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Buy Gems

Currently the only way to buy gems is via paypal, by making a transaction via your Paypal account or credit card. (You don't have to sign up for Paypal itself!)

After the testing stages more payment options will be added.

This system isn't fully automated yet, so it might take a couple of hours till you receive your gems.

Upon making a purchase you accept our rules & guidelines which can be found by clicking here.

Reminder: Upon making a purchase mention your Purchase email address + Name + Date by notifying Blaaster via a message about your purchase to speed-en up the process.

Sometimes there might be special promotions when you are able to obtain more gems for the same price.
Current promotion status: Testing stage promotion!

Purchase amount Gems
100 105 (5% bonus!)
200 220 (10% bonus!)
300 345 (15% bonus!)
500 600 (20% bonus!)
750 975 (30% bonus!)
1000 1400 (40% bonus!)
2000 3200 (60% bonus!)

By buying gems you will be helping out the development of Unleashed Fear.

Current payment methods:

Select the amount of Gems

(This amount excludes bonus Gems from sales, if there is a sale on Gems you will receive extra Gems!)

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