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Manual overview

The manual is a work in progress. Some subjects still need to be updated.

Starters Features Systems

Stamina system


Every player starts out with 7500 Stamina, and every 15 minutes you will receive some new stamina.

Committing actions such as a crime or a GTA costs a certain amount of stamina, if you commit this crime/gta successfully you will lose this amount of stamina.

You won't lose any stamina if you fail or get busted during the crime/gta, there are certain limits to how much stamina you can bulk up. You might receive less Stamina every 15 minutes if you happen to go over a certain amount of stamina keep reading for more information.

Why is there such a thing as Stamina?

Stamina was added to the game to create a more balanced environment, without stamina certain players that played 18+ hours a day gained a huge advantage over other players.

By adding stamina to the game this all became more balanced, You can also gain stamina by completing daily tasks, other then this there is no other way to obtain stamina other then every 15 minutes, thus giving everybody equal chances on getting to the top of this world.

Why are there limitations?

Limitations had to be added to the stamina system due to the multiplier system, if you could bulk up too many stamina points you would be able to outrank the top of the game easily with our multiplier system.

The maximum stamina can be found below, there are certain limitations added to the game, upon reaching these limitation you will receive less stamina every 15 minutes.

How can I ever catch up to the top if I registered later?

As mentioned above, due to the multiplier system you won't need extra starting stamina to be able to catch up.

If you signed up later then others, or if you happen to have been murdered at some point do not worry, you won't need any extra stamina to be able to catch up, if you want to read more about this continue reading about our multiplier system, by clicking here.

Stamina limitations chart

Lowest amount Highest amount Reward every 15 minutes
0 14999 100 stamina
15000 24999 75 stamina
25000 29999 50 stamina
30000 34999 25 stamina
35000 ----- 0 stamina
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