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Manual overview

The manual is a work in progress. Some subjects still need to be updated.

Starters Features Systems

Guideline & Rules


By signing up for Unleashed Fear you automatically accept all the rules and guidelines. These guidelines are important to follow. We highly recommend to continue reading this section.

If you fail to follow the rules you will be punished accordingly, Administrators have the right to punish whomever they see fit for breaking the rules.

Rules are here to safeguard the game, rules can/might be adjusted or change if Administrators feel the need to change them. Punishment for rules might vary from being put in Isolation as a warning, or lead to a direct Admin kill. Admin killed players will not receive a revive during Armageddon, and will not be included in the version statistics.

New anti-cheating policy

Due to the amount of cheating in previous versions the anti-cheating policy has sharply been adjusted.

Administrators will now actively pursue cheaters in the slightest form, any indication that leads us to believe that any form of cheating is involved will lead to immediate punishment.

Cheating is unacceptable and completely ruins all the fun for all the players, sadly this change might lead to innocent victims but this is the only way to ensure that cheating will be reduced.

Reporting someone

If you are being harassed or if you want the Administrators to look into something you can file a report.

Make sure that once you file a report that we will investigate you aswell, this is nothing personal just strict procedure. Also make sure when you submit a report about someone that you give us as much information as possible, this will allow us to finish up your report a lot faster.

Isolation & Admin kill & Ban

Isolation is a seperate part of our jail system, if you have been put into isolation you will not be able to get out until the time expires.

Admin killed players will never be revived, if you have been Admin killed we suggest you make ammends and better your life in this world.

If you've been banned from Unleashed Fear this means you're no longer welcome here plain and simple.


Refunds without speaking to Blaaster are unacceptable.

Before claiming a refund you will first notify Blaaster about a refund, he will then get back to you about the issue, claiming a refund without speaking with Blaaster about this will result in a permanent ban from Unleashed Fear, You will need a very good reason in order to get an approved status before getting a refund.

You're not eligible for a refund if you've spend your gems already, as this massively impacts the game which is irreversible.

"Giving away accounts"

Giving away an account to a friend for whichever reason is not allowed.

Doing this will result in both parties involved having their characters Admin Killed.

Feature bans

By not following the rules & guidelines you might end up getting banned from several features.

You can get banned from using the forums; messaging and/or the shoutbox, these bans can become permanent bans.

Unfair punishment

Incase you feel like you have been punished unfairly you can send Administrators a message explaining why you feel this way.

Administrators will recheck why you've been punished and will discuss the issue with you further if they feel this is needed.

Punishment chart

Action First offense Second offense Third offense Fourth offense
Suspicion of cheating Isolation
(24 hours)
(48 hours)
Admin kill + Ban Admin kill + Ban
Duping Admin kill + Ban Admin kill + Ban Admin kill + Ban Admin kill + Ban
Sharing Admin kill + Ban Admin kill + Ban Admin kill + Ban Admin kill + Ban
Scripting / Macro / Mouse tamer / Auto refreshers etc Admin kill Admin kill Admin kill + Ban Admin kill + Ban
Harassment First Warning Isolation
(12 hours)
(24 hours)
Admin kill
Racism First Warning Isolation
(12 hours)
(24 hours)
Admin kill
Advertisement Admin kill Admin kill Admin kill + Ban Admin kill + Ban
Exploiting bugs Admin kill Admin kill Admin kill Admin kill
Impersonating Admins Admin kill Admin kill + Ban Admin kill + Ban Admin kill + Ban
Undisclosed refunds Admin kill + Ban Admin kill + Ban Admin kill + Ban Admin kill + Ban
Hacking and alike Admin kill + Ban Admin kill + Ban Admin kill + Ban Admin kill + Ban

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