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Chat & Announcements

(16:53:43) +Rafael: I don't go like u showing my gf photos

(16:54:13) +Rafael: I still have the photos u sent on whatsapp xd

(16:54:43) +Rafael: so do not ever talk about my real life thank you 😘

(16:58:16) +Pinkman: Dont think anyone shared any photos dude

(16:58:56) +Rafael: shaun I don't lie

(16:59:28) +Rafael: he showed his gf photo and his Audi car photo

(16:59:35) +Rafael: 😂😂

(16:59:54) +Rafael: so please do not bother ur self with my real life

(17:00:01) Bot: Shooting down will result into permanent stats and item damage, choose your targets wisely!

(17:00:48) +Rafael: keep it only about game same like I don't talk about ur personal life

(17:00:50) +Pinkman: Sorry bro i meant he didnt show pick of your girl

(17:00:57) Bot: A duel will take place in 15 minutes between Shots and NName!

(17:01:22) +Pinkman: But i agree keep personal life separate. Its distasteful and disrectful

(17:02:08) +Rafael: Ty for understanding I guess I will start liking u again xxx

(17:06:30) +Thunder: You dont have to like me. I just agree not to involve personal matters such as your gf

(17:06:49) +ChromeBroken: Ur lying.. i have a bmw lol

(17:07:07) +ChromeBroken: And i would not share my gf photo with you for sure haha

(17:07:43) +ChromeBroken: Uve talked about ur gf on shoutbox yesterday, see so much shit u post on this u dont remember :p

(17:07:47) +Angel: Audi would've been better :P

(17:08:34) +Thunder: I dont like him too

(17:10:25) +Rafael: lol ? u have a bmw ?

(17:10:39) +Rafael: okay i will look up my icloud

(17:10:56) +Rafael: i will try to find the photo u sent me

(17:11:22) +Rafael: if i remember right u were in it too and both been holding a baby

(17:11:27) Lion: 315 hatchback here

(17:11:29) +Mav1s: Lol can we go a day where everyone is cool and not looking to start a fight?

(17:11:31) +Rafael: if i still remember

(17:11:45) +Mav1s: Just 1

(17:11:49) +Rafael: ;)

(17:12:14) +Rafael: sure Mavis we can if people keep it respectable

(17:12:46) +Mav1s: Much appreciated.

(17:12:51) +Rafael: but don't provoke me and in return u expect me to be silent

(17:13:01) Bot: Angel has won $10,750,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(17:13:24) Cheddar: you have icloud

(17:13:38) +Rafael: -_-

(17:13:46) +Mav1s: How about you learn to be the bigger person and not reply?

(17:13:54) +Rafael: new one just came

(17:14:09) +Rafael: how to be respectable in first place

(17:14:20) Cheddar: new one just came?

(17:14:25) +Rafael: and i will give u back the same respect

(17:14:27) Lion: anyone like drifting here ?

(17:14:51) Cheddar: Tokyo drift like the movie?

(17:15:10) Lion: no i mean actual drifting xd

(17:15:12) +Mav1s: Love that movie

(17:15:28) Lion: but yea the movie was ok ;D

(17:15:35) Cheddar: i dont like asians so didnt enjoy it

(17:15:49) +Mav1s: RACIST!

(17:16:12) Lion: was thinking to make a group on FB for this game and name it UF drifting, and just post some rl vids

(17:16:18) +Mav1s: What wrong with asians?

(17:16:26) +Mav1s: I feel personally offended

(17:17:10) Cheddar: I like to stare a people in the eye

(17:17:15) Cheddar: and i cant do that with them

(17:17:27) +Angel: xD

(17:18:02) +Mav1s: loooooool

(17:18:11) Lion: but Cheddar you can't resist the sound of their moans too i guess ;p

(17:18:28) +Pinkman: I am 1 25th korean by the way. Please be aware

(17:18:43) +Mav1s: Lion has been watching Hentai :s

(17:19:08) Lion: oh no :D

(17:19:53) +Mav1s: I believe it cos you do look asian Shaun

(17:19:58) Lion: not really mav1s, it's just pretty obvious from their accents

(17:21:01) Bot: Divertimento has won $160,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(17:21:06) +Mav1s: Madi - Do you watch Hentai?

(17:21:10) +Mav1s: I am sure you do.

(17:21:13) +Mav1s: You must do

(17:21:19) +Mav1s: You definitely do

(17:21:30) +Mav1s: You seem like the type to

(17:21:58) +Mav1s: Probably even have a mood lighting at home. That's how you wow the women

(17:22:23) Lion: what a rhyme, haha :D

(17:22:32) +Pinkman: Whats hentai?

(17:23:00) +Mav1s: google it :p

(17:24:39) +Pinkman: Is it suitable for work

(17:24:59) +Mav1s: 100% no

(17:27:30) +TheAccountant: Mavis why u watch hentai ;s?

(17:27:57) +Mav1s: I do not :s

(17:28:01) Bot: Babayaga has won $900,000 with the Megafortune Lottery!

(17:28:05) +TheAccountant: Ah ok

(17:28:14) +Mav1s: Madi does... isn't that right Madi?

(17:31:23) +Rafael: no :*

(17:31:38) Cheddar: NSFW at Pinkman

(17:31:57) Cheddar: and for people to know, its fun to watch. Rule 34!

(17:32:08) +Rafael: i don't Mavis

(17:32:41) Cheddar: if you have googled the term then u have watched it

(17:33:32) +Rafael: if u talk about my photo i had earlier

(17:33:39) +Rafael: i didnt pick it

(17:33:53) +Rafael: thats why i changed it xd

(17:34:37) +Rafael: but back to tokyo drift movie its the worst F&F movie

(17:35:31) +Rafael: didnt like it till vin diesel appeared by the end xd

(17:36:07) +Rafael: he say he was a friend of Han man xd

(17:40:23) +Pinkman: I dont think and FF movie was good after the first

(17:41:37) +Rafael: they become older ;<

(17:41:54) Bot: Both Shots & NName have missed their shots in a duel! (Itemless)

(17:41:58) +Rafael: anyone knows what was vin diesel first act ?

(17:42:59) +Rafael: common

(17:43:24) +Rafael: its one of the best movies in the history ><

(17:44:56) +Rafael: mmm

(17:45:15) +Rafael: saving private ryan ... his name was caparzo ;p

(18:00:01) Bot: All crime bonuses have changed!

(18:00:01) Bot: Crime bonuses update every 6 hours.

(18:00:01) Bot: Pablo Escobar has been spawned in Buenos Aires!

(18:13:01) Bot: Babayaga has won $4,250,000 with the Supreme Luck lottery!