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  • Introduction

    On several pages you will find that you can use BB Code, with BB Code you will be able to 'pimp' your posts/profile.

    BB Code can be used on: Forum posts, Messages and your profile signature.

    When sending a message or posting on the forums you will see a bar above the field you write your message/post, this bar contains shortcuts to use BB Code, however if you already know the BB Code commands you don't have to use this bar.

    Why is there such a thing as BB code?

    BB code allows players to use codes that will display their messages/posts/signature differently, you can increase font size, the color or add youtube videos.

    Shoutboz does not allow BB code.

    BB code commands chart

    Code Example
    [B]Example bold text![/B] Example bold text!
    [I]Example italic text![/I] Example italic text!
    [U]Example underlined text![/U] Example underlined text!
    [center]Example centered text![/center] Example centered text!
    [right]Example right text![/right] Example right text!
    [color=red]Example red text![/color] Example red text!
    [color=yellow]Example yellow text![/color] Example yellow text!
    []text[/url] text
    [user=Blaaster]Username[/user] Username
    [HR]The tiny line you see above this text and below.[HR]

    The tiny line you see above this text and below.

    [spoiler]text here[/spoiler]

    text here

    [img]image-URL[/img] UF Banner v2
    When you want to put a youtube video you will have to look at the url of the video.
    In the example we use this:
    As you can see you only put the part behind the v= in the [youtube] tags.
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(18:19:59) Sos: I'm new here

(18:25:02) Bot: Sos has won $80,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(18:30:01) Bot: Garhy has won $3,000,000 with the Richy rich Lottery!

(18:42:10) Sos: Donations are welcome

(18:42:33) Sos: 🤗

(18:45:01) Bot: Garhy has won $600,000 with the Megafortune Lottery!

(18:45:52) Soul: Welcome SOS

(18:46:55) Sos: Are you from df

(18:49:01) Sos: ?

(18:50:19) Soul: Yes

(18:50:26) Soul: are you!

(18:50:40) Sos: Yes

(18:51:20) Sos: You was with moro from Egypt

(18:55:29) +Sabazios: what was ur name on df ?

(18:55:45) +Sabazios: Amr is Moro

(18:56:20) +Sabazios: reach / goldenboy / Angelofdeath ? or who :P

(18:56:22) Sos: Yes

(18:56:35) +Sabazios: i know we used to be enemies xD

(18:56:56) Sos: Satant and sos

(18:57:32) Sos: Genocide

(18:58:04) +Sabazios: Genocide i think was a name of crew back on df

(18:58:12) +Sabazios: cant remember xd

(18:58:23) +Sabazios: getting old :(

(18:58:35) Sos: Weshpers & new generation

(18:58:38) Sos: Yes

(18:58:43) Sos: Crews

(18:59:40) Sos: Wat was your name

(19:00:01) Bot: You can use the marketplace to possibly buy better equipment.

(19:00:13) +Sabazios: Madi

(19:00:19) +Sabazios: as always xd

(19:01:09) Sos: I remember you

(19:02:33) +Sabazios: yes most hated mfer everywhere xd

(19:03:14) Sos: Hahaha no more

(19:04:46) +Sabazios: i don't mind tbh i have problems only with assholes so if u r not one then we can be friends

(19:04:49) +Sabazios: :P

(19:06:10) Sos: I'm not 😂😂😂😂😂😂

(19:07:20) Sos: No one from Egypt here?

(19:10:01) Bot: Adept has won $3,000,000 with the Supreme Luck lottery!

(19:12:42) Sos: Where are the donations 😋

(19:17:37) Sos: ???

(19:20:54) Sos: Madi I need some money everything here cost money

(19:22:01) +Sabazios: yes me too :/

(19:22:15) +Sabazios: am broke ask Frank he have so much money

(19:22:25) +Sabazios: and he help everyone :D

(19:24:19) Sos: Lol

(19:24:31) Sos: Frank where are you

(19:24:45) +Sabazios: he is scripting

(19:24:45) Sos: 😂😂😂😂😂😂

(19:25:12) Sos: Lol send me the script

(19:25:37) Sos: And save your money hehehe

(19:30:27) Soul: Well Satan Moro says hi

(19:32:43) Sos: Hi how are you

(19:34:46) Sos: Are you am?

(19:34:56) Sos: Amr

(19:40:01) Bot: Sos has won $350,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(19:40:01) Bot: Soul has won $10,000,000 with the Billionaires Lottery!

(19:41:41) Sos: Fifty& fifty

(19:42:00) Sos: 😂😂😂😂😂

(19:45:08) Soul: No I am his friend, Moro was from Untouchables

(19:46:25) Sos: Yes I know I were in person break and genocide

(20:00:01) Bot: To start a family you'll need atleast 4 other team mates in order to form a family start group.

(20:03:13) ProX: Moro is biggest gayyy on earth

(20:03:41) ProX: Amr with big head,

(20:05:16) ProX: I wonder how his live in koeweit is

(20:07:45) Soul: He is in Egypt nowadays

(20:10:01) Bot: Quantum has won $2,060,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(20:18:35) ProX: Didt speak to him for like a year, gona call im laterv

(20:19:07) Sos: He killed me before in df lolol after I killed Hunter

(20:20:37) Sos: I had run frozen fear after df any one remember it

(20:48:02) Sos: Soul

(20:48:30) Frank: lol madi

(20:49:52) Sos: Frank came to donate me lol

(20:50:07) Frank: that is correct

(20:50:30) Sos: 😍😍😍😍😍

(20:50:49) Frank: your nickname .. are you dutch ?

(20:50:53) Frank: do you mean cocaine? :P

(20:50:56) Frank: thats what we call sos xD

(20:53:14) Sos: Hehe that's it but I give up

(20:53:34) Sos: No I'm Egyptian

(20:54:00) Frank: do you own a camel ?

(20:54:39) Sos: Hahahaha

(20:55:02) Sos: Yes s500

(20:57:49) Sos: Hahaha that's to much

(20:59:33) Soft: someone go to jail plz

(21:00:01) Bot: Crime bonuses update every 6 hours.

(21:17:07) Bizo: Soul has sent you a request to duel!

(21:17:24) Bizo: why you send then cancel

(21:28:48) Sos: No donations …🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

(21:34:34) Trigger: How are my players? ;0

(21:35:01) Bot: Enchantress has won $350,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(21:35:01) Bot: Garhy has won $700,000 with the Megafortune Lottery!

(21:38:38) Soft: wana money sos ?!

(21:39:09) Soft: good Trigger , u ?!

(21:40:30) Trigger: Yeah I'm Great :D

(21:42:05) Soft: we need some fun Trigger

(21:53:08) Trigger: Go make some fun :

(21:55:01) Bot: Sos has won $80,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(21:55:21) Sos: Yes

(21:55:41) Sos: I need some soft

(22:00:02) Bot: Be careful of warzone cities, there's a pretty big chance you'll get shot if you reside in a warzone city.