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  • NPC System


    NPC stands for Non-Playing Character, these non-playing characters are bots, they're controlled by scripts. These NPC's add another dimension to the game, you will be able to commit certain actions against them however they might also commit certain actions back. Every time a NPC gets murdered a new one will be spawned within 5 minutes.

    NPC's overview

    Every NPC comes with it's own name & number, level and grade, health and defense, signature and profile image and skill. The higher level/grade the NPC the more rewards you'll gain for committing actions against them, they will also have more defense and health.

    Killing NPC's

    Once you reach yellow safety and you're above rank 10 you will be able to shoot at NPC's. Shooting at NPC's will gain you stats and cash. Shooting at NPC's might trigger their skill. Pay attention to what skill each NPC has, some skills can work out to your benefit where other skills might harm you. The damage you deal to NPC's is based on your stats and items and the NPC's health and defense.

    NPC's spawning

    Everytime a NPC's gets killed a new one will be spawned within 5 minutes. Currently there can only be a maximum of 50 alive NPC's. They spawn in a random city and they get born with a random skill. The minimum level of the spawning NPC's is based on the average rank of the active players during the last 3 days, the maximum level of spawning NPC's is based on the highest alive gangster.

    NPC skills

    NPC's get born with a random skill, every skill has a certain chance of activating once you shoot at a NPC. Every skill also has it's own uniqueness, currently there are 5 different skills; Busting, Rewarding, Teleporting, Hacking and Pickpocketing.


    The NPC system is still relatively new and is still under development, we do plan on upgrading this feature more and more as this system offers countless of possibilities to involve them in new features. A few possible future features might include; NPC wars, NPC clones, Pickpocketing NPC's, NPC Police, NPC tournaments with betshops and much more.

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Chat & Announcements

(20:33:18) +BeOnline: It aint a excuse. Ill try you never the leas

(20:33:19) +BeOnline: less

(20:33:39) N1nJa: I have also bad items

(20:34:23) N1nJa: I will tell you a screat my vault is 9k off with 8k stl

(20:34:30) +BeOnline: Nice, would be fun then 😉

(20:34:52) N1nJa: Have a nice shooting on me if you can

(20:35:18) +BeOnline: Lol ninja, got allmost the same in vault

(20:35:54) N1nJa: So lets have a deal

(20:36:08) +BedderieDeBoer: same here

(20:36:28) N1nJa: Come to lisbon and help me to shooting blasster

(20:37:52) +BeOnline: Hihihi

(20:40:19) Bot: MOLY has killed World Boss John Dillinger!

(20:40:47) N1nJa: Loooooool

(20:41:17) N1nJa: Drob moly from the family

(20:41:34) +MOLY: ;D

(20:42:05) +BeOnline: Tik tak

(20:43:19) +BeOnline: Madi for you :

(20:44:14) +MOLY: Beready hun

(21:00:01) Bot: Don't forget to use your character skill & talent points.

(21:00:01) Bot: All crime bonuses have changed!

(21:13:02) Bot: Nael has won $60,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(21:37:01) Bot: Nael has won $300,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(21:37:01) Bot: Nael has won $3,000,000 with the Richy rich Lottery!

(21:37:54) Bot: Angeli Della Morte declared war upon Bandidos Republica.

(21:38:21) Pinkman: Are you serious...

(21:39:07) +BeOnline: told you

(21:41:31) +MOLY: Beready

(21:43:21) +MOLY: it's war like u prefer but beonline :D

(21:44:29) +BeOnline: i will

(21:44:39) +BeOnline: after work offcourse i will be online

(21:46:28) Pinkman: Proved again how he scared lol

(21:49:32) +MOLY: many say the same excuse but am sure if tried u offline u will beonline in a sec

(21:49:54) +BeOnline: offcourse, my bro's will call me then

(21:50:13) +BeOnline: just dont shoot offline and i will come and hunt you both down

(21:51:52) +MOLY: heheehehe

(21:53:10) +MOLY: u was afraid to come in the warzone and now you're talking now LOL

(21:53:57) +MOLY: let's see what's will happen ;)

(21:54:14) Revenger: Hehe

(21:54:23) +BeOnline: we will see, you have good deff

(21:55:49) +MOLY: if you're right why u come in last 10 sec and tried me :D

(21:56:09) +BeOnline: i said you have good deff

(21:57:39) +BeOnline: warzone never agreed with me. wars do

(21:58:54) +MOLY: i don't think so :D or am not good with counting ;)

(21:59:24) +BeOnline: i guess you counting is the problem

(22:00:01) Bot: World bosses spawn at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00 and 18:00 server-time!

(22:13:53) +MOLY: ;)

(22:17:19) Pinkman: Moly ask madi why he is scared please

(22:20:03) +BeOnline: shaun, dont be sad. if he survives our war you can war him

(22:22:09) +MOLY: you are able to ask him by yourself shauny

(22:23:48) Pinkman: He dont reply bro 😥

(22:49:01) Bot: Nael has won $600,000 with the Megafortune Lottery!

(23:00:01) Bot: On our Blog you can find useful tips and tricks and read more about the development of the game.

(23:31:01) Bot: MOLY has won $350,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(23:41:01) Bot: MOLY has won $2,000,000 with the Supreme Luck lottery!

(23:58:32) Pinkman: Madi wtf at your profile hahahhaha

(23:58:52) Pinkman: Why would you say at rank 1. Day 1.. wait till i am rank 50 hahahahaha you mong

(23:59:03) Pinkman: Since being in the masters league i have killed 1 person

(23:59:17) Pinkman: Everyone else i killed qas prior to masters league so the blue prints made no dif

(23:59:33) Pinkman: I havent scripted, if i did i would have got iso

(23:59:38) Pinkman: Like you did...

(0:00:01) Bot: Every version is different, balance changes are being made regularly to keep the game fresh and interesting.

(0:00:01) Bot: MOLY has won $70,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(0:00:01) Bot: Warzone City has been opened for the next 6 hours!

(0:00:01) Bot: Today's daily element is: Stealth You will now receive 10% more Stealth on top of the crimes and GTA's you commit!

(0:00:01) Bot: All crime bonuses have changed!

(0:02:18) Kou: Madiiii YOUR ENG is a headache, better use google translate next time

(0:06:53) +MOLY: From Madi: if you don't script why you did not wait till he get to level 50??

(0:08:24) Pinkman: What is he on about

(0:08:30) Pinkman: He declared on BR

(0:08:36) Pinkman: Im not even in this fucking war

(0:09:03) Pinkman: He has been 4 or 5 ranks below me whole version i stopped ranking to try fight him and he runs

(0:09:13) Pinkman: How can he say onn day 1

(0:09:18) Pinkman: When we are all rank 1

(0:09:24) Pinkman: Wait till i rank to 50 tp ear

(0:09:27) Pinkman: To war

(0:09:32) Pinkman: What absolute bullshit

(0:21:05) Pinkman: Why do you keep updating your profile xd

(0:21:11) Pinkman: If you want to talk message me

(0:21:27) Pinkman: You ran scared all version why does rank 50 matter

(0:21:40) Pinkman: You said you can kill me now cos my items suck but you need 50

(0:21:41) Pinkman: Ok

(0:40:51) +Zyriak: every version madi rights some sort of paragraph on his profile :S

(0:40:58) +Zyriak: so sad

(0:41:02) Bot: Nael has won $7,000,000 with the Billionaires Lottery!

(0:44:17) +Zyriak: i can add a screenshot of you sending me on facebook begging before i block your ass :D want me to a

(0:44:22) +Zyriak: really madi?

(0:44:28) +Zyriak: screenshots how old are you fella?

(0:46:23) +Zyriak: shows how sad you truely are

(0:53:55) Pinkman: Madi keeps many screenshots which no one has ever seen

(1:00:02) Bot: Report any feedback or problems directly to Blaaster.

(1:25:01) Bot: MOLY has won $450,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(1:36:01) Bot: MOLY has won $900,000 with the Megafortune Lottery!

(1:41:01) Bot: Sin has won $60,000 with the Socialists Lottery!

(2:00:01) Bot: Death is not the end, it's only a new beginning. Parents are new-born characters and have several benefits, read more about it here.

(2:04:01) Bot: Nael has won $4,500,000 with the Richy rich Lottery!

(3:00:01) Bot: Want to contribute making Unleashed Fear a better game? Feel free to contact us.

(3:00:01) Bot: All crime bonuses have changed!

(3:01:02) Bot: MOLY has won $2,000,000 with the Supreme Luck lottery!

(3:19:02) Bot: Rafael has won $1,150,000 with the Gold rush Lottery!

(3:22:01) Bot: Rafael has won $4,050,000 with the Socialists Lottery!