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Below you'll find a list of items being auctioned.
When placing a bid on an item your bid will increase the price by X%.
You can only win a maximum of 25 auctions per day and a maximum of 3 highest bids at the same time.
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Chat & Announcements

(18:28:22) +Napoleon: dpeends shhuan

(18:28:25) +Napoleon: if my wife plays

(18:28:28) +Napoleon: i need to help there to

(18:28:32) +Napoleon: but she wont

(18:28:35) +Napoleon: so just me and dzenan

(18:28:38) +Napoleon: what about you bro

(18:28:42) +Napoleon: feeling lucky

(18:28:53) +Shaunn: I think with Corona virus

(18:28:58) +Napoleon: i met your bother today

(18:29:00) +Napoleon: what a nice guy

(18:29:00) +Shaunn: My nan an grandad will ay

(18:29:01) +Napoleon: !!!

(18:29:07) +Shaunn: Uncle and aunt too

(18:29:11) +Shaunn: Maybe my let dog

(18:29:13) +Napoleon: you should follow his example bro

(18:29:18) +Shaunn: And a few step sisters

(18:29:21) +Napoleon: very respectfull guy

(18:29:33) +Napoleon: ahaa

(18:29:35) +Shaunn: So am i?

(18:29:39) +Napoleon: and your microwave

(18:29:42) +Shabba: 1 of you will die for sure thats means more red items yay

(18:29:44) +Napoleon: dont forget

(18:29:58) +Napoleon: anyway have fun guys

(18:30:03) +Napoleon: dzenan wants to play

(18:30:06) +Napoleon: i am drinking

(18:30:07) +Napoleon: :P

(18:30:09) +Quant: fair point shabba xd

(18:30:24) +Shaunn: Shame boris cant play

(18:30:36) +Napoleon: borisss

(18:30:38) +Napoleon: busy

(18:30:40) +Napoleon: with work

(18:30:43) +Napoleon: :(

(18:30:49) +Pathetic: boris busy with his 10 dupes xd

(18:30:51) +HailMary: Lol shitload of auction. Coming up

(18:30:54) +Napoleon: maby stalin can shhuan?

(18:31:03) +Napoleon: or any other imitator you used

(18:31:06) +Napoleon: after boris

(18:31:07) +Napoleon: hahaha

(18:31:07) +Napoleon: :D

(18:31:25) +Napoleon: will be so fun next version

(18:31:26) +Shaunn: I used? Xd

(18:31:30) +Napoleon: more balanced shooting

(18:31:31) +Napoleon: crimes

(18:31:36) +Napoleon: cant wait !

(18:31:40) +Napoleon: now i really need to go

(18:31:41) +Napoleon: bye guys

(18:31:45) +Napoleon: son kicking me

(18:31:45) +Napoleon: :D

(18:32:24) +Shabba: gl hailmary

(18:33:16) +HailMary: Hail Mary, Full of Grace,

(18:33:35) +Shabba: full off thats for sure

(18:33:36) +HailMary: The Lord is with thee.

(18:34:58) +HailMary: Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

(18:35:54) +HailMary: Holy Mary, Mother of God,

(18:36:08) +Shabba: right who wants a 10mil wager? Quant ?

(18:36:14) +Shabba: 10mil on Mary for me

(18:36:31) +Quant: Really?

(18:36:37) +HailMary: pray for us sinners now,

(18:36:38) +Shabba: sure

(18:36:41) +Quant: I feel bad betting against my family member

(18:36:44) +Quant: But sure

(18:36:58) +Shabba: well i dont think he will win but i cant back zyriak

(18:37:02) +Shabba: not a chance

(18:37:17) +Quant: HailyMary hallowed by thy name

(18:37:20) +Quant: they offence come

(18:37:25) +Quant: thy killing done

(18:39:50) +HailMary: and at the hour of our death.

(18:39:55) +HailMary: Amen

(18:40:01) Bot: Pathetic has won a duel against HailMary.

(18:40:32) +Pathetic: nice offence hailmary respect for the duel xd

(18:40:34) +Shabba: damn

(18:41:03) +Blacksmith: Quant rich

(18:41:33) +Shabba: Success! You transferred $10,000,000 from your bank (Rio de Janeiro) to quant bank. You also paid $5

(18:46:32) +Quant: tyyyy

(18:46:40) +Quant: rolling in it now

(18:46:45) +Quant: but drowning in tears

(18:51:02) Bot: Revenger has won $5,000,000 with the Richy rich Lottery!

(18:53:53) +Shabba: Apollo 13 mil for 3 red steel dude is crazy

(18:55:01) Bot: Baal has won $9,000,000 with the Billionaires Lottery!

(18:56:19) +Shabba: bid on that 14mil armor i dont even want these items i was just trying to make you pay more xd

(19:00:01) Bot: Many more updates are coming so we suggest to check out the news page regularly.

(19:13:02) Bot: Someone tried to kill Apollo!

(19:14:13) Bot: JLoveV3 has been murdered!

(19:20:53) Bot: A duel will take place in 15 minutes between Apollo and castellano!

(19:32:01) Bot: Perseus has won $3,800,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(19:40:07) Bot: Apollo has won a duel against castellano (Itemless)!

(19:53:01) Bot: Perseus has won $3,750,000 with the Supreme Luck lottery!

(19:55:02) Bot: Prisoner has won $660,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(20:00:01) Bot: The class you select upon creating a characters matters greatly in how you're character will form.

(20:46:01) Bot: Prisoner has won $2,900,000 with the Megafortune Lottery!

(21:00:01) Bot: On our Blog you can find useful tips and tricks and read more about the development of the game.

(21:00:02) Bot: Ottawa Has become a warzone!

(21:00:02) Bot: All crime bonuses have changed!

(21:07:29) +Quant: loads of wz today

(21:08:33) Anatoly: No targets for you Luke tho

(21:11:12) Perseus: Sc UnderDevelopment

(21:21:14) Gems: Duel anyone. No one wants to sell gems anymore

(21:21:20) Bot: Someone tried to kill UnderDevelopment!

(21:25:51) Bot: Someone tried to kill Lynch!

(21:26:01) Bot: Chrono has won $300,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!