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Chat & Announcements

(19:52:22) +Rafael: i will come with Madi as a nick

(19:52:37) +Rafael: will u be man enough to come with ur name ? i doubt

(19:52:37) +Zyriak: well see

(19:52:38) +Rafael: :D

(19:52:52) +Rafael: you will

(19:52:52) +Zyriak: 100%

(19:52:57) +Rafael: everyone will

(19:53:08) +Zyriak: the thing is i dont break my word

(19:53:12) +Zyriak: so ill use Zyriak day 1

(19:53:20) +Rafael: Madi as a nick :)

(19:53:22) +Zyriak: i aint scared to die lols

(19:53:27) +Rafael: turner

(19:53:30) +Rafael: offline

(19:53:32) +Rafael: shaun

(19:53:44) +Rafael: coming with ur nicks from day 1 ?

(19:53:49) +Sparta: Sup sandnigg

(19:54:02) +BeOnline: Hahahha

(19:54:06) +Sparta: U done sucking camels cock?

(19:54:20) +Zyriak: looooooooool

(19:54:27) +Sparta: 50 year old retard with a face like a brick

(19:54:35) +Sparta: Fack off

(19:54:55) +Rafael: is this ur answer ?

(19:55:00) +Zyriak: never known a 50 year old afraid to loose a character on a game hhh

(19:55:10) +Rafael: so guess u not man enough to come with ur name lol

(19:55:13) +Sparta: Its his life the tard

(19:55:20) +Rafael: and common u said yesterday i was 40

(19:55:23) +Rafael: now am 50

(19:55:25) +Rafael: ??

(19:55:37) +Rafael: of tomorrow then i will be 60 :(

(19:55:40) +Zyriak: god knows why Moly plays with you

(19:56:06) +Rafael: cause Moly is a good guy who plays with good ppl :D

(19:56:09) +Sparta: Drop the cunt after war

(19:56:11) +Zyriak: LOL

(19:56:17) +Rafael: not cunts or half men like u

(19:56:17) +Zyriak: Moly would not be scared like you

(19:56:17) +Rafael: xD

(19:56:19) +Sparta: Moly, let m have it

(19:56:22) +Zyriak: half men?

(19:56:30) +Zyriak: bruh you never been a man in your life

(19:56:33) +Zyriak: your a little boy still

(19:57:11) Bot: Nidalee has been murdered!

(19:57:18) +Rafael: common lil boy and 50

(19:57:21) +Rafael: how come

(19:57:29) +Rafael: u can do better than that

(19:57:47) +Zyriak: shh grandad

(19:58:05) +BeOnline: Youre born a baby and die a retarted baby

(19:58:35) +Zyriak: must of been one of them kids that got bullied

(19:59:04) +Rafael: nah not good

(19:59:08) +Rafael: try harder

(19:59:15) +Rafael: u still can do better

(19:59:17) +Zyriak: thats what she said to you

(19:59:26) +BeOnline: He must be thinking: how can they bully me when i am offline in hc

(19:59:28) +Rafael: common its start to get boring really

(19:59:33) +Rafael: :(

(19:59:43) +Zyriak: your boring

(19:59:47) +Zyriak: leave

(20:00:01) Bot: Always try to look for the highest strength indicator when committing a crime or GTA.

(20:00:07) +Rafael: why is it ur best u can do?

(20:00:15) +Rafael: where is the fun man

(20:00:16) +Zyriak: its not

(20:00:24) +Zyriak: but for someone who said he wont talk no more

(20:00:24) +Rafael: oh i mean where is the fun Carl

(20:00:27) +Zyriak: your certainly carrying on

(20:00:51) +Rafael: yes i must or i will be not polite

(20:01:01) +Rafael: to let u speak to ur self

(20:01:07) +Zyriak: shh

(20:01:14) +Rafael: see am a sweet guy <3 cares for u

(20:01:33) +Zyriak: pfft

(20:02:38) +Rafael: lol

(20:02:49) +Rafael: thats the best any of u can do

(20:03:02) +Rafael: just talk crap and nothing more

(20:03:27) +Zyriak: you should know

(20:03:31) +Zyriak: you talk the most shite

(20:03:36) +Rafael: please when u try to talk again hit me with pm i will come back to have some fun

(20:03:48) +Rafael: <3

(20:03:58) +Zyriak: shh

(20:07:36) Pinkman: Yeah cant do more than talk crap because you make fake wars to avoid real accounts

(20:07:59) +Sparta: As stated numerous times already

(20:08:16) Pinkman: Only war you did against people in your range was against money dupes dont know why you act so pro

(20:08:55) Pinkman: If you war an kill me cool congrats would still call you a fag but at least wouldnt call you a pussy

(20:09:09) Pinkman: But for 2 months you have been afraid xd

(20:10:06) +BedderieDeBoer: marrying bugged :(

(20:10:45) +Rafael: yes keta :(

(20:10:57) +Rafael: but in our hearts we know what we want :P

(20:11:16) +Rafael: shaun go suck carl he feels itchy

(20:12:38) Pinkman: Why did you get iso madi?

(20:12:57) Pinkman: Another thing you havent said for 2 months lol

(20:15:45) Bot: Someone tried to kill Allevyn!

(20:19:55) +Rafael: plz shaun put some cash in hand <3

(20:20:29) +Sparta: Pls grow balls

(20:20:49) +Rafael: i want u to put money in hands

(20:21:04) +Rafael: oh you will not do something I WANT

(20:21:29) +Rafael: then plz don't get mad when i don't do what u want cunt

(20:21:31) +Rafael: lol

(20:21:34) Pinkman: Money in hands

(20:21:43) Pinkman: Now. Why did you get iso?

(20:22:11) +Rafael: nope put all in bank in hand

(20:22:13) +Rafael: :P

(20:22:33) +Rafael: i get iso cause i did exactly what u did ;)

(20:22:47) +Rafael: keta got iso because he did exactly what u did