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Chat & Announcements

(20:12:38) Pinkman: Why did you get iso madi?

(20:12:57) Pinkman: Another thing you havent said for 2 months lol

(20:15:45) Bot: Someone tried to kill Allevyn!

(20:19:55) +Rafael: plz shaun put some cash in hand <3

(20:20:29) +Sparta: Pls grow balls

(20:20:49) +Rafael: i want u to put money in hands

(20:21:04) +Rafael: oh you will not do something I WANT

(20:21:29) +Rafael: then plz don't get mad when i don't do what u want cunt

(20:21:31) +Rafael: lol

(20:21:34) Pinkman: Money in hands

(20:21:43) Pinkman: Now. Why did you get iso?

(20:22:11) +Rafael: nope put all in bank in hand

(20:22:13) +Rafael: :P

(20:22:33) +Rafael: i get iso cause i did exactly what u did ;)

(20:22:47) +Rafael: keta got iso because he did exactly what u did

(20:23:01) +Rafael: everyone got iso because they did exactly what u did

(20:23:15) +Rafael: thats my answer which everyone knows its true

(20:23:17) +Rafael: :D

(20:23:23) +Rafael: now back to money

(20:23:34) +Rafael: put the money in hand if u r a mn

(20:23:35) +Rafael: :D

(20:23:49) Pinkman: You asked me to put some cash on hand i did...

(20:23:55) +Rafael: come on version is ending u don't need that much money

(20:23:55) +Rafael: xd

(20:24:03) +Zyriak: you also dont need your account

(20:24:05) Pinkman: What did i supposedly do?

(20:24:05) +Zyriak: go warzone

(20:24:22) Pinkman: You got iso for something i did? What was it?

(20:24:27) +Rafael: same as u asked me to war u when u r ready while am not ;)

(20:24:33) Pinkman: Why are you bringing keta into the question lol

(20:24:49) +Rafael: ask ur self what you did and should get iso for

(20:25:01) Bot: Nael has won $450,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(20:25:05) +Rafael: when u say it here out loud i promise i will confirm

(20:25:06) +Rafael: :D

(20:25:23) Pinkman: I can't think of any reason why i should have ever got iso

(20:25:26) +Rafael: i bring everyone :D not only keta

(20:25:33) Pinkman: But you got it.

(20:25:45) Pinkman: So what did i do, that you did to make sure you got iso?

(20:25:48) +Rafael: then i don't know why i got iso

(20:25:54) +Rafael: i did nothing wrong

(20:26:23) Pinkman: But you said you was doing what i was doing

(20:26:28) Pinkman: So what was you doing

(20:28:21) +Rafael: its unfair game :(

(20:28:33) +Rafael: yes i was playing :*

(20:28:45) +Rafael: arn't u playing ?

(20:29:31) friete: script0rz talking XD

(20:29:34) Pinkman: Playing what?

(20:34:02) +Rafael: monopoly :(

(20:36:01) Bot: Rellertt has won $220,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(20:40:50) +Rafael: shit i forgot to copy the pp

(20:41:02) +Rafael: please send the event pinky :(

(20:51:01) Bot: Rellertt has won $10,000,000 with the Billionaires Lottery!

(20:52:26) Pinkman: Sent

(21:00:01) Bot: Shooting down will result into permanent stats and item damage, choose your targets wisely!

(21:00:01) Bot: Moscow Has become a warzone!

(21:00:01) Bot: All crime bonuses have changed!

(21:08:33) +Sparta: Madi go moscow be brave for once

(21:11:08) +Zyriak: Wed 11 Dec 21:10:52 You've travelled to a warzone city. (Moscow)

(21:11:11) +Zyriak: Lets go Noon

(21:11:13) +Zyriak: your born

(21:11:39) +Rafael: don't bother ur self with me :D

(21:12:05) +Zyriak: Your brave

(21:12:08) +Rafael: Success! You successfully pickpocketed Pinkman. However you failed to take any money, the wallet you

(21:12:17) +Rafael: pffft money on hand please

(21:12:49) +Rafael: sparta come to moscow

(21:13:03) +Rafael: someone just asked me if u will be there :D

(21:13:33) +Zyriak: madi acting all brave

(21:13:37) +Zyriak: because hes at war ha

(21:13:52) +BedderieDeBoer: so cosy here

(21:15:55) +Rafael: i don't need to act lol

(21:16:13) +Rafael: i'm alive and will stay alive till the end of the version xd

(21:16:20) +Rafael: so why bother ;p

(21:17:02) +Zyriak: im glad your so proud of yourself

(21:17:10) +Zyriak: soon as that war ends run little boy

(21:20:36) +Sparta: Ill go moscow who wants to know xd

(21:20:45) +Sparta: I dun care as u do

(21:20:52) +Zyriak: Revenger obviously

(21:20:58) +Zyriak: thats what i think

(21:21:25) +Sparta: Revenger only dares when he is 1up

(21:22:11) +Zyriak: lol

(21:28:39) +Rafael: fun fun fun :D talk more

(21:28:39) +Rafael: :P

(21:29:03) Pinkman: come back Madi :D

(21:29:16) +Sparta: Told ur parents that ur gay yet madi?

(21:29:27) Pinkman: act all big by coming here when you in war mode

(21:29:35) Pinkman: bet you wont come back now xd

(21:29:40) +Sparta: Or are u that old that ur parents r dead already

(21:30:09) Pinkman: bit much that Turner jeez

(21:30:11) +Zyriak: ha

(21:30:22) Pinkman: the parents bit, not the gay thing

(21:30:24) +Zyriak: ruthless

(21:30:43) +Sparta: Some people need harsh matters

(21:31:25) +Sparta: Just need to shut the fucker up, need to get my soft side to bed and act

(21:31:34) Pinkman: so do we expect madi last seconds or not

(21:31:44) +Rafael: fun fun fun

(21:32:08) +Rafael: i really really can't understand why all of u are so bothered :P

(21:32:12) +Rafael: lmfao

(21:32:22) +Sparta: He old as fuck anyway, im thinking wow an almost pensioner seems to know how a computer works

(21:32:28) +Rafael: cunts

(21:32:28) +Rafael: xd