rewards you'll gain for committing actions against them, they will also have more defense and health.

    Killing NPC's

    Once you reach yellow safety and you're above rank 10 you will be able to shoot at NPC's. Shooting at NPC's will gain you stats and cash. Shooting at NPC's might trigger their skill. Pay attention to what skill each NPC has, some skills can work out to your benefit where other skills might harm you. The damage you deal to NPC's is based on your stats and items and the NPC's health and defense.

    NPC's spawning

    Everytime a NPC's gets killed a new one will be spawned within 5 minutes. Currently there can only be a maximum of 50 alive NPC's. They spawn in a random city and they get born with a random skill. The minimum level of the spawning NPC's is based on the average rank of the active players during the last 3 days, the maximum level of spawning NPC's is based on the highest alive gangster.

    NPC skills

    NPC's get born with a random skill, every skill has a certain chance of activating once you shoot at a NPC. Every skill also has it's own uniqueness, currently there are 5 different skills; Busting, Rewarding, Teleporting, Hacking and Pickpocketing.


    The NPC system is still relatively new and is still under development, we do plan on upgrading this feature more and more as this system offers countless of possibilities to involve them in new features. A few possible future features might include; NPC wars, NPC clones, Pickpocketing NPC's, NPC Police, NPC tournaments with betshops and much more.

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Chat & Announcements

(17:34:12) +Sparta: We having fun

(17:34:17) +Sparta: Shooting killing

(17:34:20) +Zyriak: haha

(17:34:27) +Sparta: Dieing

(17:34:35) +Rafael: Amr lets play together next ver :P

(17:34:42) +Sparta: Still all my acc got higher warscore than madi 1 acc

(17:34:46) +Rafael: u will not die :P

(17:35:04) +Zyriak: its a shame you will though ^^

(17:35:26) +Rafael: and i will let u kill turner every time he fails me

(17:35:27) +Rafael: xd

(17:35:44) GuNN: madi if we played with each other they will not survive next ver xDDD :PPP

(17:35:55) +Rafael: Turner say he got a higher war score than me

(17:35:57) +Rafael: cool

(17:35:58) +Zyriak: lol

(17:36:06) +Rafael: i have higher war score than keta

(17:36:09) +Rafael: and angel

(17:36:35) +Rafael: does it mean they suck ? or it mean they didnt have targets to shoot?

(17:36:38) +Rafael: :D

(17:37:07) Fingerzzz: She sucks me :P

(17:37:12) +Rafael: and i only failed one shot as far as i remember at Revenger offline in his home city

(17:37:17) +Zyriak: Fingerz ;)

(17:37:21) +Rafael: lol Roel stfu xd

(17:37:30) +Sparta: Let it eat you madi, cya next version

(17:37:42) +Sparta: U wont get to rank 40 again xd

(17:37:51) +Rafael: so please don't let ur grudge leads u ;p and speak for u lol

(17:38:01) +Rafael: eat me ?? LMFAO

(17:38:06) +Rafael: how it would

(17:38:28) +Rafael: am alive and u would sell ur self out to get me killed because u FAILED

(17:38:35) Fingerzzz: Zyriak ;)

(17:38:35) +Rafael: so it eats who exactly :P

(17:38:52) +Rafael: damn its so funny xd

(17:39:00) +Zyriak: Hows it going Roel?

(17:39:06) GuNN: zyriak do not take my words personal

(17:39:07) +Zyriak: Congratulations btw on your new apartment :)

(17:39:18) GuNN: i love u r style

(17:39:19) +Zyriak: Nothing is personal GuNN

(17:39:28) +Zyriak: Only a game

(17:39:41) +Zyriak: all good

(17:39:53) GuNN: <3

(17:40:19) +Rafael: GuNN next ver leave that stinky crew

(17:40:26) +Rafael: u r with me like old days <3

(17:40:38) +Sparta: Beholder lets finish this version with a blast

(17:40:55) +Sparta: War pew pew xd

(17:42:07) GuNN: madi <3

(17:43:16) +Sparta: See his lastmanstanding acc again die before rank 30 haha

(17:43:38) +Rafael: umm

(17:43:46) +Sparta: Gunn wouldnt choose that way but its your funeral ;p

(17:43:56) +Rafael: i wish DeFrank plays

(17:44:02) +Rafael: and Kommodoh

(17:44:07) +Rafael: :D

(17:44:25) +Rafael: they would tell u what was LastManStanding on DF

(17:44:42) +Rafael: before the dupes and cheaters come along :D

(17:46:36) GuNN: Sparta i do not have any problem that my acc die my only problem that i did not enjoy it

(17:46:43) GuNN: xD

(17:48:07) +Rafael: GuNN

(17:48:22) +Sparta: Same here, i Dont mind my acc dies

(17:48:28) +Rafael: LMS account was long ago on DF even before Turner stop using diapers

(17:48:39) +Rafael: unless he still use them till now xD

(17:49:05) +Sparta: Oh madi had a good acc 14years ago amd still needs to bragg about it

(17:49:10) +Rafael: but am happy u made the effort to look in version stats

(17:49:21) +Rafael: to see what was my rank when lms died

(17:49:21) +Rafael: xd

(17:49:23) +Sparta: Fack off noob ur a scared tit

(17:49:48) +Rafael: no not 14 years ago

(17:49:50) +Sparta: Cya soon, bring all u can find

(17:49:52) +Rafael: it almost 17

(17:49:56) +Rafael: :(

(17:50:03) +Sparta: Its all gonna be x1

(17:50:13) +Sparta: X1.5 points xd

(17:50:32) +Rafael: but i will give u few names to search or ask DF players about if u want ;p

(17:51:07) +Rafael: that would make all my family earn the public enemy title easy :P

(17:52:06) +BeOnline: Madi you are a public enemy without title

(17:52:15) +BeOnline: so why bother 😄

(17:52:32) +Rafael: i don't need titles

(17:52:33) GuNN: LMS was a great acc on the past

(17:52:43) +Rafael: i get it just out of pissing u ppl off xD

(17:52:54) +Rafael: Turner what was ur highest rank ever?

(17:52:54) GuNN: i always dreamed on my beging of df to kill him

(17:52:58) +Rafael: oh let me guess

(17:53:05) +Rafael: sparta is ur highest xD

(17:53:52) +Rafael: Gunn i had too many others Sabazios Sirius Strive Excelision etc

(17:54:14) +Rafael: oh and Giussippe the real not the fake who came this version ;p

(17:54:43) John: Hi UF players. I see version going to end, anyone want to team up?

(17:56:13) +Rafael: Current earnings: $503,230,479

(17:56:17) +Rafael: weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(17:57:47) +Rafael: vault last night costed me 350 mill i think :(

(17:58:05) +Rafael: and still have 20 empty spots

(18:00:01) Bot: Crime bonuses update every 6 hours.

(18:00:01) Bot: Warzone City has been opened for the next 6 hours!

(18:00:01) Bot: All crime bonuses have changed!

(18:03:51) GuNN: if anyone gave me 70 mill now i will shot 5 ranks up :D

(18:11:15) +Zyriak: Haha someone will give 70m for you to die

(18:11:17) +Zyriak: pro ;)

(18:23:50) +Sparta: Its not about the highest rank madi, pff.. its about the mayhem u cause

(18:24:52) +Sparta: The respect u get for wiping a fam on ur own and all that in hc or offline hc and up xd

(18:25:06) +Sparta: When everyone thought it couldnt be beat, it could xd

(18:25:52) +Sparta: Luckely there will be a new version to enjoy

(18:26:22) +Sparta: Bananas for victory xd

(18:31:02) Bot: Rellertt has won $800,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(18:31:27) Pinkman: Warzone city later madi? Now version is ending?